Thursday, May 24, 2018

[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"He is my other self"


10/10 adaptation!

Also nice to see Ohya finally making her first appearance <3

I am the mannequin of my clothes
Cloth is my body and dye is my blood
I have worn over a thousand jerseys
Unknown to cold
Nor known to heat
Have withstood sweat to strip many dresses
Yet my body will never be nude

It would have been extremely weird if they had skipped such an important scene as it was part of their infiltration into the sealed room in the Madarame's Palace.

They literally can't have skipped this scene, I don't really know why its worth celebrating that they didn't. It was a key part of the second arc in the initial infiltration.

≫also nice to see worst girl finally making her first appearance <3

FTFY. Didn’t really have much of a problem with her but I felt like all the other girls and even guys were much more likeable than Ohya.

I haven't even bothered with her confidant story tbh.

a shame, she has one of the best confidant imo. like at least top 5.

the only ones I ended up maxing out where Takemi, Hifumi, and Makoto, but Ryuji, Sojiro, Yoshida, and Futaba were almost maxed out. Like 2 or 3 days away from max.

I was glad to see Ohya, I wasn't bothered by her bonus like other people, I liked her and the charm from her social link that I needed for Makoto

This is for justice... probably.

Felt like this episode was over way too quickly.

They all do. It just flys by and I want to play P5 again for my NG+ but I decided to wait for the anime to finished first so I can try things not in the anime or my first playthrough. (Like, not ignoring the guys and spending all my time making a harem just for that sweet Valentine's day event)

Adds Persona 5 to the R/Anime's "what the sexiest strip scene you've seen in anime" list

Back to back solid episodes. Hoping the shaky start with Kamoshida's palace was just some growing pains. Animation is still hit or miss, and there is just something about Ann's design in particular that bugs me, but the pacing and storytelling have been solid.

Those little scenes with kid Yusuke and Madarame made his awakening a little more impactful than the game imo. Really showed the adoration Yusuke had for Madarame, and kind of shows why he stuck by him for so long. Looks like next episode will be the finale of this palace.

Yeah I think Madarame/Yusuke actually had more of an impact in the show honestly.

I've always loved Goemon's design, it looks so cool.

The first half of the episode was fun, I loved how awkward Ann was the entire time she was buying time for Morgana

I also love his design. I don't know why, but I have always found him to be the most stand like persona of Persona 5.

Maybe because he looks like Josuke lol

Crazy Yusuke giving me a feeling so complicated


I want a Yusuke figurine now. Also his outfit is just cool, second best next to best guy Skull.

Holy crap they didn't fuck up the battle scene, not only that but they even improved it!

This adaptation is getting better and better.

They used the special gun attack which was great.

I wouldn't say that was the special. He just shot multiple bullets, like you can in any battle in the game. Just fitting for the anime for them to be oneshots.

The dives and rolls are definitely part of the fun special attack.

Holy cow an episode without Akechi. Thank goodness.

Last episode as well, although I think Joker said his name.

Mona, actually, but the point still stands.

The shit is wrong with the subs this week? Amongst other things, Yusuke says his mother died of an illness, but the subs went with accident, and Morgana's explanation of why Yusuke can hear him now is completely fucked up too.

Anime only theory: "Sayuri"'s model was actually Yusuke's mom.

Every episode seems so convoluted and rushed, but IMO they've managed to make each one better than the previous!

Another Persona moment! Inari seems like he could bring a different kind of humour to the group so I'm looking forward to that!

Trust me, Yusuke is a dork. He's very funny by not trying to be funny.

Not really spoilers? Especially out of context?

His random comments in the game was fucking hilarious. Had me as the player sitting back sometimes and going "what..what the tuck did you say?!"

The comically serious. He's so serious and dorky that anything and everything he does becomes comedic.

・Damn Yusuke's transformation was badass. He's so cool!

・Fishy onee-san is a cutie, wow

・I think that was the first time Morgana didn't object to being called a cat. Must be getting used to it.

Finally the scene I've been waiting for and it was pretty good. Seeing Ann wearing all those cloth still looks funny to me. Yusuke finally joined and next epiosde will probably be the end for that dungeon.

This might be the best episode yet. They put in that one scene with Anne, they added more drama to Yusuke's story, and the whole thing with Morgana and Yusuke was too cute for words.


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