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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"The Phantoms"

I can't wait for them cheesing the Reaper in Mementos during Flu Season :D

Anime: Launches an all-out attack on Nakano and beats him.
Game: Uses Pulinpa and leeches tons of money out of him until gets 9,999,999 yen.

Shit, was that a thing? I always spammed weaknesses to leech money from enemies but some of those high-end equips were expensive.

Confusion sometimes causes enemies (and you, for that matter) to throw money instead of attacking. This applies to any confusable enemy, but most only throw a few yen per turn, so it's generally not very useful for grinding money. At some point, though, somebody discovered that some Mementos bosses (a) were confusable and (b) threw massive amounts of money (like ¥20,000+) per turn, which allowed the player to cheese millions of yen in just a couple of hours of grinding. This had the advantage of not needing any confidants to be ignored (there was another money-cheese method that required the Sun confidant, the politician, to be held at a lowish level), but had the disadvantage of only being able to be done on certain Mementos bosses, so it wasn't something you could just do whenever you needed it. The original guy to figure this out discovered it by chance using Skull Cracker (a physical attack that has a chance to confuse) on a Mementos boss during his livestreamed playthrough, but other people refined the technique by developing confusion-oriented Personas using Pulinpa (since you'd only need a single-target spell, since we're dealing with bosses) combined with a high luck stat and confusion-boosting passive skills to get a near-100% confusion chance.

ED: Should also mention that the high luck stat also serves the purpose of increasing the amount of money thrown...the higher your equipped persona's luck, the more money the boss will throw when confused.

Emotional rant about unfairness
Ten seconds later
"I was wrong."

He did get beat up. Maybe getting punched makes you more open about changing your mind.

I know that's how it works in Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Everytime they do an All out Attack it gets just a little better. This time they added the broken star and the lettering on the side but it's still not that good. I do appreciate them attempting to make it better though.

Now I really question the preview at the end of the episode last week. Why show such a spoiler this early when it wasn't even all that relevant to this week's episode.

maybe it'll be watchable by episode 20 then

Yeah it is much better, but I still believed they should just ask the persona team to use the game assets to make a custom All out Attack for each of the scenes, as I think that would actually be cheaper and look much better.

  • Selling items for money, didnt expect this RPG strat represented lol
  • I like Morgana even more since I found out that's the same VA from Chopper.
  • Happy to see some Jack Frost

  • Yay, finally best girl gets a scene.

    I didn't see Yusuke anywhere though

    After credits scene.

    But Futaba didn't get a scene.

    He means Makoto obviously

    That's a weird way to spell Haru.

    No im pretty sure he spelled Makoto right.

    ・I like that they changed the location where they discuss officially becoming the Phantom Thieves. In the game they did it while they were at the buffet. At least here they discussed it in a more sensible place.

    ・WHAT!? HOW!? I've played so many times with the crane game and never once I was able to get a Jack Frost doll! I call haxx!

    ・Toranosuke! I hope we get at least one interaction with him. Not my favorite confidant but I still liked his story.

    ・Makoto finally gets a scene!

    ・NGL, this All Out Attack screen looks a lot better and closer to the game. Hopefully it will improve more as the show goes on.

    ・More Takemi! Thank god! I thought their interaction was going to be just a one off. It's also nice that she noticed Ren's bruises from fighting. She never comments about that in the game.

    ・He's finally here!

    Pretty sure I got Jack Frost the first time, but also pretty sure it's not random it's just skill gated.

    I've never played any Persona game or watched any of the other anime adaptations, going in blind on Persona 5
    Damn, a lot happened. I guess we just went through a bunch of tutorials in the game. Selling items, Mementos, confidants, side quests, the site, naming the group and other stuff. The fast pace is alright in my view, better that they blaze through minor stuff like this and leave more room for the important bits.         
    Ryuji has really grown on me and he's my favorite so far. He's impulsive but certainly a good person. Plus, eating until you get sick in a buffet is something I can really relate to. I liked those moments shown of the squad hanging out and how Ren is bringing Morgana everywhere now, even to inside the classroom. And speaking of Morgana, I wonder what his identity was and how he turned into a cat, sounds like it will certainly be an important plot point later.

