Wednesday, May 9, 2018

[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 6 everyone's impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 6
"Magical Girl ☆ Hot Springs Business"

Well, I am now 100% in the Sakuyo x Saki ship.

Good to see our ranks are growing

I love how even the demons were on vacation today.

Do you get a refund if your beaten to a pulp by some random thug whilst on holiday?

They should, I mean they even had that whole room reserved. I'm pretty sure that's not cheap.

In related news, these 2 guys say they'll cosplay as the Mahou Shoujo Ore "girls" if their pics get 10k retweets.

Signed into twitter for the first time since 2014 to support this noble cause

Doing the good lord's work

I did my duty and retweeted it.

Best Bath anime Episode Ever! ---gotta keep looking at his member to keep my member up!!!! The whole Saki in the bath as a man was freaking fantastic.

This anime is already screaming Ranma 1/2, but especialy now when Saki could not jump into the cold water to change back ---- of course it was other reasons why that coooold water would affect her powers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

never did I think I was gonna enjoy double muscular males in a bath scene :)

Is this the first ep to suggest that the mansformation is always accompanied by tumescence?

I hadn’t picked up on this before, which leads one to wonder if their magical girl costumes include built-in jogstraps.

Saki recharging her Mohiro love power lol Fujoshis are gonna have a field day with this episode!!

So the girls basically need to "cool down" to return to their normal selves. Was wondering how they did it.
Sakuyo getting every thing done before dinner time. lol

Glad to see the return of the bootleg Cutey Honey OP.

I find fun that on a season with Cutie Honey airing, it's another show the one using its opening song (more or less).

It took me like ten minutes to figure out that Hyoue must have pulled down the Men Only sign. That's some Death Note level shit right there.

Ashita no Ore had me on the floor

This is as absurd as ever, love it.

Oh, it's the episode 6 fan service hot springs episode, time to revel/decry the sight of hot naked flesh. The show's certainly still sticking to those big guns and I'm glad the international crisis last week was worth it.

I can see that gauge scene being popular in certain meme circles.

Funny how Sakuyo can be both the best girl and the best boy..

Good episode! I especially liked the extra art card during the credits.
Remember kids: don't spend too long a time in the sauna, You might become Joe.

God this episode was absolutely fantastic!

Loved it. I ship Male sakuyo x saki and Male saki x sakuyo and I ship saki x Mohiro too. damn I just can't decide. Lol. I am really loving this anime. It's something new.


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