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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19
"Meliodas vs <The Ten Commandments>"

My man meliodas doing his best lebron impression and putting the team on his back. God this was an amazing episode.

As a fellow NBA loving weeb your comment makes me so happy

That fight was beautifully animated.

How come it takes so long for good subs to get out for this show.

Also why didn't revenge counter not work this time?

I'm going to guess that his special commandment is temperance or love or something that nullifies attacks completely. Or has something special that only works against special attacks.

Daaamn that fight was amazing. What a way to end an episode though. Now I'm tempted to read the manga just to see what happens next >_<

dont so the next episode has way more impact on you trust me

Fuck that makes it so much harder! But i'll trust you and not binge or spoil myself.

This is the first time in a looong time that I have no clue how Meliodas gets out of it and I actually feel a sense of dread for a character. Usually in anime you can expect some form of asspull, but that just seems impossible looking at the odds.

He can't leave, which means he has to defeat them all

No one is currently strong enough to even put up a fight against a commandment, never mind all of them.

His strongest attack got swept to the side like its nothing(btw there is no way that Estarossa is actually strong right and just has some form of technique? Because how the hell are they ever going to beat him if that isn't the case.)

So what the fuck.

I'd reckon Escanor and King would be able to put up somewhat of a fight.

I think Ban can too if he survives long enough. He steals power after all, as seen in the fight with Melascula and Galland. Unfortunately he got countered pretty hard there.

that last revenge counter had about 720,000 power levels or whatever so that guy must be strong as fuck what the hell

There's plenty of possible reasons why he was able to stop the counter:
  • He might have activated Estarossa's commandment
  • Estarossa might have used a move involving his innate magic ability
  • Meliodas's swing might not have been very strong at all and easy to stop since his arms were broken.
Seeing how scared all of them were, Estarossa probably would have died with the rest of them if Meliodas had gotten the attack off.

Damn, at the end I was really hoping someone powerful would drop out from the sky right in front of Estarossa, sending him flying with a punch. Fucking hype episode.

As a manga fan it was great to see this episode get so much love from the staff. Lots of young animation talent made this one great.

Lol they all pretty much accept they’d be nothing but in the way for Meliodas if they showed up. Talk about carrying a team. Fight was amazingly animate tho.

This was a fucking rollercoaster of emotions. What an episode

Well, I'm very pleased they put their sakuga eggs in this basket. II don't know how far they're gonna adapt but I think this was the best chance to flaunt your animator muscle.

Can't wait for next week.

ah come on man. you're kidding me, the 7 deadly sins are so weak that they can't even help Meliodas fight the 10 commandments at all? Like wtf, seems like Escanor is the only one with any backbone.

Also what up with that bullshit flower plant revive? Are you telling me gloxinia can just keep doing that an infinite amount of times with no limit or repercussion? Also why didn't Meliodas just slit both their throats immediately? Like he was able to cut off the Drole's arms instantly, why not immediately decapitate him so he can't revive?

Also how tf are the 7 deadly sins expected to be able to power up in such a short amount of time to fight the 10 commandments? The 10 commandments are sparing no time when it comes to conquering the world. And all 9 of them just grouped up immediately to confront their biggest threat (Meliodas). They're gonna need a hyperbolic time chamber or some shit for them to get enough training to be able to compare. That or we're gonna need some serious ass pull magic "believe in the heart of the cards friendship bullshit" to get through this one. lol

dont watch this episode until there are decent subs. the bad subs will make you miss all of the nice animations in this episode

≫bad subs will make you miss all of the nice animation

I would like to know how that's possible... I don't suddenly become blind when i see bad translations...

You're a lucky one then. When I see bad Engrish subs my eyes start to bleed and for at least a week afterwards all text looks like Duwang to me.

It's a terrible affliction, please don't make fun of this medical condition.

ok estrossa is a beast... I was expecting a big explosion from meliodas but he got shafted. next week come quickly please!

I'm wondering how anyone aside from Meliodas and Escanor will come close to fighting the 10 commandments. Even after their power-ups (did that even happen?) they're just burdens on Meliodas.

That. Fucking. Animation.

This episode was so freaking epic. Animation was great, action was intense, music fit the atmosphere, just very enjoyable!

I'm curious if Meliodas' Revenge Counter would have defeated all the commandments if it weren't for Estarossa's ability. I feel like it's safe to assume yes based off their reactions but I can't help but wonder how much damage it would exactly do to them.

Amazing episode. Can't wait for next week.


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