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[Megalo Box] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Deadline of the Dream" / "No One Else Tells You When It's Time to Give up on Your Dream."


Ost when?

I know right? I want the full version to so many songs from this series.

Manabu Yamaguchi (known as mabanua) is a Hip Hop composer. This is his 1st soundtrack he made for TV anime. His content is on Spotify and SoundCloud if you wanna check it out.

"If an animal does sink its teeth into you, it won't let go"
Yuri is a bloody prophet.

I'm 90% sure that Yuri is the smartest person in the show.

He knows all the crazy shit Joe is ready to do, probably because they're the same type of person.

Well, on the opening Joe is represented as a gray wolf with a lot of scars and at the end there is a white wolf which should represent Yuri.

Joe is so fucking punk and I love it.

inb4 gearless joe thigh tattoos

I've been running tat ideas through my head in for this show, it's pretty hard to think of a decent looking one.

Unlike other big media with big followings (Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, etc) this one doesn't really have a "symbol". Berserk has the Mark. Bebop has the Swordfish.

I have a lot of tattoo's and I wanted to get one for this show, but it's pretty hard to find a tasteful one that won't look like weeb garbage.

Closest to a symbol I can think of is NOT DEAD YET...

I really liked that emphasis this episode had on Mikio's face, how he really sees nothing in Joe and how much his fury showed at the conclusion. I'm looking forward to seeing how this next episode plays out

I can't wait for Mikio's cheating ass to get rekt next week. Let's see what his AI can do when it can't read its opponents moves.

I don't have the screen shot, but wasn't there a scene where it showed him training and then a progress bar on a screen going from something like V4 to V5? Maybe he's been working on an upgrade that will help against Joe.

≫Maybe he's been working on an upgrade that will help against Joe.

Not likely, since as Joe himself said after much introspection - Mikio had so much disdain for him that he was never even considered as a blip on Mikio's radar. Mikio was training for Yuri, not Joe.


I was wondering how they were going to try and get a rematch and of course it had to be with Joe being authentinc and reckless.

That outro slogan felt exceptionally powerful here.

Totally, it felt so triumphant!





I like the 20 second beat they play after the intro at the beginning. I try to freestyle before it's cut off.

yeah man the intermission is the dopest part. It is a hip hop version of Joes Whistle from the Ashita no Joe OST.

I can't believe it.

Every single episode in this show makes me want to see what happens next. This show is the pinnacle of never giving up on your dreams.

Even if things seem impossible, you take fate into your own hands and forge your own future.

I can't put into words how excited I am for the next episode, A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom

Maybe this is what the guy meant about how Nanbu has a limit to how far he can go. His plan failed, and Joe's determination ended up being what got them the rematch instead.

Looking forward to the fight in the next episode

≫His plan failed,

I wouldn't say it necessarily failed. Without him laying the groundwork in trying to convince the Owner, chances are she would have carted him right out of the ceremony. But his plan couldn't go far enough on it's own, and Joe showing up proved Nanbu's point.

You’re right, I was probably too hasty in making that comparison. In the end I guess it really is their chemistry together that helped them get this far.

Yukiko really likes Yuuri (from a person that seems full of yourself, remembering his words and giving credit to it, it's something). I like her even more now.

And Joe just proved that sometimes you need to insist if you want something, even if you need to be inconvenient. Like we say in my country: Things don't fall from sky just because you want.

If the A.I. is useless, Shirato still has the advantage... but now I can see Joe winning.

HELL YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!! So fucking hype! This show continues to exceed expectations (which were already fairly high). Next week will be so great!

Jesus, when the bgm started during the motorcycle scene i got chills on my back. Cant wait for the next episode.

Really appreciating the world-building and buildup behind each episode in this show. Even when there isn't a badass fight, it's still so great to see all the tension and buildup! I've said this many times, but this is my AOTS. Go get em Joe!


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