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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"Anzu Is a Greeter Now"

Utako was missing from the bar scene in the credits... guess it really can operate without her. ;-;
lol, I didn't pay attention to the ED until you pointed this out.
This ED gives me hope they’ll still adapt the Yakuza chapters.
Seeing Anzu adapting to her new lifestyle was great, she’s still used to what Shige and Yassan taught her. Nitta thinking Anzu was insulting him was hilarious.
I love Hina’s voice; it’s perfect for her character. If I could, I would definitely vote for her as school council president. Also, Hina not knowing what a mother was surprising. She was so close to having one, but Utako said no to Nitta. I feel bad for Hina, no mother and a broken leg, poor girl.
I love deadpan quips like that. Reminds me a bit of how Kazuma in Konosuba is always quipping in the background for example
God, just rewatched Konosuba. His background quips are my favorite parts of the show.
It makes it even sweeter knowing that majority of them are improvised.
Holy shit really? That's AWESOME!!!
My favorite time of the week, Anzumatsuri!
Pretty sure you mean Hitomimatsuri.
at her intro i didn't really like her much but she very quickly became best girl
GanGsteR CRipPLIng MiDdlE ScHooL GiRL
But damn the timing on that hit followed by an aita that only hina could make was truly comedy gold.
I don't know how they keep doing it, every episode has been gold so far.
They have amazing source material to work with. That's just one part tho, cause Feel is absolutely bringing it too.
It's only a shame they aren't animating any of the Yakuza chapters. I mean, I can understand why they wouldn't want to, but so much character development for Niita (and Hina to some extent) is gone because of it.
Even though I feel a little bad about Hina not having a mother, her "not amused" face at the end is just perfect. I think she'll be okay.
≫not amused face
She deserves more credit than she gets.
Hina: I'm Nitta Hina from Class 1-3. If I become Student Council President-
Teacher: Wait, Nitta-san, first years can only be secretary or treasurer.
Teacher: Is that legal?
Hina: I will make it legal.
I Will use my powers as student council president to make it legal for me to become student council president!
I lol when I saw Hina's speech. A lot of the speech was written down in Hiragana for her so she could read it. At her age she should be able to read those in kanji like some of these are 1st grade level - they had to dumb down class president for example. For comparison, Anzu had no problem reading the menu.
I caught that too, thanks for highlighting them.
Also, the text is massive and spaced out both so that the viewer can read it and so that Hina (in her infinite intelligence) doesn't get lost in it.
Hitomi has become so capable (to the point of becoming Hina's stand-in at the Student Council), that for the first time, Utako starts to realize she herself has become surplus to her own bar's requirements. lol
In fact, Utako has become so useless, that the show has erased her from the ED completely. XD
That’s what she gets for doing my man Nitta dirty like that.
That part where the Yakuza boss hired the lawyer was pure gold.
I assume he’s on retainer and he wasn’t doing anything at the time.
Anzu is simply the best as always :D Even had her sign from her old home hung up on her new room.
I did feel a bit bad for Hina at the very end there though it does feel like karma is catching up. Next episode should cover one of my favorite parts so can't wait!
Tissues, Tissues. Anzu-chan really is a gift to this world. Hina-chan however...
At least she has amazing backing with Nitta and the Yakuza.
And here is The AITA! counter for Hinamatsuri! This time updated for episode 7.

Episode AITA!
Episode 1 41
Episode 2 35
Episode 3 3
Episode 4 1
Episode 5 1
Episode 6 3
Episode 7 1
Total 85
Average 12.14
No, I haven't watched the opening scene of Hinamatsuri a dozen time to quench my thirst of AITA! I don't know what you are talking about.
At least we are getting 1 AITA! per episode.

If I missed another one, please tell me, since I don't really have the time to rewatch the episode right now.

Keep in mind that I probably missed a few of them across the series, since there are time where multiple AITA are said simultaneously, or some are not audible enough.
I know there's at least one or two from the TV show Hina was watching, and then the big one when she breaks her ankle.
The TV scene dialog was subtitled “Ouch! Ouch!”, but the corresponding dialog didn’t sound at all like “aita“.
Should they count?
The very last one in that TV dialog definitely sounds like AITA to me, but yeah the other ones don't really sound like it.
what exactly is an Aita?
"Itai!" or "Ita!" simply means "Ow" or "Ouch" in Japanese.

The "a" prefix in "Aitai!" or "Aita!" is simply an exaclamation onomatopoeia to emphasize that the speaker is genuinely in pain.

Though the characters in this show says it in a very deadpan tone, making it absurdly funny.
Didn't Hina and Anzu have telekinesis? Do they use it in the manga more than that one time in the first anime episode?
Hina used it this episode when the teacher was scolding her.
Anzu's a very earnest girl, so I think she just doesn't use her power because she doesn't want an unfair advantage she didn't earn. Shige and Yassan and everybody else gets along just fine without it, so she will, too.

As for Hina, well, honestly, I figure using it just doesn't occur to her most of the time.
Unpopular opinion but I want more Hina. Her sections consistently make me laugh my ass off. More Hitomi would be fine as well. But more Hina pliss.
Anzu being a precious child as always. Here I thought there will be no more feels but those little jabs of her saying she's used to big clothes and bathing in cold water pinched my heart! Well at least her part of episode is more funny than feels now though!

Hina's speech had me actually clutching my sides! I love how everyone is amazed that she's actually making sense for once! As usual though, Hitomi ended up cleaning up after Hina's mess and now she's the new secretary XD

And that last part though! It was surprisingly touching! Does Hina not have an actual mother? Also it looks like Utako is really interested in Nitta but she turned him down for the sake of Hina. Is this really the end of that ship? T_T

Anzu is an angel and deserves everything!!!

This show is my happy place


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