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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 8 everypne's impressions

Episode 8
"And It's The Same Old Hina"

Ikaruga Kei: How is she living right now?

Anzu: A guy named Nitta took her in. They live together. They've decided that she's his daughter.


Anzu: She said Nitta swung her around and broke her leg when she hit a Wall.


Damn the writer in this story is hilarious. The Manga is so under the radar no one knew how amazing it was until the anime came out. Also everyone's shocked expression always feature their tongue sticking up and out.

The manga's great. The anime's great. I'm just really happy about it in general. It'd been my favorite manga since I first read it but I never thought it would get an anime.

Nitta : ...WELL SHIT

Sensei... that's not good for my heart!

For a moment there I thought this would be the plot to take us back to the WATASHI NO SMARTPHONE GA! scene in Episode 1

These last few episodes have been so wholesome that I forgot about that amazing beginning scene in episode one... wonder if it will play a role in these upcoming episodes.

With the title of the episode being "And It's the Same Old Hina" I was convinced we would go back to that scene in the future and see grown up Hina, now I am kinda disappointed...

I just rewatched that beginning scene and man, old Hina is just something else.

Sensei, I don't want you to be my mommy, I want you to be my waifu.

+1 to the number of cake senseis in anime who are mysteriously still unmarried despite being best girls.

Well, we don't get any further information on if any of the teachers are married actually. I don't think.

Anyway, this sensei is a MILF. That is all we can be sure of.

Utako isn't next to Nitta in the OP, feelsbadman

And Hina isn't next to Nitta in the ED. feelsbadderman

Wasn't utako missing from the ED too? wonder what that could mean?

Probably from last week's episode, where she wasn't needed in the bar or could be something else.

Who is this in the OP?

It looks like Hina but she is smoking... No idea.

Accidentally saying "Mommy/Mom" in class is too relateable, holy shit. That's one of the many embarassing things I and many others too probably did as a kid in class.

How often in life do you get angry at balls?

just brilliant, the dialogue in this show sometimes.

The security chief being afraid of hina is hilarious too, she is sent in like a terminator and then scared liek a cat.

≫Accidentally saying "Mommy/Mom" in class is too relateable, holy shit. That's one of the many embarassing things I and many others too probably did as a kid in class.

Oh I'd call that teacher mommy any day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) especially after that kind of answer.

that moment made me feel things I’m not comfortable confronting

Milf teacher is best girl of the season.

I want to give Mami a hug after that class segment.

That demonstration of powers was so cringy, I wanted to give her a heads up but Mami was not a magic girl in this show after all.

I was like "no, no ,no ,no, don't keep going... jesus!" That was hard to watch, but funny in the end.

I had to skip the Mami demonstration.
Paused when it started, took a 30 minute breather to prepare myself, but couldn't for the life of me watch.

God bless this anime, it's too perfect

"Are you evolving?"

It's been a while since I felt this embarrassment watching an anime. I had to pause it and take a deep breath before watching the scene xD.

It was hilarious in the manga, but the anime just made me feel bad for her.

I don't know why since the scenes were almost exactly the same.

Mami made a grave mistake if she thought Hina of all people would make for a great master.
Also, how soul crushing for Hina that she was so scared to tell Nitta about leaving, only to find him celebrating his independence again? Girl cannot catch a break

you spin me right round

This would be the loading icon for a Hinamatsuri video game.

Damn, for the first time I'm actually glad somebody doesn't give a shit about Anzu.

lol poor Hitomi

8 episodes in and people are still complaining about source material adaptation choices

I love the manga too but I'm not going to be picky every time they skip something. The adaptation has been great so far in making the characters likeable and the skits funny, so I can't ask for any more than that.

Manga fan first here.

This adaptation is great! It has all the essential elements of the manga, and let's be honest the manga is pretty long and wordy. It's not suprising or unexpected that they trimmed some stuff.

So what does his mean for anime viewers? Go pick up the manga! It's worth the read and you'll enjoy it MORE after watching the anime, you'll get more awesome wholesome scenes and more telekenetic scenes. Also, you'll be supporting the series more which means we can get MORE ANIME EPISODES because there is no way they're getting through the available material. Hell there's ample room for fun OVAs mixed in between the current episodes.

TL;DR Enjoy both!


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