Wednesday, May 16, 2018

[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 7 everyone's impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 7
"Magical Girl - Lesson"

I lost it when Saki correctly guessed that room 103 must have demons. She's quite genre savvy. Manager's idol power is over 9000, such a shame he wasn''t born a girl.

Her faces and reactions where on point this whole episode lmao

But she could never have predicted their evil plan of breaking down the wall with a hammer.

Perfect comedic timing on number 1 also amazing slaughter 10/10

I personally really liked this episode more than previous ones, due to the results of character progression and the cute Manager.

Still not as good as the first two though.

Magical girl Sakigasuki.

It's interesting that now we're back to the manga, but this was pretty much just chapter 6, which makes this episode only 26 chapterspages long. But makes sense since the manga is only 12 chapters long.

That being said, i really think this series took a dive after the first 2 episodes. This was at it's best when the pace was frenetic, and the tone was constantly absurd. This and the flashback episode really show how little this holds up when it slows down.

In it for the big buff hamsters. Still. But for how long?

I feel like the show is slowly running out of steam for me. The jokes aren't as funny anymore than the first few episodes. I still hope it changes though. I can still see some potential for this show to be funny.

I didn't like that they straight up just re-used the "Walking to school carrying something extravagant to parody other anime" joke again. It was funny the first time, but it's not done enough to be be a running gag, so all I could think was "Didn't they do this joke before?"

Yeah if it was done every episode with each time it gets more and more ridiculous then I would've liked it a lot more.

IMO it's funnier because it's getting overused

Just gotta say, that reference to Assassination Classroom with the manager had me in stitches lol

Like the others said, this episode was an improvement among the better episodes, hopefully the remaining episodes will be just as enjoyable.

While it isn't that relevant to the show, I can't help but wonder what Saki's mom looked like as a magical girl?

Nice train.

I, too, would like to eat shabu shabu on the way to school...

Man, this show is really getting sluggish. So many scenes just dragged out beyond what is reasonable for the joke. I did enjoy how unenthusiastic Saki and Sakuyo were about their fight though.

That manager is my new spirit animal~ The ED card was cute! I also love the ED song~

Saki's face when she went to the bathroom/opened room 103 lmao That rampage though, good thing she can release that angst in a positive way hahahaha


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