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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 4 everone's impressions

 Episode 4
"Those guys have come over to Gifu"


I was not expecting to immediately like all the new characters. This episode was fantastic. Its a shame there aren't any official English streams of this show. It needs more attention.
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This could have been one of the most watched anime right now if only netflix knew how the anime community works , a show gains most of its popularity when it airs , after the season ends everyone will be looking for new anime not some 'old' obscure anime from last season

I'll never get tired of these dorks dancing.

Hisone being Top tier savage

This is straight up murder. xd

I'm starting to get hyped by the brass crescendo toward the end of the OP!

Best episode yet. I love the new dragon designs and the way they transformed. And the new characters all great too! What's the one thing they have in common? They are all misfits - just like the dragons themselves!

Casual workplace misogyny mini-plotline continues. As someone pointed out in one of the previous threads, female jet pilots have only recently been allowed in Japan - naturally they have a lot of bias and workplace discrimination to overcome. Tashkani, tashkani. I can empathise with Hoshino's drive in that sense - but she also loses sight of other things that are just as important. Well, the four together should find some kind of balance - Morris is just the best, by the way! The way she got triggered every time Hoshino failed to acknowledge dragons as intelligent beings with their own feelings.. damn. Futomomo's a lucky dragon.

Well, I say the four should find balance.. but I really, really want Nao to be a part of the team too. A fifth surprise dragon might be too much to hope for.. maybe she should try to become a normal jet pilot? As wrong as Sexy Jaguar sounds for her, I'd love it if she earns a TAC name byt the end of the show.

The best part though - the voice acting! The actors are really nailing their characters' tones and elevating the script - the comic moments especially. Naruhodo, naruhodo! (This gag got me every time)

Yoooo what in the world...

This episode was fucking awesome (oh hey they changed the VA for the ending!). Hisone and Nao with the "sexy jaguar" sketch was an absolute gold mine of laughters. But man I didn't expect the rest of the cast to be this much fun so soon!

Penguin wanting to prove her worth to be the first female fighter pilot but doesn't even care for her dragon is going to be a fun plot point to cover. And then Morris who is clearly trying her best to not murder Penguin over her view towards the dragons. Oh and of course we can't forget about Jimmy whose VA's voice can be recognized from a mile away and whose stoic frankness is quite the nice contrast to Hisone's energetic frankness.

And even with all of this, they managed to throw in some big time plot stuff with the government figuring out the commonality among all the D-Pilots?

God damn this show isn't just under watched, it's a pretty strong candidate for my AoTS. At the very least it's definitely one of my favorites of the season.

This episode got me wondering exactly why the JASDF keeping the OTFs. It can't be for combat as they don't look like they're capable of it. Or is it just to keep them hidden from the world while co-existing together? I guess my question is: what purpose will the dragons serve in the show?

≫Or is it just to keep them hidden from the world while co-existing together?

Yeah, this is my interpretation. The general populace doesn't (and for some reason can't/shouldn't) know they exist – this is their way of disguising them while letting them fly and stuff, I guess.

Things suddenly got creepy with the male pilot, it seems the show really will show the struggles of the new female pilots in a male dominant job.
And the Vice-minister.... i dont know why but he gives me villain vibes even from just the opening.

Yeah that dude is starting to get seriously creepy. It's not even funny anymore just disturbing.

≫Things suddenly got creepy with the male pilot
Dude is seriously trying go the whole mind break route to get laid. Seriously disturbing. Especially if you think what he might have done to other girls in the past already.

Another great episode. Hisone's blunt way of speaking her mind never ceases to make me laugh and those hand drawn transformations of the dragons were sweet. It'll be interesting to see how the pilots handle their dragons eventually being used for real battle.

eventually being used for real battle.
I don't think this is confirmed…? It's not like it's set in the context of an ongoing war or anything.

Nothing's confirmed, but just from a storytelling perspective I think there needs to be a threat of that at least near the end of the show. As they connect more with their dragons and each other they may object to them being used as weapons.

dam this show is good

More awesome characters! Hata's voice! More dragons! Drama!

Really cool episode. Sexual harassment dude is starting to seriously get on my nerves though. I want someone to punch him. Sexist superior officer is not as bad but I don't like him either. Why isn't anyone in the show getting angry at those people?

Well, you saw what happened when Hisone complained about harrassment last episode - it got laughed off. It's systemic, and just showing anger inside the workplace won't work. I'm guessing the show will work on 'breaking the spirit' of the sexist guys instead - with the women just showing them with their work that the guys and their biases don't mean shit to them; essentially Penguin's attitude but with less tunnel vision.

Is that Arai Satomi as Jimmy/Ririko? I recognize Hata Ranko's voice anywhere!

Morris/Mayumi is definitely not the kind of person you shouldn't mess with. She was definitely trying her best not to strangle Hoshino.

And Penguin/Hoshino herself while the one who's very serious and professional is also the one having the most problems with her OTF. It's going to be interesting to see how her attitude towards her OTF will change over time.

