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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 18
"For Whom"

girls clothes disappear
Dojima: yep makes perfect sense to me

Dojima : Not only does it makes perfect sense to me, let me perfectly make it clear why it does make sense

Dojima: Additionally it has a name and is a known technique from ancient times.

This technique has been passed down the Nakiri line for generations!

There it is. This technique is the more advanced version of the earlier explosion ability.

Upon tasting a dish full of spiritual harmony that is worthy of chest-baring the willpower that flows in a Nakiri's veins is unleashed as a wave. This temporarily imparts the baring ability to outsiders. It is known as the gift!

This show is so ridiculous and I love it!

Plus he said it with a Jojo level of drama and seriousness

For real, I was hoping it was called "The Explosion: Act 2"

It goes to show the reason for the academy's existence. If you want to force a bunch of clothes explosions, you need the absolutely best food. An evolutionary trait to be sure.

before the credits: Well of course Soma won, there's no way anyone is just gonna be expelled here, they are the main characters after all haha!

It was fun theorizing how this exam would play out in the manga, until everyone had their soul crush with the expulsions.

Quick question: Did they all get expelled off-screen in the manga as well? Or were there brief moments showing their matches?

I ask because I was so surprised just to see them all defeated in a quick end montage, and figured it was to save time since their efforts would be in vain.

it was off-screened in the manga as well.

Oh, okay, thanks! Guess it really was meant to be a bomb-drop, then!

1, 2, 3! Hayama Akira has been added to the Yukihira's Haremdex.

The only one Soma need is Erina!

No. Souma will hit it and quit it to become a wandering chef, just like his dad.

Mother's Day, brought to you by Shokugeki no Soma

Erina is so worried!

That post credits scene had me happy for the adorable Erina and then broke my heart seeing Hisako, Alice, Ryou and the rest of the rebels defeated by the Elite 10

≫Erina is so worried!
Messy hair Erina is making me feel weird things.

never said rest, said "the above are all eliminated" WHAT ABOUT MEGUMIN?! :(

Based on the closing credits sequence, I'm guessing that Erina, blonde Aldini (cannot got the life of me remember his name), Megumi, and Soma are the only ones to make it through.
Edit: TAKUMI that's his fuckin name

Congratulations Soma, you won!
But all your friends are dead Expelled. :(


She's the only one we didn't get to see half naked T_T .

There's always the OVAs

There's always the OVAs doujins

I did not expected Kurokiba would get expelled since he is pretty strong

They were against elite 10, having them all beat elite 10 members would be pretty dumb

Yeah but Kurokiba's a beast though.

Still only about as good as Hayama and Yukihira atm tho, and Hayama was the "9th" seat. Still pretty reasonable to be defeated by stronger Elite 10 members.

We still have Megumi :)

So who else is left besides Megumi and older Aldini?

That's it from the polar star group (aside from Isshiki)

Shokugeki no Souma is:
a cooking anime
scuffed Kill la Kill
a series of panning shots
about the power of love and friendship!

Oh nvm, Polar Star is expelled, guess the show is over.

Guess it's just gonna be about Soma and Erina's 2nd year adventures alone together.
Honestly? I don't have as much a problem with that as I should

I'm sure they'll find some way to stop the expulsions. Maybe a Shokugeki with each of the central members? There's roughly the same amount of people on each side.

Ooh, a gauntlet against the top ten? Well, given the OP's focus on them, that actually makes sense! But we definitely wouldn't have time for all of them this season, unless we did some massive condensing of battles.

It's not that bad when animated, but this whole arc took around 87 chapters to complete, from 172 (9-2-2016) to 262 (5-11-2018), and it just finished last week. This segment with Hayama started in chapter 179 and finished in chapter 191. My main complaint with the arc would be how fucking long it was, and of course the caricature enemies in the beginning. But I also get that if the author would just skip the research process like when Yukihira went to the mountain to look for ingredients it would feel kind of lame as we would not be that aware of their development.

While I hated how long the arc was in the manga and how hard the author tried to make it seem dire and dark, it turned around the end so it's all good. I also don't like how fast the anime is blazing through it. Some of the lines are delivered too quickly. When Doujima was talking about who Hayama was cooking for, it should have been slower. He had better pace talking about Souma doing the live cooking during the Hell's Camp arc.

Yeah this scene was meant to be digested in anime format. Its paced a lot better and has less downtime while being just as impactful (if not more impactful because its condensed into a smaller and more presentable format).

Certain things that get drawn out in the manga would really only be 1-2 episodes in the anime which is perfect in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully the anime helps keep sales high because the material it's adapting is being presented in a much more compelling format. I'm happy to see that it's being received well!

This is my favorite face from the episode.
Honestly, how can anyone say all that so dramatically?!


Bestgirl got expelled?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Looks like both of Rindo's subjects are still alive, though. Not like they can beat the #2 though, so I'm guessing some fuckery's afoot.

Megumi and Takumi are the most important rebels in "the rest" (excluding Souma and Erina), so it makes sense that they'd take a bit more time to show their match(es) against Rindou.

That fucking stinger, cannot believe they expelled Alice.

The Explosion and The Gift were the first time I have full on belly-laughed during this series! this show is incredibly ridiculous and over the top, and I love it

I like how there's explanations for the Nakiri family's weirdness and why clothes explode off of them. Also how it totally relates to what's just happened in the last chapter of the manga. Somehow, the manga and anime have little points where they reference each other in very subtle ways. I like it!


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