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[Shokugeki no Soma S3] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19
"Declaration of War"

Teaming up Erina and Souma.
Senzaemon knows exactly what he's doing. The captain of the ship.
A master of Eugenics
When Erina gets done watching Souma cook with his dad, the Freudian transference is going to be so strong they’re literally going to have to peel her off him.
To anyone wondering how long the new arc is, it literally just finished in the manga.
The manga isn't pretty much ahead anyway, is it? (Didn't read manga)
this arc took about 2 years in the manga.
TBF they've already shown that they wanted to reduce the length of some parts of the story - like the Soma - Akira duel.
I still think there's no way we're getting the full arc in this season, but I still think it'll go way faster than in the manga.
Erina and Soma being adorkable amidst an intense team battle. I liked that they were reading the other's lines and we could hear them voicing the other with their inner monolgue
Time to beat the E10 and become the E10! This was a really sweet moment, with Soma reassuring Erina that he's "got this", even though it took his dad and closing down Yukihira to convince Azami to play along with the RdC idea
No one makes Erina cry and gets away with it!
Soma will make you pay!
They’re already like a married couple

In be4 that was Azami’s plan all along!
All according to keikaku
Translator's note: Keikaku means plan
We don't know for certain that it was Azami's plan.
But we do know 100% for certain that it was Senzaemon's plan!
Best episode in a longggg time.
Episode 4 of the first cour was the last time I was smiling so hard throughout the episode.
Had to double check, but I felt the exact same way during that episode.
Come on CR!
EDIT: We back baby! The Alice posting worked.
Yay! Go Rindo, saving a few rebels.
CUTE Erina blush! Soma's dad so cool.
Team Saiba vs. Team Dojima! OH HELL YEAH!
When Souma put his hand on Erina's shoulder hngggggg
Just get married already thx
Even with the wrong subs the scene on the roof is absolutely hilarious
S.. S. Souma-kun?!
Holy shit, the testosterone on that rooftop.
Souma looked so dang cool when he made that proposal to Azami. He can really nail those serious faces.
This season has been a gift that keeps on giving regarding Sorina development. Soma consoling and reassuring her that they're not giving up on their friends when she was crying and them being dorky as fuck and communicating during the battle ... ah, my shipper heart. Just get together already.
Megumi actually going up against Soma after basically being his right-hand woman all this time is something I'll need to get used to but I'm glad she's doing so well. She's grown so much and I'm really happy she's considered one of the best non-elite cooks. Bless her heart.
Also, despite having some intense moments, this episode was probably the funniest of the season so far. Rindo refusing to battle Takumi and Megumi, Saiba returning full-time (and immediately quarrelling with Soma and Dojima) and all those priceless reaction faces. God, I love this show.
I just want my Megumi to have someone to ship with as well and I'll be happy.
Takumi? I don't think it's a coincidence they're the only ones left along with Sorina
I like this. Takumi is fairly similar to Soma, but he has individual differences that may fit With Megumi relationship wise better. If there is going to be someone for Megumi, it HAS to be Takumi. Wouldn’t surprise me if Megumi covers for some weakness in Takumi cooking wise. Would be a great set up for some feelings to develop.
Now I know where Yukihira gets all his plot armor lines from. Straight from dad.
This man stepped up like "HEY, I'll become your servant, abandon all my ideals, close down Yukihira diner, AND all of Souma's friends will be expelled forever if we lose the team shokugeki.
Joking about plot armor and how there is literally no way they lose this next shokugeki, that stuff aside.
Saiba is a god. Hype levels reach critical mass when my man just shows up to save the day. Hell, I haven't even finished the episode. I had to come right away to talk about this god. Time to give a solid punch to the ol demon of Totsuki
Look at this man and tell me you wouldn't either fall in love or tremble before him at first glance.
Dam Saiba-sama has finally returned, super epic. Azami finally got noticed by his Senpai!!! And now its time for the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine!!!
A team battle where the rebels nakama (friendship) power finally can be truly useful.
Souma as always is the best MC shounen guy - its 8 of them and 4 of us no biggie lets do it.
I really loved the moment do just before when saiba appeared, when Souma grabbed Erina shoulder and was all like DONT MAKE MY GIRL CRY!!!!
Of course Saiba teams up with Erina and Souma for the incoming family setting.
And gotta love Megumin freaking out at every scene.
Woah! Shokugeki just got so hyped for me! I adore the first two seasons with a passion but I only ‘liked’ season 3 and so far this season has been good but I haven’t really been able to see the forest from the trees but now I get why the manga readers have been hyping this arc up so much!
Looks like I’m going back to refreshing the page til the episode is out, I’m looking forward to the next one as much as i do for heroaca for once.


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