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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 7 everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 7
 "Joint Strategy"

I know a lot of people say this is edgy garbage but I legit like this show.

There's a lot to like! It's surprisingly enjoyable, and managed to make one of the most surprising yet natural tone shift to an otpimistic episode that I've seen in a good long while.

I think there's some quite obvious things to dislike, but they don't harm my enjoyment.

People are stupid like that. It's fine if they drop it during the first episode. It's okay if they say they don't like it. But if they tell you that it's garbage even if they've never even completely seen the show, they're just talking out of their asses.

Same goes for people proclaiming that an anime is a masterpiece before it even starts/finishes cough Kado cough. Seriously, people can be really stupid. Remember when Violet Evergarden already got into MAL top 10 (? not sure if it actually got into the top 10 but it was pretty close iirc) even before episode 2 was aired?

u-umaru? is that you?

Thats how you end up looking if you eat only junk food

Can confirm, am spooky japanese doll

Had the realization this episode that Nijimin is wearing the same panties every single day. Hopefully they magically stay clean.

that just increases their value

Especially since using her power is supposed to make her bleed out of a "secret" place.

Man the classroom scene with the four girls was really fun much more than I expected from this show. Also that scene with the three girl bathing together had a lot of animation. I wonder what Kosame told Aya to make her cry, my guess is that someone died.

≫I wonder what Kosame told Aya to make her cry, my guess is that someone died.

My guess is that Yatsumura someone isn't being honest with Aya. Someone who she is close to and thought she was friends with but in reality is not.

I think it must be something that Kiyoharu learned from Yatsumura, in this scene. As a random guess, I'd go with her having run out of life time, since she was already in a very bad state after fighting Sarina and that's something she would hide from Aya. Then the favor Aya asked could be either to keep it a secret so that they can keep acting normally, or to help her prevent Yatsumura from getting her stick back.

Yup, that was my first thought too. Although you'd think Pink hair would've had the same problem.

In the scene where Aya and Yatsumura slept together, their bodies formed a heart shape, albeit a deformed one. Or is it just me?

I saw it too!
Such a cute ship

Yeah, I hope we get more of it !
... before any of them die.

That was great. The classroom scene had me in stitches, specially with Aya's expression and the kids cheering in the background.
I love Aya's and Yatsumura's relationship so bad. I already mentioned I like all the girls but I just want to reiterate Shioi is a crazy bitch and I still love her very much. Nijimin screaming bloody murder and realizing nothing happened was really cute and funny too. Kiyo chaaan ;A;
Asahi seems so normal, but she's also one of my favorites design-wise.

We weren't told specifically that she could literally tell someone to drop dead and it would happen, right? 'cos they seemed to rush over and block her mouth really quickly.. as if they knew that could happen.. but we haven't been told that?

Yeah we saw this in Nijimin's episode (3) where she mindcontrolled a bunch of people to be her slaves, as well as Aya and Yatsumura to give her their number. While we didn't see her directly kill people, it's not a stretch at all to assume that her control goes that far.

It just surprised me that the main characters made that stretch without the viewers being made aware of it too is all. Either that or I'm a bit dumb :p.

That scene was comedy gold.

Speaking of which, I didn't think I'd agree with Shion - those 2 need to get a room. Their gayness is reaching canonical levels (I know it gets as such in the anime).

This was a really happy episode and so damn deserved.

I was getting the impression they might like each other more than friends.. maybe? I dunno... it still seemed platonic to me.. also they're like 14 years old right? I really shouldn't be thinking about this at my age...

According to the wiki Rina Shioi is younger than the other 2 in that bath yet she looks a lot older.. if you know what I mean...

That's because Shioi had a stick that changed her appearance so she used it in a older women with big bobos

Ah ha, that makes a lot of sense! I forgot she had done that!

Mikari's design is awesome, I love the heart-shaped eyebrows. The butler thing is... interesting, though.

Yatsumura and Aya's flirting is adorable <3

Can't say I expected Nana to have something in common with Umaru

Yatsumura's unconcealed annoyance with Rina is hilarious!

That panty scene lmao. This show is no longer an "unintentional" comedy.

Not a fan of how they dumped 4 new characters on us at the same time. Zero chance of me remembering their names. Out of them, the "otokonoko" girl (as the show calls her) has me most interested.

This show is soo underrated! Like I don't get why few people are watching it... maybe because it had over the top edge but that's only for the first episode. The plot, animations and soundtrack are all great yet its rating in MAL is only 6.45 which is very heart breaking. More people should give this show a chance tbh...

Probably because of the first Ep which honestly was terrible. The amount of unnecessary edge whose only function was to shock the viewer in a very tasteless way, drove away a lot of people I'd assume. I only watched further because I liked the idea behind the show and thought maybe it'd get better; if the second Ep had been as bad as the first I wouldn't be watching this either anymore.

They might have pushed the shock value a bit high in the first episode, but I don't see why that would be bad. Although, yes, it might have pushed people away for taste reasons.

Another good episode. Seeing Nijimin being denied of her revenge was surprisingly awful for me in the anime version, I felt really bad seeing that situation. And the new girls were pretty on point in the adaptation as well, I liked it.

It's a shame that we'll probably never reach one of the high points of the series to me because it's so recent and the anime isn't going to reach that point. It's very emotional.

We weren't told specifically that she could literally tell someone to drop dead and it would happen, right? 'cos they seemed to rush over and block her mouth really quickly.. as if they knew that could happen.. but we haven't been told that?

No, but they showed us that she could control any person as she talked so if she wanted to kill anyone, she could just like Nijimin almost did.

I don't particularly like the cheap fan service of bath scenes but I gotta hand it to the animators in making this one visually interesting, not in a T&A sorta way, but just in how they well establish the characterization of the characters via movement.

It's like, the biggest amount of emotion Yatsumura showed since the start of the series

This episode had some jokes moments, had me laughing quite a bit. The classroom scene for one was just great.
Really digging this show.

Sooo.... is this anime good? I enjoyed mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku but I don't really care much for edgy shows for tweens..

It's an odd time and place to ask, but yeah, it is good. It's very fun. You might be put off by the first episode though as that is hyper edge.

A fun ep all around. New girls seem alright. The scenes that Asagiri and Yatsumura shared were sweet as fuck, and also a bit sad.

I think the underlying idea of these girls giving their lives to save a world where no one ever gave a fuck about them is kinda great. That even their salvation comes at a price is kinda great. I really hope the anime gets a proper ending.

I mean I doubt it'll be a happy ending.. but hopefully proper, yes.


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