Sunday, May 6, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 16 everyone's impressions

Episode 16
"Death Trap Labyrinth"

The Meliodas and Ban stuff was easily my favourite part of the episode.
Well when the other part is Diane being annoying as fuck, I honestly hate this whole arc of her character. Everything else shines in comparison. But the throw back to last season was so enjoyable to watch. And the shift to a more serious tone to break the wall was amazing!
I also don’t like matrona at all, she comes off as stupid. How is the only way to help two kids by going to a fighting festival and having a single wish granted...
Diane losing her memories just feels like those shitty plot devices used in romance series that base entire arcs around misunderstandings.
So Hawk is Kirby pretty much.
makes sense, they are both fat pink blobs.
"Transpork", my sides.
Awesome episode, the characters rejoining and showing how badass they are!
Reunions are always nice. Ban and Meliodas and their reunion was very sweet.
I've regressed to the point where I'm just groaning the entire time diane is on screen can they give her a trait that's not memory loss.
They took such and awesome character and degraded her to the most annoying part of the show, honestly how she is now is probably worse then how hawk was at the beginning of the season. Why the creator chose this direction I’ll never know. Also what made all of this worse was how bad last episode was. Thank god we got a little Ban and Meliodas action in the end.
I'm just hoping for a good payoff for best girl once she does get her memory back, hopefully not just another character development loop
Damn, the song that was playing when Ban and Meliodas breaks through the wall always gets me hyped.
Best moment was when ban and mel were breaking the wall and you can hear ban just making kung fu noises like he's bruce lee
God the Diane subplot blows. It's such a cliche shounen thing to have a character almost reach a relationship development then suddenly contrive a reason for it to fall apart and destroy a good character in the process. But whatever, Ban and Meliodas' reunion was pretty great and the good stuff appears to be coming soon with the Commandments right there so I'm not too upset.
The gang's finally back together again! Next week is going to be hype!
Well its nice to have all the characters in one location. I hope they fix Diane memory soon. I completely forgot that Hawk could do that.
it was an ok episode. I just want more fights with the 10 commandments though. that's what we are all waiting for. I wonder if they are gonna finish them all before this second season ends.
It won't happen. The season is already rushing through the source material like nobody's business but we're about to reach a point where this second big arc just kind of goes...full retard, I guess.
And it stays that way for a looong time
Everyone's finally back together! Also Hawk eating that sand crawler haha, that was some Ouroboros shit.
So I'm currently not watching the anime every week since I'm kinda fed up with the whole memory loss thing and want to catch up as soon as Diane regains her memories. So can the manga readers tell me how many episodes it will take for that to happen?
Oh it’ll take a while. Definitely not in S2
Really? Fuck, that means I'm gonna have to wait for at least 3-4 years to see that happen or start reading the manga.
I recommend reading the manga
The gang is kinda back together. Finally, Meliodas and Ban settled their problems and looks like they gonna deal with that giant commadent next episode, so it's gonna be kick ass then.
Besides all the "main" content, I find myself really enjoying the exchanges between Oslo and Hawk whenever there are any.
Best part was easily Ban getting thrown into a wall, and just reacting like, "Oh cool, yours powers are fully back I take it?"
I like Diane and Matrona.


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