Sunday, May 20, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 18 everyone's impressions

Episode 18
"For Whom Does That Light Shines?"

Normally I'm not a fan of overpowered characters, BUT ESCANOR IS FUCKING HYPE, PRAISE THE SUN.

He’s just so fucking badass. Makes me yell out of happiness inside

man, this episode went by waayyyy too fast, i need more escanor in my life

We all need some more Escanor in our lives.

I really hope the Merlinor ship sails. Also, it isn't Gowther's fault that he's autistic! I wonder what side he'll stay on now - he could potentially be the tiebreaker in the Ten Commandments' fight.

Maybe this is being too realistic with a fantasy show, but relationships don't generally work out where there is that kind of one sided idolizing.

Tbh I usually say that, but we don't know that this one is completely one-sided yet.

Merlin-san I don't feel so good

"I appreciate you as a friend too!" Poor King doesn't know if being happy or sad.

Escanor backstory and more badassness from his part, even at night, this man is so great.

I was like damn what a gentlemen, after what he did, at this point I am #fullhomo for my man esconar. He is sexy, alpha as fuck but most importantly he is nice and kind like a respected gentlemen. Praise the sun

After this episode I can only say Praise the sun!.

Man Gowther is just unlikable at all to me. His thing of finding a heart and doing whatever it takes to do so was interesting at first but now im just sick of it.

I totally relate to this. I like his quirky side tbh but his current "idgaf about anyone especially my friends" is grating. Quoting our boy Escanor, he can still atone for his sins if he does some good stuff in the next few episodes.

He has his reasons for being such a dick.

Did Escanor just ended the tournament singlehandedly? O_O
Looks like they'll stop fucking around next episode and will now go against ex-Fairy King and Drol.

Come on King have more faith in your golem. So they show Escanor backstory and it was pretty interesting. Man is Escanor strong and did not see that ending twist, I though he just missed.

Next episode is going to be hype!

Can someone kill Gowther cause I am tired of his shit.

Also what is with this direction. The ten commandments are gathering power while the seven commandments are wasting their time in this mini tournament arc.

They already took care of 2 commandments with the help of Escanor earlier. They gonna take out drol and the fairy king i assume next episode. that is already 4 down.

Damn. The ost in Escanor vs Gowther fight is so fucking hype.

Wow I love Escanor so much, such a badass. Next episode name, Meliodas vs the Ten Commandments? Sounds promising!

And, even after half of the cour, this opening is kind of disappointing. When the intro is over I'm still expecting the "Are you satisfied? Just open your eyes..." but the second OP definitely doesn't live up to the first one.

Wtf escanor is so cool but damn he singlehandedly beat 4 out of the 10 commandments already by himself. At this point I'm convinced he can probably take out the rest of them one by one without the help of the others.


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