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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 6 everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 6

This is quite possibly one of the greatest frames I have ever seen in an anime.

lmao how lucky amirite

She's a precious emo girl :)

Wow, they upped the stakes in an exciting way this time! Doesn't look like it will be easy to capture an admin (will stick powers even work on them?) but I believe in Aya and Yatsumura. I love that they're each other's reason for fighting now, it's precious!

The Nijimi/Onii-chan scene was everything I'd hoped for. Just perfect.

Thanks for that screen shot. I'm collecting Aya smiling pictures.

Glad I could help you out :) be sure to let me know if you make an album of them because I'd love to see it

Nijimi talking to kaname was hilarious
Its nice seeing Kosame have a full prominent role this episode now that she has been introduced last episode
Ahhhh Kiyo-chan my baby girl i love her!!
And Kizuna Ai’s voice acting was great and very jaring to hear as Hachi

≫And Kizuna Ai’s voice acting was great and very jaring to hear as Hachi
Huh, I was trying to figure out which one she was and couldn't do it...

Yup Hachi is Kosame’s Site Admin

So, if the site admins don't want the girls to learn the truth about the tempest, why make that information accessible with a single click?

And do they have a dedicated web developer?

It seems like maybe they want that there so that at least some girls try to collect the sticks, but maybe right now too many girls are finding the backdoor and banding together, so they're having to rethink things.

Probably a requirement from legal to limit liability. If a magical lawyer tries go after the site alleging that they were pulling a Kyuubey on the girls, the admins can quite easily point out that all the information has been available from the start. It's not their fault that nobody did their research before signing the full contract.

≫And do they have a dedicated web developer?

And who is hosting these sites , how do they get the money, world ending magical prophecies are not ad-friendly.

≫And who is hosting these sites

Considering that pages tend to 404, even with very few visitors, probably some bottom-of-the-barrel freebie host.


The brother is unintentionally helping Aya by giving Nijimin second thoughts about murderizing her. To think, if he had been killed off earlier, this wouldn't have happened. Strange that Nijimin didn't use her powers on him at all, but w/e.

Meanwhile, Yatsumura is still collecting death flags like crazy. Stayed alive longer than I was expecting though.

≫Strange that Nijimin didn't use her powers on him at all

What would you expect her to make him do?
On the other hand, I'm actually interested in what plans the brother has.

Well, I don't know what the extent of her powers are, which another use case would help with. But she's been established as the type who takes what she wants without people's consent, so turning him into a mind-slave or something would be in-character. Or maybe "kill Aya when you next see her" if that's possible, idk. Even a "take me to dinner tomorrow" is a step up from having a psycho character passively accept that she didn't really get something she wanted.

That might be the fakest scene I've ever scene in anime or any media. I'd say I 'ship' it... but not as in, I want to see them get together, as in I want to see them appear to get together, because Kaname and Nijimi are comedy gold.

Those revelations. There are multiple sites! There are multiple site administrators! They're all creepy as fuck! The whole thing is a lie! There's a king administrator! Top ten ways I would not want to die, being killed by one of them is fairly high up there.

This show is criminally underrated just because in the first episodes people think its try harding to be edgy and dark.
One of best anime this season.

≫people think its try harding to be edgy and dark

Yeah, those fools never got to find out how right they were. Unhinged loli chuuny cutting herself is some next level shit....

≫in the first episodes people think its try harding to be edgy and dark.

In the first episodes?

"My magic requires me to cut myself, lucky for me I already cut myself all the time anyway!"

This show is beyond belief in how "edgy" it's trying to be. It's wrapped all the way around into being hilarious. And no, that's not intentional.

≫"My magic requires me to cut myself, lucky for me I already cut myself all the time anyway!"

And that's after she downs a literal handful of pills to calm herself in one of the most edgy and absurd way of showing that she's mentally unstable.

I'm not watching a whole lot of this seasons anime yet (planning on watching most of the shows after they're all out), but I've really been enjoying this. I'm usually not one to go for super grimdark anime like this, but I feel like it's done a good job. I think I like Raising Project better so far, but this is still good.

Also Aya is too pure. I live for her smiles.

≫people think its try harding to be edgy and dark.

A character sadistically beats his little sister for stress relief, Ayas bullies idea of fun is "hey lets watch aya get raped!", Tsuyunos family got killed in front of her and she took revenge by capturing the dude and personally torturing him for weeks... if not months on end, and the newest character that showed up slices her wrists to use her stick all while guzzling down pills to avoid panic attacks.

"try harding to be edgy and dark" is honestly the perfect description of this show, and I don't like using 'edgy' to describe things if I can avoid it.

I can't figure this show out. Is it supposed to be poorly written as some kind of meta joke? I'd guess "no" since the animation is bad as well. I like watching it but it's more like I'm laughing at it rather than with it. For me it's a case of "great concept, shitty execution".

≫Is it supposed to be poorly written as some kind of meta joke?

Try reading Mahou Shoujo of the End. It's the author's previous manga.

Aside from the inconsistent art and ugly backgrounds, which i'm almost sure are just IRL black and white pics, it's one of the most absurd, terrible, convoluted, uncessesarily complicated, confusing and appalingly badly written manga i've ever read.

Mahou Shoujo Site is a downright masterpiece when compared to that.

Gez Nijimi get better taste in men. Rather interesting how much this episode changed the characters goal. I wonder how are they going to catch an admin.

≫Gez Nijimi get better taste in men.

Yeah, because that is her major malfunction. Not the nailbiting eye-popping hatred.

≫Gez Nijimi get better taste in men.

Hey, don't knock it, they share a common interest: attacking Aya

Nijimin and the older brother are my favorite characters so I'm very happy they got a scene together. Based on the previews we'll hopefully see more of them. I also can't wait to see how the older brother goes about the Mahou Shoujo website and the sticks.

≫Nijimin and the older brother are my favorite characters so I'm very happy

Are you seeing a doctor about that? Next thing I know you'll be saying Sarina is your third most favorite.

This is why the world needs tempests.

Wow, that some great fakeout suspense right there, she was just there to cut HERSELF to HEAL the others.
And so, the best ship is born. Nijimin x psycho-bro, eternally bonded by their craziness and hate for Aya.
Poor Aya. At least Yatsumura looks like she's going to treat her well from now on.

I've been hoping for that piece of shit brother to be brutally killed from ep. 1, but it seems he's still got a role to play. Welp.

The manga isn't done and it seems it'll take a while so the anime producers probably know what's up ahead.

This is getting pretty good. I'm really excited for the second half of Mahou Shoujo Site.

I really hope they don't skip over other character introductions and it flows like the manga. I'm really looking forward for the "trap" to show up. The show is starting to speed up quite a bit

This show is actually growing on me. I went into it thinking I would get some quality edge (I mean one girls power is literally cutting herself to heal people) and I got that plus more (middle school me would've loved this show). I'm curious to see how they'll take down tempest. Also curious to see how many more die and if they'll have any more fights utilizing their stick powers.

This show is like Madoka Magika written by an edgy teen and I love every bit.

But because it's written by an edgy teen, it's like.. backwards. They're teaming up now. Aya and whatserfuck are friends now. It would be hilarious if it turns wholesome.


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