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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Nitta-san Has a Dandy Dad"

When you're so wholesome the ED changes. Goddamn why is there so many feels in my tsukomi anime. it's like Gintama and mob psycho gave birth to KY cinnamon rolls.

≫Goddamn why is there so many feels in my tsukomi anime

Because the author is excellent. It's like Sorachi with Gintama. Gintama is an anime that I just watch to have a good time, but then there are just moment where the Drama just hit me in the gut and wreck me.
I love that.

It's amazing how this obscure Manga is so frigging great as an anime.

Read the manga!
There's a lot of content the anime has skipped and it's all just as funny and heart-warming.

Yes, the manga is great too! The paneling is very effective and the pacing gives a lot of weight to the gags.

I love it when an anime like this balances the comedy and the feels perfectly. SKET Dance is another great example

I feel like SKET Dance was too limited by the high school setting.
The beauty of Gintama and Hinamatsuri is that it allows a lot more variety in stories because they don't have to restrict it to high school students.

It's here! Another episode of Anzumatsuri!

The sheer range of emotions this anime hits. It's easily AOTS but more so than that, I reckon it's one of the best anime I've ever seen.

I totally agree. This episode made me ugly cry so hard. I'm a manga reader too so I know everything that happens, but this hits so much harder than the manga.

The only real complain I have as a manga reader is that they removed a tone of chapters involving Yakuza. I mean, I love Anzu and Hitomi's chapter, but come on, this is detrimental to the balance of the story as it severely undermines the development of Nitta and Hina to a lesser extant...

This show had NO right to make me laugh so hard during the first half only to make me very emotional during the second half, and yet they did it anyways.
God this show is just too good

Love how Nitta reduces his family to tears with a fiction, then Studio Feel does the same to us.

1st half "Oh nice, a new episode. I need a good laugh right now. ahhaha hina is a loveable idiot."
2nd half: "Fuck Im crying. Fuck. It says comedy right there... fuck".

amazing episode, anzu and even the homeless were made into a fleshed out characters that feel realistic in the previous episodes so this hits hard. I almost forgot she was a psychic too.

It kinda reminds me of hasegawa’s episodes in gintama

But Anzu isn't a madao. She's a precious cinnamon roll, a living treasure, who should be protected.

10 minutes of xD
Then 10 minutes of :'(

As much as I hated seeing the homeless leaving Anzu behind, it was for the best. Such a good and hardworking kid deserves so much better than a life being a homeless.

Omg Hina just repeated her introduction for every question. 
She was trying so hard the lovable idiot.

And to think it actually would've fooled them had Nitta used salmon roe in his story instead.

Why is my comedy anime making me cry?

Damn, how are all of Anzu's stories so amazing???
This is 100% my favorite anime of the season but I'd love to see an anime that was just about Anzu.

≫Damn, how are all of Anzu's stories so amazing???
Not surprising actually, she is best daughter after all.

On this day, manly tears were shed. But mind you, those were proud tears. Proud because, the way Anzu-chan has grown, from robbing shops and using her powers to do all sorts of bad things, to now wanting to earn her living through hard means, even if she was given an easy way out, is just marvellous and heartwarming to watch. Only Hinamatsuri can pull off this perfect combo of bone splitting comedy and heart breaking sadness. Just amazing.

First I'm sorry, since I missed last week, by the time I was able to watch the episode, it was already too late.
But here it is again :
The AITA! counter for Hinamatsuri! This time updated for episode 6.

Episode 141
Episode 235
Episode 33
Episode 41
Episode 51
Episode 63

I will be honest, I'm starting to lose faith in the AITA god. The series is already half over, and most the AITA were done in the first two episodes. Well, I know there will be an episode where we will have a few, since we need to reach the timeskip scene in the first episode after all.

Keep in mind that I probably missed a few of them across the series, since there are time where multiple AITA are said simultaneously, or some are not audible enough.

Actually, there were at least 3 AITA! this episode:
  • The first one was at the beginning.
  • The second one was when Nitta's sister hits Hina's head as punishment for burning the ants. It's hard to hear it because Nitta's sister screams "bakayaro!" very loudly.
  • And the third one was when the Nitta family is toasting to their new family member.
Keep up the good work!

As each episode goes by, Anzu is slowly taking Hitomi's place as best girl. Also, Anzu crying was quite emotional. Another amazing episode.


Anzu vs Hitomi the most difficult choice, and for Hina she is certain to win best mascot award !

Hitomi is best girl, but Anzu is best daughter.

Hitomi surpasses gender, or even just being a character. She's a legend.

Such a dramatic shift from Nitta's balancing act to Anzu's new home. Laughs and feels everywhere. Will like to see how Anzu continues to grow next episode since she will have actual employment it seems.

WTF This last half hit me harder than most Sad Animes, this is one of the Best Animes I've ever seen.

Hinamatsuri might look like a story about psychic girl hijinks on the surface but at its core, it's a story about family.

Man, this was a good episode. I love how Hinamatsuri constantly tackles real-life issues with great comedy. I was hoping the homeless people could have stayed but it was not meant to be. It was tough seeing all of them leave.

Maybe I'll help out a homeless person on the streets tomorrow.

Holy shit, Anzu's smile melted my heart.


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