Thursday, May 3, 2018

Non Non Biyori Movie new key visual

They hid Suguru behind the leaves/bushes in the back!
Unfortunate but fitting. :P

Hilarious but accurate depiction of one of the best and mysterious characters in the show

Where is Candy Store?!

Drinking with Sensei, as they are both not on this art.

Everyone looking adorable as usual.

Cept onichan behind that plant

How dare you. Onichan is the most adorable

Konomi is going to be in it! Yay!
Now I'm even more excited!

Tropical Renge and the Nyanpasu Bunch coming to a big screen not near you soon.

Hika nee is here! We can expect solid dose of our favorite, dignified city girl!

Aaaaaaaa I'm so excited!!!

Hope the canoe scene is in it.


Looking forward to this Non Non Biyori is such a calming and cute anime. The comedy is also a breath of fresh air.

I've been waiting for almost 4 years now to see their trip to Okinawa, and it's finally gonna happen!

i had to look twice before i saw niichan at the right site

So, I'm confused. Are key visuals like this only for publicity or do the animators use them for reference?

Publicity I am pretty sure.

Animators use character sheets for reference. Key visuals are for publicity, yes. And usually key visuals are illustrated by a key animator or the character designer.

can anybody explain me what's a key visual and why is it important??

Basically a movie poster.

It is basically the main style that an anime or film is going to look. Because we get a see what the anime should look like as a whole based on the key visual.

one of the few true cgdct that i enjoy

Oh shit, nii-sama face still havent been shown.

Oh my god, more NYANPASU? I'm excited!!

So beautiful!!! Making this my desktop background immediately


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