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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 5 everone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 5
"Revenge and Resolve"

"Stop acting like a victim, you piece of garbage", says the bully to her victim
... really? REAAAAALLLLLYYYY????

She's a piece of shit, yeah, but she's also a piece of shit who lost her best friend and knows exactly who it was that killed her. It's not like she's just going to ignore that.

I don't really think you can justify her actions. She and her friends bullied someone to near-suicide, said someone accidentally kills two of her friends, so she... tries to kill her as a result? There are so many problems with that.

justify her actions? no, i'm only explaining her reaction.

I know this is a minor detail, but I feel bad for whoever owned the stick to use magic in another place. Like literally, you can do nothing with that stick alone, since your only magic is to use magic else where

Lol. Imagine her reaction when that Hunter bitch showed up. Just like "Da fuq? My life was shit, so I got given magic powers.......but they were totally useless, and now I'm gonna get murdered for my useless power? FUCK EVERYTHING!".

That one felt like a plot device that the author needed at the moment so he just added it.
But maybe there were friends who became magical girls together or something.

I mean, the entire thing with Nijimin could have been circumvented by having Nijimin force Rina to reveal everything she knew about the Tempest then do whatever she wants to her. Also, I Aya has a teleporting gun, why go through the fight when she can just use it on herself and Yatsumura to get to safety? Also, if Aya is willing to sacrifice her own body to save Yatsumura, why not use Yatsumura's stick, that thing is op. Finally, I thought the box prevents anything from entering or exiting, so how was she able to shoot through the box? Really, the entire episode was just a long series of plot devices.

Nijimin doesn't care about tempest, just revenge, do tempest doesn't interest her.

Aya is kind of dumb/weak. That's her character right now. This episode was her trying to "save someone else" for the first time. She didn't want to run, she wanted to fight. Additionally, she may have thought that using Yatsumura's power would just be her getting saved by Yatsumura again, which may be why she didn't want to use her stick.

I've got nothing for the box.

Aya is very considerate of other people other than herself. Maybe too considerate. She should've let Sarina get crushed to death by all of that rubble instead of teleporting her. Excuse my language, but I fucking hate that fucking bitch. Why is she getting all of these free passes? smh

≫Aya is very considerate of other people other than herself.
She is acting like a real magical girl, Hardgore Alice would be proud of her.

Honestly instead of spamming her stick at her she should have just shot herself and yatsumura

It occured to me that what she did (saving Sarina) might make her actually believe that Aya didn't mean to actually kill her friends. Maybe the misunderstanding will actually be cleared up and Sarina will be redeemed?

New Magical Girl! Looks like she's also looking for information about the Tempest and I'm guessing what she's holding is not an ordinary box cutter.

Onii-chan meets Nijimi. I wonder if she'll turn him into a slave. She doesn't really know their relationship so she probably thinks she can hurt Aya if she turn him into a slave.

And of course Aya had to save Sarina. I mean I can understand that she doesn't want another death in her conscience, but come on! Sarina did that to herself. She was the one that recklessly used her stick to destroy that building. Also Sarina is really doing a good job of making the audience hate her even more.

Aya's too good for this world. Give her all the puppies and kitties.

What about we start by taking away death and suffering, then we give her the puppies ?

Probably a good idea. Or someone will murder her kitten again.

I want that fucking red haired girl in Yatsumura's torture chamber, this show really knows how to make me hate people.

You should (not) watch Osama Game. Not a redeeming character in that show.

・Not gonna lie, it was kinda funny when Onii-chan said "If I lose my punching bag I'm gonna cry". I'm interested to see how he interacts with Nijimi.

・That Misumi person sticks out like a sore thumb, I wonder if they know something about the sticks.

・I'm glad Aya is getting stronger like Yatsumura encouraged her to be, but it's too bad that she decided to save Sarina. Only bad things can come out of that decision, and it doesn't look like she'll have Yatsumura to back her up anymore either :/

Oniichan outros are probably my favorite bit of the show

God I really love this show so far, more people should watch it honestly

After the pleb filter in the first episode the show got REALLY good, like honestly it's one of my favorites this season

For such a young studio, production doA have done a pretty nice job with key animators, the prodcuers have really been pulling their weight in that regard.

As always, the faces are the highlight. It's not just the expressions themselves, but the little details of their faces that really draw out the ugly beauty of the girls. The animators all seems to shine the most when drawing Nijimin, I don't think there's been a single frame of her that has been anything less than fantastic.

Not everything has been smooth sailing. The cg was a little ass in places (note the cop car sliding into the scene in the aftermath of the building collapse), the latter scenes in the hospital were very static and it looked like the tweeners might have been a little overworked by that point. The building collapse itself was a little disappointing and not up to par with the manga. On balance though, there is much more good than bad.
Very excited for the new magical girl, and especially to hear her voice. All the other seiyuu have done wonderfully well and I don't expect Yumi Hara (voice of Overlord's Albedo) will let the slide down.

I was hoping Aya would go full psychopath on the red haired girl. I'm kinda disappointed she ended up saving her.

She is a nice girl, not a psychopath or a murderer. That would totally go against her character. I'm actually glad she decided to save Sarina, although I don't think it was the optimal outcome for later events.

But Sarina is responsible for collapsing the building and crushing several innocent people yet Aya chose to risk her and her friend's life to save her (she needed to remove the barrier to shoot the gun). Knowing that she'll keep doing harm to others, heck she might even kill other girls since she's the magical girl hunter now. I simply don't like the "MC does no evil" archetype, that's all.

Yes, I can do the math from my chair as well. But then I'm not a fragile young girl, frightened and unstable, with someone's life directly in my hands.

I don't want a self-insert MC doing cold calculations, I prefer to have someone who struggles between morals and ethics, being consistent with their character, and pursuing the true good ending, not the statistical "good enough" one that my cynic self would seek.

Note that this only applies if the action is consistent, I dislike MCs taking stupid decisions without reason as much as anyone else.

As a side note, I would advise you to take a look at Grancrest Senki, I believe you will like the MC.

Oh nice they tweaked the OP with new visuals, very nice and much better imo. More mahou shoujo girls incoming based by the new visuals.

That was pretty good epiosde. The build up was great and I kind of like that Aya finally step up for herself. This show is really good at making characters you hate and I can't wait to see how they are going to deal with Nijimi.

This show is shaping up to be my favorite one this season with Megalo Box taking a close second. I really just like the over-the top darkness and how each episode manages to top the last one in craziness. Plus the strange website administrator being an unfitting art-style is really original and interesting.

(Although I want a backstory on the stick that allows them to use magic in another location, who the hell had that thing? I mean it being useless alone is probably why she's dead)

The adaptation continues to be very good. Also, watching it years after reading the manga just reminds me of how much I hate Sarina. What she said today is so disgusting. Can't wait for next week to see more. It's one of the things that I most want to see every week, even if I already read the manga in the past.

Also, major props for the director in the scene where Aya was crying and putting all of her feelings against Sarina. It sure showed how she was suffering in the bullying with the visuals and angles showing her face. And of course, the VA as well who did a pretty good job in this.

I love Nijimin's dark personality and now that she figured out Asagiri and Yatsumura's connection to the girl in the coma I wonder what's going to happen between them.

This show really seems to be standing strong. If it maintains this, this show will definitely be one to remember.

Also, I like how they changed the intro quite a bit. Besides revealing new characters and such, when they show Aya's brother behind her, instead of it being a genuine smile cutting to a sadistic one, it smoothly goes to the sadistic smile. I'm curious if that means he's very soon to being done acting nice.


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