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[Megalo Box] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Until the Last Dog Dies" / "The Midsummer Heat Might Drive a Dog to Kill, but It Will Never Break Him."

That circling shot around Joe and Aragaki is the best insane camera movement shot I've seen since Houseki no Kuni. That and the minute leading up to it was my favorite part of the show so far.

Keep in mind that unlike Houseki no Kuni that use full 3D, Joe and Aragaki are 2D drawn so it more impressive than its look. They have to drawn manually to depict that camera movement, while in 3D animation like HnK it's rather easy to make camera movement at will. I think only the background & ring are in 3D but that usual these days and its blend nicely to 2D character model.

DUDE that shot was insane! I literally said holy shit every time I watched it

For camera movement, one always has to refer to Hinata's back attack at the end of season 3 of Haikyuu!! It was a near 720 degrees with the camera zooming in, all in a single cut.

And the final point of Season 2. Jeez, Haikyuu has some dope camera work.

What shot from Houseki no Kuni exactly

Most likely this scene

Holy FUCK that was impressive! CGI or not that was mad animation right there! I’m actually kinda tearing up. Shit. I gotta go back and watch that one all the way. One of the things I’ll always appreciate about series like Houseki No Kuni are that they don’t limit frame rate for the simple sake of looking 2D instead they do the best with what they’ve got and animate the crap out of scenes like that.

That was a good fight with an understandable ending. It was said last episode that he tends to finish fights quick and now you can see why.

Yeah, they gave you enough to make the ending make sense but also tense because Joe was on the back foot for much of the fight.

God, they nailed Aragaki's backstory and his interaction with his former coach after the fight so well. I feel satisfied with their closure for now.

Anyways, is anybody else as excited for the OST as I am? I'm getting really good hip hop vibes from the music, kind of like Champloo in the way it compliments the stylish art of the show

The moment when the theme song started during the fight my blood boiled so hard you could cook an egg on my arm.

This ost is actually fucking insane. God damn.

yeah at the start of the fight they were playing breakbeats, then you get some rock, then some samurai champloo hip-hop beats. Its a fucking ride but all manages to have a consistent feel to it somehow.

I think the soundtrack is one of the really strong points of the show, i absolutely adore the OP and ED

Personally not a fan of the OP, everything else is god-tier

the OP gets me fired up I love it
gonna add it to my gym playlist

I fucking LOVE the ED, holy crap. It's one of my all time favorites for sure.

Yeah, me too! I've even looked up the artist and tried (unsuccessfully) to find English lyrics cuz I can't get it out of my head

I'm definitely happy this one ended on a "happy" note, and not with Joe randomly winning the fight with one punch. Great way to put it to rest.

I was half-expecting a big finisher like Joe did against the Shark-dude, but I'm glad that didn't happen. The show knows when to pull its punches and let a match play out more organically.

Yeah it was really well done. It didn't feel cheesey or rushed. The writers managed to give us a deep look into Aragaki's psychi in just two episodes without sacrificing the shows pacing as often happens in these short animes.

So I'm guessing his next opponent will be that black haired dude at the end? And from how he looks down on Joe it looks like he's not going to be likable at all.

≫So I'm guessing his next opponent will be that black haired dude at the end?

Almost definitely. He seems to look down on Joe, and I have a feeling he'll want to take down the flavour of the month to skyrocket his own popularity

I don't think so, there are only 4 competitors in Megalonia. We have Yuri, Pepe Iglesias, Glen Burroughs, and Joe. When Yuri talks to that dude he calls him Mikio. They also only used the actual names of the competitors and not the nicknames (like Bloody Lion) on the bracket, so I doubt that he is the other competitor.

Edit: Wait, Joe needs to fight one more battle so you guys are probably right.

Props to Aragaki's VA. The suicide scene and the locker room scene in these past two episodes have been excellent. The way that voice portrays the desperateness of a broken middle-aged man is something I've not seen in anime. Love how the way his voice crumbles contrast with the tough men atmosphere in the rest of the show.

That's just the average afternoon for a japanese person tbf

Oof. Statistics don’t lie, unfortunately.

During the fight I definitely felt a sort of tension of not knowing what was going to happen, whether Joe was going to even win or not, and just having the fight being exciting anyway. I love this series.

This show is so fucking HYPE

It hasn't even ended but it's already in my favorites.

Felt like the first proper back and forth fight we've had so far in the series, and it was brilliant, this show just keeps doing everything right.
Bit of a sudden ending to the fight but feel its better for the story they were telling to end it like that.

Are we really gonna stick with the Gearless thing? I keep watching and thinking there'll be someone who finances his gear but it doesn't look like that's happening since everyone pretty much knows him by Gearless Joe.

The thing is, him fighting without gear goes against everything Megalo boxing stands for and what the female (Director of Megalonia) is trying to accomplish. I feel like him being gearless will be used later as a confrontation between those two. Just like how he was in the start of series, questioning her "Real Megalo Boxing". Which to him was bullshit. The writer choosing Joe to be gearless isn't just so he can climb the ladders faster, but also to oppose what Megalonia stands for. Atleast that's my opinion on the matter.

That fight was hype as hell. It really felt like watching something out of a Rocky movie. I liked how each round had a different feel to it (thanks in part to the great soundtrack) and the directing and editing, with all that cutting in and out of Aragaki's and Nanbu's past, were on point. The conclusion of the fight was unexpected, but made a lot of sense in retrospect. Can't wait to see what this Mikio guy is up to now.


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  1. Wow que intenso fue la pelea de Joe y Aragaki, me quedé sin habla, fue de lo mas jodidamente épico para mi.