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[Megalo Box] Episode 5 everone's impressions

Episode 5
"The Man from Death" / "So, Where Are You from? From the Other Side, from Hell."

Man the beginning had me wondering if I has the wrong ep

So we see into Nanbu's past and probably where he started drinking. Didn't realize they would bring war and ptsd into this show but it works.

Feel like the opponent could be a protag with his backstory and rehabilitation in an another show and that's what Joe has to win against.

I actually felt like I was rooting for him because I could see his pain

I was actually thinking about watching Genocidal Organ recently and I thought for a sec I'd subconsciously loaded up that movie instead.

Damn... That was one heavy episode. Didn't expect Aragaki's and Nanba's backstory to be like that. Especially Aragaki's since we know that plenty of soldiers that come home from war were exactly in his position. He was lucky to get his way back into boxing or his story would've had a different ending :|

From the way it was framed at the end of the last episode and what we know about Nanbu's personality, I was expecting their backstory to be they had a falling out at some point and Aragaki found a new trainer to prove he's better than Nanbu ever gave him credit for. Maybe the scars on his face were a result of Nanbu's negligence or something.
Then it showed the war flashback.
Then it showed Aragaki has no legs.

Nanbu was the only thing that prevented Aragaki from committing suicide. He was the only home he had to go back to, and then to get abandoned by Nanbu makes him vengeful.
I can sympathize with this guy even though I didn't live that kind of life. His character feels realistic because even if logically you should get over it, the feelings of resentment will remain. So by beating Joe, it gets the chip off his shoulder and lets him have a peace of mind.

The whole "you're an asshole for assuming he was dead just because he was reported dead" is pretty dang stupid though. Nanbu had no idea he was alive and he moved on with his life. I don't get why the show is trying to sell the idea that he has anything to be sorry about, or that Aragaki has anything to be mad about. Did I miss something?

you missed the part where he said that Nanbu could have tried to find him, because at some point it should have been obvious he was alive, since he was already ranked 17th.

Why would you be trying to find a dead guy? Even if he saw the name in the rankings why would he assume that it's a guy that's dead? Isn't it more likely just a guy with the same name? I suppose he could have looked him up if he happened to hear the name, but I don't think I would in his situation. People die when they're killed.

The better question is why didn't Aragaki ever reach out to mention the fact that he's not dead? If anybody has reason to be mad it's Nanbu! You can't just assume everybody's going to magically know that you're alive after you were reported KIA. He has no reason to be mad at Nanbu, and the show trying to inject drama into that relationship with no legitimate reason backing it up is just falling flat for me.

What a heavy episode. Didnt expect war and ptsd in my boxing anime.

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Hands up at all times, or that shit will happen. Great shot.

This was truly an amazing shot! Really stood out from the series.

I have no idea how Joe is gonna pull this one out. The narrative is completely against him

I'd say it's completely in his favor.

Really? I feel like this whole episode they built this premise that this guy is someone that is impossible for joe to beat.

1) This guy is fighting for something real, to move on from his attachment to his former boxing coach whereas Joe is just fighting to satiate his hunger to fight stronger people

2) This guy has learned all there is to learn from Joe's boxing coach, whereas Joe is still in the middle of his training

3) He's got hella more exp (10 years older with alot more official matches) and even has more reach on Joe (granted its by 1 inch, but I imagine a boxer of his caliber would be able to capitalize on that)

I don't know, Joe just seems so out of his depth this fight, honestly I would feel kinda cheated if he pulled out a win. So basically, I'm super curious as to why you think this fight is in Joe's favor

You could spin all those right back around, though.

1) Aragaki is held back by his trauma and is fighting Nanbu and not Joe. Joe, on the other hand, is a true warrior that is fighting for the higher cause of challenging the champion. Anime loves the ambitious "looking toward the future" types.

2) Aragaki has come as far as he can. Joe, on the other hand, still has wells of untapped potential. He could rapidly rise to the challenge here like a Saiyan would while Aragaki is stuck unless he gets over his trauma first.