Overall though these girls are all great addition to the cast! Excited to see how things will turn out next week!

That part at the end about white lovers, I suppose it means that the dragons pick pilots on criteria of being a virgin? I guess it is a thing dragons do in the legends.

Wow, didn't realize one of the pilots would be Arai Satomi. The show just got even better. I'm pretty sure Jimmy was specifically written with her perfomance as Hata in mind, they even have the same "dodododo" and "peeking around the corner" visuals.

Wait is her dragon seriously wearing an eye-patch?

New pilots introduction scene was amazing, the way each of them ejected from OTF instanty tells what kinds of personalities and relationships with dragons they have.

This episode got some hearty chuckles out of me. The new girls are all wack. So they fit right in.
New variant of the ED is...something.
Stranded on an island episode from the preview?

Yeah! Battle Royale vibes.
(The next episode teaser description + a few screenshots are on the official website, btw.)

Besto is a tossup between Morris and Jimmy. I mean, best human anyway. I like the dark fluff Morris has going on, with how she seemed easygoing but will at least contemplate a good ol' shit beating if you shit talk them OTFs. Jimmy's relatability and "I'm gonna kill myself if I don't go shit now" were also very appealing though.

Can someone please throw Callsign Sexual Harassment off a bridge please though? Or basically any elevation of at least 10 meters. Skullfuck that dude.

I feel like we're about to get some political bullshit in our How to Train Your Dragon in the JSDF with that talk about the thing being right before a ministry or something or some such. Does this mean a new conflict is being introduced next episode and we're doubling down on Hoshino being junk toward F-2, or we have a method to resolve Hoshino through the political business? I can't imagine someone was stiff as Hoshino flipping how she acts one episode after her introduction though, so I'm just gonna hope I'm reading too much into all of this.

Ah, my weekly dose of personal AoTS. Full of soul as usual.
Loving the new characters, little changes and world building.

That went from yay more dragons, to holy shit, this is going to dark places. A lot more depth to the other pilots than I was expecting, that moment when Morris started to get angry and her normal happy voice turned into a growl, really sold that scene.

Was anyone else reminded of Evangelion when F-2 transformed?

Also first episode when Hisone didn't want to be a pilot reminded me of Shinji. I just found out that one of directors was involved in Eva so that is probably a reason for similarity.

More people should watch this. I love the cast and Sexy Jaguar needs to join in the action soon :(

The cookie in a wrapper at the end, those things are deliciousssss

YES! I almost couldn't believe it since I was just talking about these last week. My friend lives in the city in Japan where they're made and is going to bring a bunch when she comes to visit me this summer!

I think this was my favorite episode so far. The new characters are good, especially Hoshino whose fiery attitude is a nice contrast to Hisone's bumbling. Also nice that kept away from the random butt shots this episode.

This episode may have been the best one yet. F-2A has my favourite dragon design, so far.

Also, not many people seem to be watching this anime, and it's surprising. Every character is likeable, there hasn't been a mediocre episode, it has a unique concept and the OST is great. This show has done no wrong.

This one of the best series this season, so low key, feel like i've found a secret treasure stash.
Boy trying to piss off the Penguin enough to get in her pants lmao

So basically she had dreams of becoming the first official female fighter pilot but instead somehow got chosen as a dragon pilot and now is having a not so internal melt down from losing her dream.

The guy at the end I assume is a politician either looking to shutdown the dragon program or exploit them for personal gain. I'm not all that sure of the advantages of the dragons as they haven't been shown all that above regular fighter jets in the way they are handled and abilities.

That was a very good episode, and an impressive amount of information for 22~ minutes. The new members of the cast definitely exceeded any expectations I had of them. We really got a small glimpse of each little angle of their personalities and how they interact with each other.

It's funny, looking at things being so fluffy and rounded you sort of have an expectation that things are going to be pretty flippant and nuance is going to get tossed out the window but this show is doing pretty good.

What an absolutely amazing episode!

And I guess we are getting a main storyline after that final scene? I wonder what can they do in a military themed anime that's taking place in a fantasy version of 2010s Japan, and not in a country that has no connection to Japan. Like, can they criticize the Japanease military in any sort of way or just have a storyline that's not the most flattering?

I mean, it's hard to not get political in a military themed TV show if they intruduce a bad guy.

Can someone explain the reasoning behind the Jimmy TAC name?
I don't understand it in either English or Japanese.

jimi means "plain" in Japanese. she explained it herself, as a person, she's plain. so that's what they call her.

Man the music was on point this episode, from the part where they're drinking to the track at the very end it was all incredible. Another great show this week.

This show continues to show how to write flawed but likable and compelling characters. Hell, I'd say I like the characters because of their flaws. I initially thought maybe Eru would take the lead for Best Girl, but nah, it's still Hisone.

I'm enjoying this show more and more with each passing episode. I wasn't sure about it at firs but it's comedic charm finally got ahold of me.


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