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[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 5 everyone's impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 5
"Magical Girl - On Vacation"

Wasn't expecting the third season of Osomatsu-san so soon.

I don't even know what to think of that episode. I need context for it.

EDIT: So based on what a few people saying, this episode completely outsourced. So it's an outsourced episode about making episodes that are completely outsourced with ridiculous schedules.

This episode is actually in-house so it's a meta joke.

It's basically a giant satire of the state of the Japanese animation industry. It's hilarious and deeply saddening at the same time.

I understand that. It was so savage in doing so to.

What i mean by context is what made them choose to make this episode and slot it in the middle of a magical girl parody comedy show. Like it was a complete divergence.

I wonder if the original episode, (which may well have been the "planned" beach episode) something significant happened in the production, causing them to start a new and they said fuck it and decided to in on the anime industry. Or this episode is what they came up with in response to being told they have to make a beach/vacation episode. (Hence the crudly put together tiny segments of the two girls on vacation.)

It purely theories but i really do want to know why they decided to do it.

Someone said they think it was a joke episode with the fact that its golden week, which is why they called the episode vacation.

I don't know, this seems like a giant troll tho lol

Pokemon Go refrence I am out
Edit: I think a lot of people are confused at this episode, but I thought it was briljant. Having so much build-up to a ''fuck you'' end is hilarious.

This is probably more meta than I think it is...

Love the meta jokes, this episode should be made AOTD.
End cards for this show are stunning, they never cease to amaze me.

It looks like something happened with the real Episode 5 and they decided to do this Shirobako x Godzilla episode due to production issues? I need to research what's going on with this show. Unless this is what happens in the source material too XD

EDIT: So I just realized they're just making fun of Studio Pierrot. Like wow... They actually used one episode just to do that. Pierrot Plus must really have something against the main studio for them to do this lol

I really doubt something happened with the episode yet they had time to do... this x)

Aww I liked the blue outlines.

There are so many layers of jokes there, I had no chance to get them all. Especially that fast sequence of 'super rich animators' felt like they were direct references to people in the industry. I suspect there were some jokes there that were only got by people in the industry. Also I think that's the most Evangelion references I've ever seen in one place.

Though I liked how the security footage of the guy falling in the lake was all done in 90s style animation, complete with badly synced scream.

There seems to be soooo many references and parodies involved. I'd love a break down of them.

Kinda reminded me of Animegatari

This was amazing

This episode ended with my mouth hanging open wondering what the hell just happened. I sure hope will be the second coming of Animegataris.

I thought this was an episode about the masked dudes making their own anime. So the beginning was their anime getting cut right? And all the scenes with the government and shit was their anime scenes being animated for review and them trying to figure out how to fix their anime. so I thought that the story to their anime was saving the anime industry, but all the random shit was happening and I thought: “yeah that seems like something that would happen because they’re stressed and can’t come up with anything. They’re just animating random shit and it’s gonna be tossed by the boss man like at the beginning of the show.” But I was blind sided by the girls coming in to save the day? Which means that was happening in real life and not in the masked dudes anime? My brain is over heating like Gon from Hunter x Hunter and it’s trembling like Betelgeuse from Re:Zero.... fuck me I love this anime LOL

You're missing one crucial element: the episode that they were making was the same episode you just watched. This is demonstrated right at the beginning when we see the storyboard of the storyboard on the ground.

So this episode was mainly a parody of the current anime industry right?

I only got a few references like the Pokemon Go one but just went with it lol

I chuckled when the foreign anime studio called. That number was a Korean one and in the credits you do see Nara and Hanjin Animation which I believe are both Korean animation studios. Japan usually outsources to either Korea and Vietnam these days.

Also quoting Wiki:
Several animation studios are located in Suginami. Bones is headquartered in Igusa, while Sunrise has its headquarters near the Kami-Igusa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line. Bones was founded by former members of Sunrise, and staff at each company often help each other on projects. The Satelight studio, founded in Sapporo, relocated to the Asagaya neighborhood in 2006 (an earlier Tokyo office, at a different location in Suginami, had been in existence since 2003). In addition, many smaller studios are based here; as of 2006, over 70 studios (of 400 throughout Japan) were located in Suginami.

not entirely sure what I watched but I loved it

Is Anime-Gataris S2 here?!

The meta is simultaneously both refreshing and pitiful.

This was a thing. I'm definitely sticking with this show now though, gotta love weird anime.

So is this show good?

It kind of transcends mere notions of good or bad. It just... is.

The first two were pretty good. The next two were kind of meh. This last one was ???
I'm sticking with it for now, just to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

Yay it went full meta. I almost always love it when shows do this, and this is almost rivaling Animegataris.

Wait a minute, hang on now.

 So the plot of this episode is that the actual Mahou Shoujo Ore episode 5 wasn't finished on time, and one of the animators turned into a kaiju and went on a rampage, so they have to rush to finish the episode on time and end up outsourcing the entire thing. But that's apparently what actually happened at the real life studio?

This is a whole new level of meta.


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