Friday, May 4, 2018

Japan Box Office: "Detective Conan" Sells More Tickets than "Avengers: Infinity War" Even in Its Third Weekend

This is one time when you can say DC is doing better than Marvel and be correct.

Also actual comics, and animated movies.

Conan is extremely popular in East Asia, I think everyone knows it and at least has some basic love even for 60 years old. But so is Avengers, IW is the top trending and sales in most Asia countries now, even in Japan I think it's fair to say it popular.

"Will Conan finally return to his original adult body? Will Ran finally graduate from Highschool? Will Kogoro become a competent Detective? Will Ai stop being best grill?"

"Find out 10 years later probably on Dragonball Z!!"

Ai will always be best girl

A country where the Avengers could not take the first place among 200 countries in the world.
It's Japan.

I mean Japan never counts the ticket price but see how many people watch the movie.

Are some movies more expensive to see in Japan than others?

Typically depends on the film like avengers would cost more then some other movies for ticket prices.

Ive never seen a theatre in my life that charges different amounts for different movies

It's always impressive seeing Conan do well in sales news, and then dissappointing to remember it's also pratically unknown in the English-speaking world.

I can't speak for the english speaking world, but in the german speaking world almost everyone below the age of ~30 knows Detective Conan as it aired in the middle of the local anime program, often with 2ep back to back and even now still has a spot on some minor TV programs during noon or late night.

So it's pretty well known around here.

Yep. The same way we've never heard of Yu Yu Hakusho because nobody dubbed that into German, while it's one of the usuals in the english anime fandom. Different countries, different fandoms, and that all because some companies decided on one show over the other.

It's pretty well known in Spain as well I think, specially in Catalonia (in fact, they are airing new episodes since September last year, we are around the episode 600 I think).

It's pretty weird for me to think that it's not well known in other countries, I used to eat lunch while watching it every day when I was younger!

I am italian and that is the exact same thing here...unfortunaly are only rerun.

It's currently the Golden Week holiday season in Japan (Apr 29 - May 5), where there's three public holidays in the space of a week, and most people would only need to take a few days off to create up to 8-10 consecutive days of holidays. It's the period when the whole country basically shuts down except for the hospitality and service sectors.

Schools would of course be closed for holidays, and some companies would even just declare this week a "company holiday", knowing most employees would take time off anyway, and organize all sorts of "employee gathering trips", mostly to Hawaii or Okinawa, depending on your budget.

Detective Conan would almost always have an animated movie released during this period for 21 consecutive years since 1997, and it's becoming sort of a national tradition in the country for the family to spend their holiday watching a Detective Conan movie at the theatres.

This is not to say the MCU is not popular in Japan (Infinity War is in 2nd place after just the first weekend, after all) Maybe if the MCU hangs around for another decade, which they will, and with Disney Japan helping to aggressively market it, then perhaps Japan might just adopt it as its own "national institution".

Japan loves their long-running franchises. In addition to Detective Conan they've had a Doraemon movie at the beginning of March every year since 1980 (yes, you read that right !) and a Pokemon movie in July every year since 1998.

in other news, homogenous Asian country doesn't like non homogenous superhero movie and instead watches something homogenous

It is No. 1 in Korea.
The ranking in Japan is not bad either.  

It should be noted that Detective Conan is special.
Detective Conan in recent years has recorded an box office income that easily surpasses Hollywood 's Blockbuster movie.

Of course it is only in Japan.

Japan is different because they count how many people saw the film. Not the ticket prices.

Eh, only in Japan though. For example, Marvel is great in China, Korea, India.

Not in every Asian country. Take some of the Southeast Asian countries for example...

Hey Funimation. Remember how you used to license and dub the Detective Conan movies? Could you pretty please start licensing them for streaming again, at least.

My guess is Detective Conan movies are too expensive and not popular enough to be worth it.

There might even be a disconnect in what each side thinks a license for the movie is worth. TMS probably sees it as a hit movie probably with a ton of potential that demands a decent, if not significant, license fee. Funimation would see it as a niche thing they would do on the cheap.

Conan is a money making machine, which is why it won't end anytime soon. Somewhat related, just saw the first movie of Detective Conan, it was pretty good, will be watching the 2nd movie soon.


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