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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Our next target is..."  

it was so nice to see Hifumi in this episode
There's only one True God with this name.
Even though Futaba is my #1 Persona waifu out of the main cast, Hifumi is my ideal woman IRL, so I was happy to see her.
Yeah. Equal best girl with Makoto. Though I ended up choosing Makoto.
Though I’m only in November right now in-game. I wonder if it’s possible to switch. Probably not.
Where was she in the episode?
She appeared as a chibi in a phone game Ryuji was playing. It was really quick, so you might've missed it.

Sensei falling asleep during the test - that'd be me as a teacher.

Poor Yusuke, he's in an awful situation all around :( Maybe he was the one who posted the rumor on the site.

I wonder what that painting (?) with a lock on it that Morgana found was. I guess we'll find out soon since it showed up in the ED too.
≫Sensei falling asleep during the test - that'd be me as a teacher.

Do you...um...happen to have the same part-time job as hers as well? Just curious (¬ -̮ ¬)
I don't know what her part-time job is, so I'll get back to you on that later
Kawakami is best sleepy girl.
People already made comments about it, but this is definitely the best episode in terms of adapting the game. The game is so rich in details, dialogue, and anime-quality scenes that Persona 5 anime cannot just simply re-use those same scenes like they have been doing; otherwise, it's just better to play the game.

They managed to get the main points and make it almost naturally flow throughout this episode. I wish this can be done for future episodes that involves battles.. though I doubt it. Based on the previous few episodes, it seems that the producers want to keep this anime 85% story, 15% pokemon battle, which is a shame because there is so much potential in focusing the battles and the interactions. I hope I'm proven wrong.
So is Ren going to continue saying like 5 words per episode for the rest of the season? I can't see anyone getting attached to Ren or even seeing the relationship that Ren is supposed to have with the other characters any time soon. Pretty sad
Well this pretty much how Ren is in game. His charater is developted through his action and decisions during the main story. It is still pretty far away from the actual heavy stuff, so dont expect much so far.
It is other wise in the social links, how ever I'm afraid anime will cut those..

Not true - there are tons of fun responses he can make to dialogue options that they just completely ignore.

Plus with the P4 anime they greatly expanded Yu's characterization and made him really fun. They started with a much better protagonist from the P5 game and made him a generic isekai protag.
I've never played any Persona game or watched any of the other anime adaptations, going in blind on Persona 5
So we come to the next chapter in the story with our next target and the next party member. This Madarame guy looks properly evil in a different way than Kamoshida and I like how they presented him. We did get confirmation in the start from the interrogation bit that he was indeed a criminal and I wonder if that would have been better left as a later reveal when they were in the palace.
The next party member was introduced, and he's a pretty blunt guy. "Hey, I've been stalking you please model for me" is one hell of an opening. He's certainly a bit messed up emotionally from all the bussiness with Madarame, I think that's what the short post-credits bit was getting at. Also I must agree with that prosecutor, it's one hell of a coincidence he met the Phantom Thieves like that and an even greater coincidence they had just done a side-quest with one of Madarame's previous pupils.
The pacing felt a lot better. the game-y bullshit was totally skipped and they focused entirely on the story which is what this anime really should be, specially considering the story has been pretty interesting so far. I like how the plot is bringing up a different type of villain and I'm curious to see how Yusuke will deal with his situation and how he can overcome the feeling of "owing something to Madarame" that's being exploited.
Yusuke is not blant, he is just wierd. A lot of people who played the game, like him, b/c of how out of the world this guy is. He's trolled constantly in the game. I hope they will include some of his memorable fck ups in the anime.
Not realy a coincidence. Game tells story with it's environment. During this time there is a lot of homeless on the streets, and if you talk with them, they tell, that they were painters, but can't draw anymore. Some of them leave complains in the internet, including phan-site. The most coincidence part in all this story, is Yusuke it self. There is a high probability that Madarame became targeted, just it could take much more time and/or preparation without him.
I'd like to see some game BS.. I'm interested to see how they change Yusuke awekening..
What do you meant by game-y bullshit being skipped? It played out exactly as it does in the game except the added scene where Madarame's shadow yells about how evil he is.
Looking forward to another palace adventure, hopefully now the setup is out of the way we can get to the meat of it in the next one!
Unfortunately palace adventures are exactly where all the low quality visuals at. Hope they'll do it right this time.
 So, who did it better: Madarame or Van Gogh?
It's pretty obvious that Van Gogh clearly got his inspiration from Madarame,
The Japanese voices are good but man do I miss the English voices for Makoto and Yusuke. More so for Makoto. Her English actress has such a good and fitting husky voice for the character. Again the Japanese one is still good though.
Both voiced by top tier dub actors though, so makes sense. Cherami Leigh and Matt Mercer I think.
I feel like my entire life is blessed by the glory of Tomokazu Sugita as Yusuke.
I really liked the pace of this episode, I hope all the remaining ones are like this.
Not much happened but it still felt like episode was only 5 minutes long. I'll try out the game once the series is over.
P5 is a great game but be prepared, the first 10 or so ours are extremely on rails
Despite the myriad amounts of off-model animations and derp-worthy faces, this episode was better animated as a whole than some of the other ones in the series so far. Despite the fact that they're trying to adapt the game as closely as possible, it was nice to see some of the emotionally resonant moments with Yusuke trying to sort through his feelings. Although this adaptation is really only for dedicated Persona Phans, I'm still watching week after week for how enjoyable it can be, despite it's colossal pacing and animation problems.

On top of all this, the fact that there was a distinct lack of action in this episode was perhaps another point against it. Although the game is full of quiet set-up based segments, I still felt myself wanting to see the gang running around the Metaverse. In all likelihood, we'll get Yusuke's awakening next episode. I'm looking forward to it. And hopefully they won't TOTALLY fuck up the all-out-attack scene.
Can I start watching this without playing the games and without watching the previous seasons ?
Well, each Persona games are separate from one another, so it's ok to watch/play Persona 5 alone.

Coming from me who's currently playing Persona 5 and watching the show at the same time, the tv adaptation is good enough albeit a little bit faster in terms of pacing.
Nice ! I've been interested in the story (stories?) of Persona for a while now, but the games (rpg and dancing) don't interest me at all.


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