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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"Kingdom of Love"

They are so nice, saving us the time and making a relationship chart for us!

Edit: Better (emptier) image in case someone wants to edit it or something.

Bwaha, even Kakiyasu (glasses lady) is there in the chart with the belligerent dude crossed out as an interest! Didn't notice that.

And it seems the whole base has their eyes on Hitomin..

Thick thighs save lives, and saving lives is very valued in the military. Also, motherliness being so valued by military men is news to me. I would love to be spoiled by Hitomi-san though.

Still, no Joei lady. I guess when you're as young as the supply officer, love is all about youth.

Hisone's "I ♥ OTF" shirt is adorable.

In case someone missed it like me.

This screenshot is bound to come in Handy at some point

I feel like Hisone would be great in Mystery Science Theater 3000. BONES, can we get that OVA? Please? And please bring Akemi in too. I just have faith she'd be great for that. I mean, might as well bring the whole crew, but I don't know how interesting Hoshino could actually be giving commentary.

In this image: Mari Okada's shit-eating grin as she decides how the relationships will play out. Seriously, it seems we can't have some Okada without the rabu. And the forced intermingling and inducement of love reminds me of Kiznaiver. Feelsbad for Okonogi, I hope he really doesn't have to break Hisone's heart. Iiboshi, suddenly I don't like you or your eccentric scheming so much..

Ririko was the star today. I love her tone of voice and her version of the ED. Her being roped in using manga pages was hilarious. That totally would have worked on me, just replace Kingdom with Berserk.

From the PV, it looks like the old lady will feature more next episode? Hype!

P.S.: This show has the best faces.

Note: Asenshi meant "billion" instead of "trillion" in that first scene, so the budget is still big, just not bigger-than-Japan's-entire-yearly-budget big.

Also, does anybody have any idea what that line about doing it close to the bedroom or something in the beginning was about?

Uh, this is nothing more than a guess but the R&D they were talking about is of course Research and Development. Doing that "close to a bedroom" might mean either on base rather than in the field. OR it might mean being close to the hanger where Masotan lives.
I don't know Japanese, so this is all just my spec.

This show is no longer about dragon planes, it's about ships.

Lilikos being bribed by manga chapters was fantastic. Although, she ended up getting duped in the end.

Hisone's face when she said "Okonogi-san, you look deli-gueh!" was incredibly amusing.

This show is insane. And it gets more insane every week. I have no idea how to react to what just happened.

I did a quick edit so you can substitute your own content for Shounen Young Jump. PNG with transparency. There are two layers, one for the image itself and one for the shadow visible on the bottom page. (Edit: The shadow layer gets mushed in with the base layer, because I posted a PNG and not the PSD file, but you get the idea.)

Wow, this episode was hilarious. I burst out laughing after seeing the relationship chart and again at the movie tickets. Also this.


Is Mari Okada a professional shipper? I'm dying!

Kinutsugai has ascendant taste, holy shit! Didn't expect a Kingdom reference!

I never get tired of how Hitomi is a great character (and my favorite). And i'm not the only one

And i don't get tired about the repetition gags either :

This one was quick but cute

The other one, way lewder

Even her dragon name's have some repetition in it !

Baited by manga to spy on her friends. "I know this is suspicious, but I just can't stop." Akemi is truly a gift.

Are they trying to redeem Dickhead Flight Lead, Zaizan or Zaziyasu or whatever? It feels really uncomfortable for Hoshino to have her switch flipped just by being called cool, though relying on others for self-worth is a running theme in this show, it's still gross to watch.

You can't ruin the wholesomeness between Amakasu and Otonogi. They are simply too wholesome for anything to go wrong, as a pair. Whether they become lovers or now, I support them just sticking together. Also, I need to know more about Otonogi's family now. Is he supposed to be a miko but they only had sons? Did their family used to live on OTF Island? So many questions, no answers.

I want to see Hitomi and Akemi visit a cabaret. Ka-ba-ku-ra! Ka-ba-ku-ra! Also, the brutal description of that dude's "thigh" makes for an interesting contrast between her motherliness and latent sadist. Is this gap moe, or something else?

Hisone and Okonogi are pretty cute together. As a fellow geek I can sympathize with being bribed by manga pages.

148 TRILLION yen? That's the cost of, like, 50 stealth bombers! This better be worth it.

The brass's whole "break the hearts of all the D-pilots" scheme seems to have gotten off to a very rocky start. I'm curious if Haruto Okonagi will eventually move against Hisone or not.

Also, I don't know if it's a one-off or I just noticed now, but what's-his-name the smug called Hisone "Amakasu-Kun", which is normally a male-exclusive honorific. Any idea if that's hinting at something or if it's just a funny character quirk?

Drunk Hisone is oddly precious.

What your zombie flic is so lame that the resident airhead uses it as background music for instrospection, you've really borked up. (And judging by the empty-ish theatre, it's a box-office bomb)

Anyways though I'm liking this anime! It actually seems to be doing a good job of addressing the issues that women in the military face, without being too ham-fisted about it, and still maintaining some nice humour!

≫is normally a male-exclusive honorific

It's not exclusive to male characters. It's just not popular among women since character relationships are way too polarizing in the current era. Either they are too close to use chan or not using an honorific at all, or they are too formal and they use san. Kun is a more relaxed honorific that is more common used by superiors speaking to their juniors or subordinates. Like a 3rd grader talking to a 1st grader, or a teacher speaking to any of his/her students

I'm guessing getting the girls to fall in love and break their hearts is just part 1 of the "Ritual" right? Having 148.5 trillion Yen for their budget means there's something more to this ritual than breaking these girls' hearts.

Also whatever this ritual is,it's pretty cruel. You can clearly see Haruto having a huge dilemma over this. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up backing out of the operation the last minute.

The girls were pretty hilarious this episode though. I love drunk Hisone and sukebe Hitomi! Although the one who stole the episode is Ririko and her special ED! I never thought I'd hear Arai Satomi sing in French while using her Hata Ranko voice! XD

Any idea what the first movie is? From the posters the second is one of the many "of the dead" movies and the third one is Gattaca. Looks like a french/italian movie ( at least the tittle )

I read "Les Demoiselles de Boîte à musique" (literally The Young Girls of Music box) and it looks a lot like the poster for "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort".

I guess they're having fun with the french sixties

A kingdom reference ??? And an extremely recent chapter too??? HisoMaso truly is the Anime of the season!

Now I wonder how they managed to actually get an official chapter from only a few months ago in an anime.

Best episode of the series for me. Throughly enjoyable.


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