    What I found interesting was the Mementos stuff. It made sense to me having it be a "hub" for all the palaces and I liked how it looks.
    I'm also intrigued by the young detective who likes sweets, L. I mean, Akechi. From the post-credits scene last episode I can safely assume he'll find out who the Phantom Thieves are. What are those "mysterious incidents" Sae (and I assume Akechi) are investigating and how the Phantom Thieves relate is something I'm looking forward to finding out.
    Post credits scene showed us what is probably the next party member. Though maybe the girl who was being asked to investigate the calling card by the director could also be next.
    Also, This woman keeps being the best-looking person in the entire anime(maybe the whole season)

    they're referring to the train crashing incidents. They weren't super clear on that.
    please keep posting i like these theories. some of them are pretty warm.
    Also, L? lol. I always thought Persona 5 reminds of Death Note too.

    ≫The fast pace is alright in my view, better that they blaze through minor stuff like this and leave more room for the important bits.

    I absolutely agree. The persona games are sort of famous for plodding along and taking FOREVER. I don't even remember how bad 4 was but it was HOURS before real fighting started.
    P5 made the excellent decision to introduce combat early, but it takes a long time to roll out all the systems.

    The incidents are properly explained in game but the anime has done a shit job on it so far. They are the "Psychotic Breakdown Incidents," where numerous people are temporarily turning insane basically. It's an underlying mystery.

    I'd also agree with the fast pace if it wasn't... also blazing through important plot points. It's just way too fast in general, the game took it's time with major plot points, this isn't.

    Welp, looks like a bunch of people have already figured out who the Phantom Thieves are, so Morgana's warning is a bit late. Akechi especially seems super smart and dangerous; his airhead facade gives me the creeps. By the way, does anyone know what book he was reading in the shop?

    Also I think it's hilarious that Ren's taking sketchy drugs as a "part-time job". Guess it's a win-win for him and the doctor though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ≫By the way, does anyone know what book he was reading in the shop?

    From what little japanese I can read, it seemed to be a Lupin vs Holmes novel (fitting in with how he said a detective needs a rival).

    The interesting fact is that the writer of the book is Maurice LeBlanc. Lupin/Thief and Sherlock/Detective meets in the LeBlanc Cafe/Book.

    Akechi's definitely interesting, and showing up much earlier than in game (He's not properly introduced until the end of the second dungeon) but it's not the worst thing ever so far.

    Also, him taking drugs is pretty funny. You even have to level up your guts in order to take it in game.

    Ah, Mementos, we meet again. The place where I spent hours waiting for Reapers to show up in flu season

    Mementos is the place that fucked my platinum trophy twice in a row.

    Treasure demons?

    No, the missions. There are some if you DON'T check your phone in a certain amount of time, the mission disappears. So queue me rushing through in my NG+ to get things done, and I missed ONE quest and the same thing happened in my first playthrough where I was sure I did all the missions.

    Mementos portion was good...but I felt that they skipped over the battle part a TAD too quickly...still not feeling the All-out attack (as it needs to be more fluid) but at least it seems like they are trying to improve it.

    They didnt even try with the boss battle this time round lol

    It makes sense, I think. Some of the "Boss battles" the ones that have their own castles are massive story affairs. The Mementos is almost always sidequest stuff and they treat it that way in the animation.

    We'll be back to their attempts once we get into the next heist.

    Why is Ren so stale and bland? In-game Ren had the most personality and attitude among the persona protagonists. Here he is just bland.

    I agree. I haven't played P5 yet but in the anime he seems to resemble the typical non-speaking MC.

    Makoto! Really looking forward to see how much plays apart in things, bit of a slower episode today but hopefully we're back at a palance next week.

    The EP shows what happens the next episode and there's a scene with them jumping around in the Palace.

    I’m really glad they gave Ren more dialogue this episode.

    Ah, that sweet Mementos music sure brings back memories.

    I love the soundtrack but hate that fucking song. Memories of hours upon hours of grinding with those three chords playong on loop

    The all out attacks are slowly getting better.

    Well I was expecting them to go on the field trip because don't they go there before meeting Yusuke. It's nice seeing them do some of the other things you do in the game like hanging out with confidants and taking on request.

    I'm glad the phantom thieves formation discussion was done.. not in the high class buffet but in a more secluded private place.

    I want to see Futaba


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