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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 16
"Revenge Match"

Hayama is such an edge lord this episode.

Indeed but the long hair does look pretty cool on him, I have to admit.

I dunno if that was intentional, but using a commentface of a Suwabe character to compliment another Suwabe character? Nice

You noticed it! Sharp as always, as expected of Erina-sama.

A delicious serving of Rindou this week.

Great firmness, perfect size and nice shape. A true gourmet's dish.

Rindou stitch
Bless these panning shots

I love Rindou's sexiness

Make sure you watch until the end for some Rindou service.

The best part of the episode by far

Kuga was hilarious this episode, I love that he's helping Soma for entirely selfish reasons.

I like how hayama now is the biggest piece of dick, and kuga is suddenly the nice guy.

≫kuga is suddenly the nice guy.

That's how it works in shounen; beat the bad guy and suddenly he's your nakama. (Although this one has rather shallow ulterior motives for helping.)
Clearly this formula needs to be applied on Hayama super-quick. He's gone rogue.

I may be miss remembering something, but was Kuga actually a bad guy? He had his reasons to win, Soma had his. It was a fair fight. Sure, he was a bit arrogant, but he earned it by being in elite 10.

He's never been an outright antagonistic guy like Eizan, for example. He's got an ego, sure, but so does basically every other chef we've seen.

Ever since that video about the panning shots I cant unsee all of them now. It's literally all panning or zoom shots. Did they cut the budget for the show or something. I thought this show was pretty popular.

Including this one, J.C. Staff is working on a total of five shows this season. My guess (and it's just a guess) is that since Shokugeki is an established show with multiple seasons under its belt, the studio is relying on the fans of this show to keep on watching despite the lowered production quality. Meanwhile, extra manpower is being devoted to the other shows the studio is working on.

I'd need to take a look at the animation and production staff for all the shows to say anything with more confidence though.

I just hope it gets better for the next half of the cour or at least the last few episodes. The foodgasm animations have gone to shit and this is the first time I've noticed it. Also Dojima looked off, like he always has these details on his face that always makes him look easily recognizable but when he took off his hat and his face was revealed it kinda didn't look like it was him until he spoke.

I cannot BEAR the wait for next week

berry funny

Really spicing things up in this discussion thread with those puns.

Golden Kamui flashbacks

The decision to CGI the Kamuy bears was not a good one. Mother of Troy those bears should not have been CGI'd :{

Love Kuga's shenanigans and how over the top he can be. Hayama's being super edgy. Also new characters next week!

≫Also new characters next week!
Double the fun!

Rindou confirmed as snek
Shokugeki no Souma is a monstergirl anime

Can't wait for her to RKO Eishi outta nowhere

I can't believe that he's actually buying into Azami's Philosophy...

Not only he did the pose but he's totally being an arrogant prick this episode too. I really don't believe this. There's got to be a reason. There's no way Hayama would easily abandon the woman that saved his life, right? :(

I mean sure he could be doing this for her, maybe they are holding her research hostage or something. But... I can't really recall any reason to why Hayama wouldn't join central. He wants to have the first seat. This is the best way.

I'm assuming Shiomi was threatened somehow. There was an odd phrase used 'The shiomi research group no longer exists at the academy' Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but I bet Hayama joining Central somehow got Shiomi funding outside the academy, or something. He clearly wants to be on top, but has been completely loyal to Shiomi as well.

That's all speculative, I haven't read the manga.

・Love how Soma toys with people. He may seem like your average, battle hungry shonen MC on the surface, but he’s actually incredibly perceptive and knows how to get under people’s skin

・This OP is actually fairly underrated. Not mind blowing, but catchy 
・ forgot how edgy Dark!Hayama was from the manga. I feel like I need to stay away from the general vicinity of my TV to avoid getting some paper cuts.

・God, I love Dojima. His bro levels are OFF. THE. CHARTS!

・The bear meat does pose an interesting challenge for the match. We’ve seen Soma experiment with dishes before, but having to overcome such a strong smell will show us how inventive he can be.

・And now Kuga is another ally. His attempts at being cute always crack me up.

・Hayama blowing up his opponents... M O R E E D G E

・Being buried under all that snow would be so cold and wet lol

・A bunch of naked bald guys? Luckily this isn’t a doujin.

・I though Hayama was about to kiss Soma’s hand there lol

・Rindou in the bath? Oh bless you, JC Staff.

Decent episode. We should have one more “prep” episode before the actual match starts. Still a little worried how they will spread things out to complete this season.

No the match will definitely start next week, there’s only 1 chapter not animated before then which will likely be 7 or so minutes next week. End card shows a frame from the match as well

It’s been a while since I’ve read this part in the manga, so my memory’s hazy. I’m just hoping the match is done better in the anime, because even catching up reading chapter after chapter of this one fight was tiring.

Yeah, I binged it and it was still pretty draining. I think it should be over by episode 6 though

I really do love the voice acting, but the panning this episode is just too much. I've been fine with it up to this point, but it has gotten laughably bad. I feel like someone is taking the manga panels and scrolling through it like a slideshow.

Source readers, how does the manga pacing compare to this?

This fight was a bit drawn out in the manga, glad they are adapting it at a faster pace. So imo this "revenge match mini arc" is good in terms of pacing in the anime.

I think the buildup to this shokugeki was better in the manga; it's divided into a few chapters so it feels slower, like Souma is tackling everything one small step at a time while Hayama remains a looming threat. It all happens in one single episode, like it was just checking off boxes on a list. That could just be me being a somewhat slow reader, though.

Watching Souma explore different possibilities, learn new things, and find new ways to overcome obstacles and make something great is one of the more underrated aspects of this series. I just wish it was presented better, in regards to this episode and the anime's decreasing visual flair.

I can't wait for there to be a shokugeki about something not so high-stakes. It always leaves it so predictable when one side's offer is to leave the school, and the other's is to just like do something mildly inconvenient. Hmm, I wonder who's gonna win.

Akira vs. Souma....
Battle of the foodgasms. Revenge match of the decade. This is fire.


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