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[Megalo Box] Episode 7 everyone's imprerssions

Episode 7
"The Road to Death" / "If You're Crossing This River, Don't Bother Paying for a Round Trip"

His history was definitely gonna catch up to him at some point, curious to see how they're gonna resolve this. Shirato seems to really not want her brother to enter Megalonia and I wonder if she's willing to do something drastic

As soon as Nanbu said something about his fake Id I knew it was about to happen. No way they show a flag like that and not do anything

That rap at the start tho

Soundtrack as a whole is lit

The song at the end when the countdown run down was perfect, holy shit

Am I the only one that was caught off guard with that ending? I totally expected Joe to enter the ring and pass out there.

I was expecting a last second run to the ring or something. Not Joe passed out in a corridor with the kid crying over him...

Though like others have said, if one punch from Nanbu could take him out, I doubt he would have won anyway. Hell, he probably would have died.

Joe was pissing blood earlier in the episode due to blows he took to the kidney from his last match. His coach said in the state joe’s in if a fighter knows where to exploit joes injuries it could be fatal. Coach punched Joe where his kidney is knowing that it still hasn’t fully healed.

That ending... wow. Just wow.

The sister will use connections to fasttrack a citizenship?

Well at episode 1 she said if she could do anything to repay the broken motorcycle...

I really thought we were gonna get a cliche "Joe runs out at the last second" ending but then it just... ends. I'm so excited to see what happens next week

Seriously, how does the soundtrack get better every episode

Yeah, this is DEVILMAN crybaby all over again. Can't wait for the OST.

God that was an upsetting and FRUSTRATING ending.
But it's a good reminder for myself that hey, I actually do care for this show's protag.

It was so frustrating and yet I'm not mad at the episode for ending that way.

It made too much sense overall. Now I'm curious how they'll come back from this

I think it’s highly obvious why Shirato doesn’t want her brother entering Megalonia. There’s a proxy war between the board, Shirato and her brother for control of the company. Maybe there’s more to it from Shirato’s side but this much is at least clear.

They made a point to show the discord over her succession and the fact that her brother has support (probably from the same members of the board) and he’s able to develop his own tech.

She’s bet everything on Yuri and it’s obvious that her brother represents a threat to that and control of the company.

Yeah, the whole point of Megalonia is for Shirato to show off how good Yuri's gear is so they can sell it and bring in big money. They can't do that if he loses and her brother is looking like a big threat.

This anime impresses me more and more each episode.

This is by far my favorite anime this season. I love MHA but I'm more excited about this show each week then MHA.

Damn I figure that Fake ID would be used against him but man I guess I didn't figure it get used now. I can't wait to see what happens next week.

Yeah. I mean it’s definitely the right time. You knew it would happen before megalonia just maybe after qualification, then shit comes up. But the challenge before it making him forfeit? Makes you wonder if they just drop him from the show entirely now. Since wtf will he do? Besides maybe yukiko just giving the good old fuck you to her brother and just naming joe the 4th slot I don’t see anything happening.

Looks like Joe has a couple of hot groupies.

Interesting that Yukiko doesn't want her brother to compete in Megalobox. And it seems she has different plans and is planning something that she's keeping a secret from the committee.

Also goddam Joe! His kidneys must've been so fucked up for him to pee blood like that.

at this point it doesn't really pain me much to see joe get put into the ground over and over but seeing red piss ...

Damn that was a good episode, going from the rap in the start, showing all the buzz centered around Joe, to interesting character and plot development for both Shirato and her brother with great music seeing the mood for each scene, these two felt special, like they weren't just some clique you'd see in another anime, but unique people who solve problems in their own, less direct, way. The bit of foreshadowing given in the episode, leading up to that final shot, where Joe's past catches up to him, the shot of Joe passed out and the boy crying and the door closing on their future, standing in stark contrast to the beginning of the episode.

God I'm hyped to see what will happen in the next episode, will it all end here with junk dog going back into his old ring? Or will Joe make it into the ring and participate in the fight?

Looks like the hood fucks with Joe, truly the people's boxer.
Can't wait for next week's episode!

The rap in the beginning was super lit, the soundtrack just continues to impress. It was also pretty awesome to see the common folk are taking to Joe so much.

The fact that every episode had Dead, Die, or Death in the title still has me shook. And the pissing blood bit just pretty much confirmed in my mind that Joe's gonna die at the end of the series. Though they might just be trying to pull the rug out from under us.

Maybe it was better that the fight didn't happen now, considering Joe was weak enough to go down to one punch from the Coach.

Also, each episode ends with "Not dead yet", which implies that he WILL die eventually. And it probably doesn't mean death from old age.

Or it implies that he can keep going as long as he's alive


So close, yet so far... Yukiko has to come up with a way to set up a rematch next episode, surely?

Also, I wonder if 'Gearless' Joe will finally put on gear if (when) he makes it to Megalonia. Rules aside, there's no way he can physically take on those machines at such a high level. It made some sense as he was climbing the ranks, but after seeing his injuries from his last match, I doubt they can keep their 'Gearless' thing going for much longer.

i think gearing up only in Megalonia, next episode will be them running after a valid ID, because Yukiko will guarantee the rematch with they get the ID, because of Joe`s popularity

I am so worried for Joe's health. This is bad, very bad.
I wonder what Yukiko's plan is here, I feel like she either wants to betray the company/Megalonia or change it completely

I love this show, it feels like i'm watching a movie.

it definitely reminds me of watching Rocky as a kid with my dad. it's so good.

Probably my favorite thing about this show's story is how Joe and Nanbu keep getting caught up in other people's stories. First with Aragaki and now with the Shirato siblings' feud. It makes the overall plot of the show so interesting and makes me as a viewer so much more invested in the world as a whole.

This anime is amazing! The atmosphere, art-style, music, story, everything is perfect to me.


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