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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 8 everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 8

Holy shit, this is hilarious!

And he finally completely lost it in the preview...

The brother may be a colossal piece of shit, but he is by far the most entertaining character on this show. Him gloating about the panties while fanboy cries was hilarious.

Though I was kind of hoping the girls would share a seat or one would be on the others lap when I saw the parachute, but I'll settle for hand holding.

It's entertaining how unhinged he is, I'm looking forward to what he does next.

With the shit that's about to go down these girls deserve to at least have one happy memory together. I just wish we can get more of those Nijimin and Yatsumura moments in future episodes.

Uhhh... Onii-chan is certainly packing... I never really expected them to show thsi.

Well least Aya-chan saw everything and Kiyoharu was able to get the truth by reading her mind and Nijimin's. She needs to get that information out ASAP because Aya-chan certainly won't.

Now that they have a name, is Detective dude is finally about to be relevant? So far he's only been at the tail end of these incidents.

Props btw to Okamoto Nobuhiko (Kurokiba/Bakugo/Accelerator) for hamming it up with crazy Onii-chan's voice! He nailed that crazy perfectly! He's probably the only one who could've pulled that off besides Matsuoka.

I have a feeling it was supposed to be scary, but this shot had me bursting out laughing. The noise he makes is just perfect.

I watched it in a dark room, and that part startled me at least :c

Considering that in the previous scene he pulled his pants down, bragged about wearing a pair of panties, then made a man stab himself to death I would say laughing/bejng creeped out/being scared are all legitimate reactions.

That shit needs to be a reaction face. I can see that being used for so much.

"When the doujinshi drops." Or "When everyone is hopeful, but you've read the Manga and are just waiting for shit to hit the fan."

One thing about this. It’s not scary. It’s not meant to be. At least in my opinion the writer wanted the manga to be a creepy comedy of the sort. Some creepy looking panels but they didn’t creep you out they made you laugh and they’re all great.

Wasn't expecting a beach episode but alright. Though the most disturbing thing in this episode is Aya brother showing off Nijimi stick.

This was also disturbing, but not on the same level

This show is so fucking funny and quotable. What a wild beach episode. Onii-chan really went all out, he must have been super pent-up from being without his punching bag. Good thing that detective is on his tail now, maybe they'll be able to stop him.

Yatsumura's hairstyle was so different and cute, I almost didn't recognize her. She makes Aya so happy, I hope she gets to fulfill her promise :(

edit: Tomoko is watching along with us

Aw, you didn't include the next panel. Nemo has better taste than all of us, lol.

This show is so full of cheese, I love it so much. Kaname really letting loose with his torturing of that guy was great.

Also some wonderful moments between Best Cinnamon Roll and Yatsumura. I also like Kiyo as a character. Seeing Aya's thoughts and taking things calmly and thinking things through. Can't wait to see more.

Kiyo is really interesting and her mind reading powers are very powerful, so I want to see what happens next. However, I'm worried about the fact the she doesn't seem to share the information she got with anyone... Not sure what's going to happen / happened to Nijimin, but definitely nothing good with onii-sama in command. If the whole group had known that information, they might have reacted sooner.

Im kinda sad they didn't add this funny scene from the manga during the beach part.

That girl didn't get any screentime during this episode... I can't even remember if we heard her talk. Same with Sayuki.

Aya's brother is behaving somewhat like a death note carácter

A sociopathic genius who manipulates a pop star for her special powers? Nah, just a coincidence.

The absurd humour just isn't letting up.

First we get a beach episode, then we get yuri, then we get the most ridiculous panty shot and then we get the Administrator in a swimming doughnut...

Nobuhiko Okamoto (Kaname) was so good that episode, Christopher Lee levels of hammy brilliance. A detestable character such as that needs a voice that will truly make your skin crawl and Okamto nailed every syllable. Can't wait to see the rest of his scenes.

This episode LMAO, i am speechless rn

My god what a damn roller-coaster of emotions.

It started as full fluff diabetes as I finally see my girls happy to then spiraling depression knowing that it won't last long followed by a sudden burst of hilarity seeing what was perhaps the greatest anime shot of all time with a conclusion of horror at seeing that smile...

Ok the part with the panties just killed me. I couldn't breathe laughing at the whole absurdity of it.

I believe this show is really underrated, it's so good! My favourite Mahou Shoujo anime so far.

The scene with Asagiri bragging about wearing Nijimin's panties...I can't! :D So unexpected.

No need for a knife, I would die right away seeing that pantsu

No need for magical powers, I would obey right away to that pantsu.

That panty scene was god damn golden.

On a more serious note, I'm curious how the brother is gonna go down. Is it gonna be from overusing the stick, or is it gonna be from that detective guy? Or both? I am looking forward to it.

The beach episode, and Aya still manages to flood the show with pity.

Welcome to Mahou Onii-chan's wild ride. Taking a girls panties and making her, his... plaything.

His brand of evil is whack , so ridiculous you can't help but laugh. Please make it so that he somehow single-handed takes down the site admins just so that he can get to torment the girls all on his own.


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