3) He has much more experience than Joe, but like Sachio said, Aragaki is already past 30. Combine his age with his crippled body with his trauma, and it could easily be portrayed as a drawback.

Now that's not to say that Joe is definitely going to win, or even that he deserves to win. But if he does win, I certainly won't be calling it a narrative flaw. One recurring theme of the original series was that life isn't fair, and anyone is fair game.

I agree, Joe exhibits alot of qualities that similar MC's that start weak and progress to become strong show, however at this point in time Aragaki is just a pound for pound better fighter. I've already said this but Aragaki is older, more experienced, and more resolved than Joe atm. But what you do say makes sense, I can see a world in where maybe Joe's ambition or his less clouded mind can become a weapon that he could use in this fight. However, it still seems like a rather cheap reason to win in the face of everything that Aragaki has going for him against Joe in this fight.

Has anyone noticed that every episode's name has something related to death?
1-Buy or Die?
2-The Man Only Dies Once
3-Gear is Dead
4-Let's Dance with Death
5-The Man from Death
6-Until the Last Dog Dies

I hope the last episode won't be "Joe Dies" or something like that.

I think it has something to do with the fact that at the end of every episode it says "Not Dead Yet"

They're all references back to Joe's borderline (or actual) suicidal behavior in episode one. Not only that, Joe could have chosen to die as a boxer in the underground, always throwing matches, eventually stopping fighting. That would have been his "death".

Aragaki is sort of Megalo Box's version of Kim Yong-bi, the South Korean boxer from Ashita no Joe that fought in the Vietnam War and had PTSD flashbacks. (It's kinda crazy that a manga written in 1968 already had that kind of themes in my opinion)

Well, war does predate Manga by a slight margin.

Somehow, this show keeps surprising me, eventhough the story in itself is fairly simple and has been done numerous times. The writers manage to make it fresh and introduce heavy teams like ptsd and such in a way that other anime fail to. I genually don't even know wheter I should root for Joe in this instance, I know he's the MC, but still. This show has a limited amount of episodes, yet delivers on every front. Definetly AOTS for me so far.

Yep. This is definitely proof of the saying that a simple story doesn't equate a bad story.

Really like how they fleshed out the rival boxer

Man, I hope this gets a Dub just so I can show my Dad this show

Unexpected but incredibly inspiring backstory for Aragaki.

From being a top fighter to losing his legs and will to live, and then recovering and climbing back to the top again like that is just commendable.

As for Joe, there's no way he gets up after that punch, and this can be a great reality check for him. Continuing to fight gearless is just ridiculous and he needs to change his approach.

Coach Nanbu is slowly becoming a great and complex character in his own right, and almost an entirely different person from how he was in the first episodes, loving his development!

Our guys from team Nowhere might be devastated, but they'll just grow and improve from this, and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Pulled off such a heavy episode so well, props to Megalo Box, def one of the best if not the best sports anime I have seen thus far.

In the last episode, I expected Aragaki history with Nambu to be related to the illegal matches or something like that. I'm glad to see that their history was more profound. Can't wait for the next episode!

Wasn't expecting a Veteran's PTSD story in this boxing anime but it was well done. It did feel like an outsourced episode, the boxing animation was lacking this time around.

To be honost...didn't really like this episode all that much. Thought the whole "I hate you cause you thought I was dead" was just...stupid. I also thought the fight at the end was...poor. Maybe it was because I couldn't get invested in the rest of the ep, but It felt like they were going for "Oh this guy is just so good" and ended up as Joe just looking incompetent. Maybe I'm the odd one out, but this is my least favorite episode so far.

Too much PTSD.....This episode was so emotional

What an episode ! I definitely was rooting for Aragaki and not Nanbu

That wasn't the backstory I expected... It was much heavier than I thought it would be

Fantastic episode, bit slower than the past few but it worked. Got real dark at times.
Can't wait till next week.


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