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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Put an end to all this and use your own artwork for once."

The only thing I needed to know from this episode

You read my mind. It's Becky time


Maybe it's time for me to finally catch up to the anime.

A FULL episode dedicated to best girl.

Next Episode: Operation MAID Watch
Yes! My body is fucking ready!
I guess we're suppose to assume that the group is grinding off camera since we have Ren use Leanan Sidhe this episode as his Persona.
Also that Madarame fight felt really abrupt. They're really focusing more on the character interactions than the fights because so far I'm enjoying the Phantom Thieves when they're doing pre-Palace things more than when they're actually doing Phantom Thieves stuff.
One thing that I only liked about the fight is that they used the in-game mechanics in Kamoshida's fight especially the different paintings absorbing different kinds of attacks.

This might be me, but in the game I enjoyed schoolboy simulator more than I did ghost mugging

First playthrough was definitely way more fun in palaces and the occasional confidant (Haru, Takemi and Makoto)
Every playthrough after that was all about the confidants and their relationships and what to do with free time. It helps that Yoshitsune was there to make a palace easy

To be fair to the anime, you spend way more time reading through all the interactions than spending time playing the combat sections of the game.
I clocked about 100 hours on my first playthrough, even going as far as capturing/combining most personas, I would probably say I spent about 40 hours max. The other 60 hours was most certainly spent reading up the main story as well as maxing out most of the confidants.
I spent my second playthrough dating multiple confidants because I wanted to see the harem valentines ending.

I cannot waaaaaaaait for next week's episode.

Damn...this show's darkness always seems to surprise me, FUCK MADARAME!

The big fight was pretty anti-climatic but it wrapped up everything quite nicely.

Really looking forward to the next arc :)

The boss fights are always nice without showing those all-out attacks. Ironically those are exactly the reason why I love the game.

Wow that twist about the real Sayuri was intense. What a bastard Madarame is, doing all that to Yusuke and his mom. Even though it doesn't make up for it, seeing him ugly cry on tv felt good.

That realization Ann had was super interesting. It must have been a very strong feeling because she looked so affected by it. I wonder if it's related to the personas themselves or to their ability to access the personas. Morgana's reaction makes me a tiny bit suspicious of him and his motives. I'm looking forward to how this plays out.

This is your Morgana.

This is your Morgana on drugs.

I love the adaptation they are doing. Playing the game I really liked the SOL stuff more than grinding the palaces. Ryuujis story about how he grew up hit me in the feels all over again.

All I want to say is, love this episode ED song, love that ending scene and that Yusuke is best boy.

Yes, instead of the usual end credits a new song plays over the background when Yusuke and Sojiro are talking in the Cafe. It says in the credits the song might be called “Found a Light”.

This episode was incredibly well done, they are developing characters thoroughly and everyone is likable. Can’t wait to se what next week brings!

will this be 24 episodes? i think the game is much longer than what the current pace is doing. (not that it's slow, the pacing is pretty good!)

It should be, maybe more. Currently I feel they will get the next dungeon/party member this season as it looks like 4 episodes per dungeon just now. I feel it might get more rushed in the second half at that pace though as we've only seen 2/8 (if I recall excluding mementos shenanigans) dungeons and associated stories down so far.

As nasty as they can be towards each other, I love those little wholesome moments between Ryuji and Morgana.

Has anyone else noticed that we're already 1/3 of the way through the episodes, and yet they only just finished the second palace?

It's like they're still not going fast enough to get through the plot.

Jamming 100 hours of gameplay into a 24 episode format was never gonna go smoothly

All I can say is that they had really improved the pacing of this adaptation in last few episodes if they continue going like this it would be great. I'm also glad that at least at the moment they dropped out the All-Out Attack, and I hope that when they decide to bring it back they have one that has the same quality that the one in the game.


I very much enjoyed this episode. I don't necessarily have any strong opinion on the castle-diving or the boss-fight other than enjoying both for what they are, but I loved the development of the bond the crew has, and I really liked the discussion about their backgrounds and their resolve henceforth. Beforehand it kind of felt like they were folks with a common goal, not a lot more than pals by chance, but they're turning into a group of actual friends, true friends, and that's fun to see.

Wait maid watch is next so is it safe to assume it's goi g to be about that person next? If so I'm so excited.



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