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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"Who likes to be disliked?"

Did you guys learn the new dance?


So Pop Team Epic really happened, and it was not, in fact, some drug-induced hallucination of mine.

Actually it was all a dream, and these comments are also part of that dream. You're still asleep. Please wake up.

Man, I just love the aesthetic of this show so much. Hisone running through the Torii gates to the cave was gorgeous. Also, its comedic moments don't really feel out of place at all. Hisone licking Masotan constantly, Fake Nao head, and Kinutsugai's rain dance were hysterical.

I think learning why the dragons choose their respective D-Pilots gives more info as to why Forest stopped being a D-Pilot. Especially when you see how happy she is at the airshow. She found what made her whole and she didn't need it anymore. Time to pass the buck onto the next.

Finally, all the different instrumental versions of the OP are really great.

≫why Forest stopped being a D-Pilot. Especially when you see how happy she is at the airshow. She found what made her whole and she didn't need it anymore.

It was… not really her decision. She said Masotan (Oscar) just stopped accepting her one day, and that's why she left. But that's because she found happiness & the ability to love and accept herself.

≫Fake Nao head
The Nao-head and Hisone duo was a riot, I want more of them!

Hisone continues to find new ways to be hilarious, whether it's licking everything in sight, talking to the head of Nao's stuffed doll, or doing the rain dance.
Sounds like the head commander needs 4 dragons in sync with their pilots to complete his objective, the "Festival" or whatever that is.

Speaking to a doll is one way to deal with her habit of thinking out loud, I guess. I'm disappointed that we don't get to see Nao's reaction to that.

God I love Hisone's voice.

When I saw the first episode her voice acting stuck me as so realistic and impressively great. Not many people agree, but it has to be acknowledged. I'm definitely putting that in my video on the series

Is everyone being unaturally kind to Hoshino? Her problems seems so forced, she doesn't want a OTF, she wants to be a normal pilot, but the brass seems to think it's just matter of time. She's totally in the wrong and Hisone shouldn't be so apologetic.

Maybe is a cultural thing? How hard or uncommon are female pilots in Japan? It seems that Hoshino just settled to be a D-pilot, but in a different way, like a career step.

≫How hard or uncommon are female pilots in Japan?

Japan didn't allow fighter pilots in the JASDF until late 2015. Commercial aviation is a bit different, but the first ever female pilot-in-command had her first flight in 2010.

The OTF's decision is unquestionable.

Sure, but it's still a major inconvenience for everyone involved. That goes for the whole OTF project, but Hoshino is making Hisone seem like a minor problem by comparison.

Considering how the pilots from Hisone's base think, and assuming those from Hoshino's home base are the same, they probably appreciate that her OTF always stays in Foxtrot mode and that she exclusively focuses on piloting.

Which is bad for the OTF project, but from what I understood, it only created operational problems after they started the joint training.

Well, that may have appeared to be the case until now, but it's obviously become a huge problem. For all of her flaws Hisone treats her OTF well, which means that it won't get stressed or do anything she doesn't want it to do. Hoshino may have appeared to be easier to work with, but the fact that the OTF transforms in broad daylight because she's conpletely refused to accept the entirety of her job shattered that illusion.

Hisone is a case of constant stumbling, which is annoying to everyone working with her, but Hoshino jeopardized the whole damn project and safety of the OTF's. The pilots might not care much for the project but they probably realizr how big of a deal it is that everything stays hidden.


Man, when Hisone was talking to the other OTF gang at the end, it reminded me a lot about the group projects I've been through as a university student.

But good episode nonetherless.

I was thinking "damn Hoshino" as she got fanserviced
But then the fanservice was just a ploy to make a pun!

Hisone with her creepy doll-head Nao was the highlight.

And she did such a great Nao impression too!

OMG that raindance by Ririko partnered with Arai Satomi's odd chanting noises was absolutely hilarious XD

I like that the other three have already started bonding with each other. I am curious what it will take for Hoshino \ to start to warming up to her OTF though. At the end of this episode there was clearly no change in her even after that training incident.

I'm constantly surprised by just how good the dialogue is with this show. Hisone's dryly comedic tone gives us some wonderful lines, that give off a quirky, sarcastic vibe while still feeling like a natural thought that might occur to her. Mari Okada deserves a lot of credit for this show.

I want either one of masotan or hisone to lick me...

On a serious note, I loved the voice over in this episode...hisone's VA is doing a fantastic job esp. with those licking noises. I recommend this anime to anyone how loved How to Train Your Dragon (I love toothless)

I started thinking about this last episode but this episode reinforce the idea that the girls are shrine maidens (miko?) to the dragons and island is their (dragons) shrine/home of some sort...

I haven't a clue about the dragon's losing their memories not remembering each other...

Seeing how well Hisone can move her hips in the ED I wouldn't mind if she licked me at all...

I don't think that the dragons lose their memories but maybe it's just been a long time that they haven't been together and therefore don't quite remember each other.

This show is so good!! This episode had me roaring with laughter pretty much from beginning to end.

Being a D-Pilot is pretty damn sad. You'll only get to become one if you're feeling pretty empty inside, lack any self-worth, lack purpose, or have some mental or emotional hangups. And I thought piloting a dragon would be cool but it's not. At least there's Amakasu who loves her dragon even to lick it despite how filthy they are. That and her carrying the severed head of the Nao doll. She's at the top for my Best Girl of the Season.


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