Wednesday, May 30, 2018

[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 9 everyone's impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 9
"Magical Girl - Another and Another"

Another lesbo perv!

twice the lesbo, still zero yuri.


You better not be lying!!!

Yep, that is how you convey your feelings!

She said aishiteru instead of suki. SHE SAID AISHITERU INSTEAD OF SUKI.

Saki is my spirit animal.

So is Sakuyo.

I'm still hoping they're going to pull a fast one and Hyoue isn't the big bad boss, but at this point, it doesn't seem like there's anyone else it could be...

My favorite part is the illustration at the end.

So wait, will Michiru really be like an old man in her magical form for now on?

Beware supernatural beings with knowledge of contract law.

never make contracts with people whose name starts with meph.

We finally see the Prisma girls become magical girls (boys?). I wonder if their male versions will get to sing like Saki and Sakuyo? Especially considering their VAs are Taniyama Kishou and Suzuki Tatsuhisa.

It's hilarious that they had Saki's male form be a terrible singer as well, since IshiKai can sing lol. He did a good job of bad singing though.

Finally! The long awaited debut of Magical Girl Eternal Dangerous Pretty and Magical Girl Everything Crazy Beauty is here! PRISMA is a great Mahou Shoujo group. Tsundere Michiru is so cute, and Ruka and her inner dialogue is hilarious.

Another perverted girl addition to the show! Nice!

Anyone know if the credits include the role of Mohiro wrangler?

So what about all the people who were kidnapped by the demons at that event? Shouldn't that be in the papers as well?

"Besides, bringing excitement and smiles to the world isn't all being a magical girl is about." um, from the context, shouldn't this have been "Besides, isn't bringing excitement and smiles to the world what being a magical girl is all about?"?

I guess Prismas transformed in private before, if they didn't hear each other's declarations of love.

Is the Blonde gonna to be a magical zombie from now on?

I've never mentioned it before, but I really like this show's end cards.

FINALLY, it was soooo obvious that the prism girls also would eventually transform, feels like I been waiting for that to happen for at at least 6 weeks.

Of course Michiru is in love with Sakis Male form - and her best friend / Partner is a open pervert hentai who keeps trying to look at her naked like e,g when she is dressing of course :)

But Michiru is to innocent and naive ot realize it, that joke about her just stating that - Have you never seen my thirsty glances lol.

This was a pretty funny episode and it feels like gender bender triangle drama is there to be had, but dam, they just have to little of the relationship comedy that I want. like I want this to be more like one of my all time favorite Ranma, I wish they had confessed earlier. Than we would have had 2 girls in love with Saki, but shes does not even like girls right - she wants mochiro-san, like that is what I mainly think would be fun to watch, them trying to sort out their love life + fighting muscular demons.

Even as Ore-san, Saki still sucks at singing lol The OST for this show is gonna be a hot mess!

This is Mahou Shoujo Ore!


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