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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"Three Heads Are Better Than One"

Hey, what is this?
Same, Hina. Same.

The VA of Hina is just so good with the deadpan

Her confusion while everyone started clapping had me in tears.

I had the same confusion. Why were they clapping?

First it could be that Hitomi was saying the last line like a idol aka loud and high pitched and they where celebrating the success. Secondly it could be absurd humor. I will say I laughed at Hina goint what going on in that scene.

Probably just a gag. Made the whole moment that much more surreal and they had Hina acting as the straight man.

It's the Rule of Funny

Nani kore?

Ne, nani kore?

My favorite part of this whole episode is that Hina knew the truth the whole time. She was there when Hitomi started bartending. She's the reason Hitomi started bartending! If they had just explained what they were doing to Hina, she could have told them what was going on as soon as she showed up in the stairwell. She had the answer the whole time, but no one ever told her the question!

Do you think she would of put 2 and 2 together tho? No offense to Hina but she doesn't seem the sharpest bulb in the toolbox


God, Hitomi's reactions in this episode stole the show.

Does this look like the face of someone who's lying?

Being Hitomi is literal suffering

Hitomi might become a masochist one of these days

Her faces. And the little noises she made. Omg.

I blame Nitta, he really needs to teach Hina a bit about money.

I agree but at the same time I don't think Hina can be taught anything.

It’s officially no longer a rumor...
Hinamatsuri is just the best
And no one will convince me otherwise

I agree, best show this season

Hitomi's face at the bar was fucking gold.

It looked like a reaction face straight from Attack on Titan XD

That is exactly what I thought it looked like.

"Are you picking a fight with me?"

You could tell he's said the line before, but never as genuine.

Man, I really don't know what my anime of the season is. I really enjoy Megalo but I just love this series so much.

Megalo best straight action Hinamatsuri best straight comedy and golden kamuy best combination of the two.

I was turned off from Kamuy by the awful cgi in the first episode, does it get any better after that?

much better. It's backed by insanely strong source material.

Never thought I'd see an episode where Hina is the most normal character

Hitomi is best daughter. fight me

But she's already best bartender...

I don't know what you're talking about. Hitomi isn't a bartender.
You might be thinking about the bartender girl with bangs, she looks a lot like her but isn't Hitomi at all

They mistook her for Mishima, didn't they?


Hina just tagging along as a mascot , being ignored is a hilarious running gag.

Also: just how rich is Nitta, like wtf? Casually handing out enough money to buy a TV lel

EDIT: I guess I should clarify: I get that Nitta is rich. I am commenting on it being ridiculous how little Nitta cares about money. He seems like a very normal guy in the anime, not stuck up and stuff despite being filthy rich and a yakuza 'official'. The question is a rhetorical question :)

He is part of the yakuza, and is a very high-ranking official at that. The source of his income can also be traced back to Hina's abilities gaining him and his clan influence.

I believe it's also mentioned even before Hina showing up that his side of the business is doing very well. In fact he was toasting himself on his success when Hina landed on his head on the first episode.

Considering his hobby is collecting expensive vases without issue, very rich.

yea but I still find it funny. I mean Hina literally destroyed the apartmen before, Nitta barely bats an eye and is only angry about the vases. It's absurd and I like it

Well, the vases were probably the most expensive things in his apartment.

Funniest episode yet. But I’m wondering are they gonna skip all the Yakuza stuff?

Next episode is titled Nita’s Dandy Dad, so I’m really hoping that it’s yakuza based, can’t be his actual father

They're having to skip the more realistic portrayals of Yakuza stuff due to censorship, I heard, but we'll definitely get some of the more exaggerated/over-the-top stuff.

The humor in the Hitomi case was perfect. I fucking died when Aizawa turned around and then followed the guys down the staircase.

argh, I think this show is really funny, well made, and tells a great story, but because I spend half the time feeling awful for Anzu I find it really hard to enjoy.

At least Hitomi's bits are so absurd that I can just cut loose and have a good laugh.

Aizawa trying to walk the other way and realizing she has to turn around was comedy gold.

Hitomi's VA is doing an amazing job. I just now realized that she also voices Kanami from Toji no Miko. The first time I checked out her VA was when she was voicing Aoba from Keijo and then I got surprised when she voiced Kon from Urara and I couldn't tell it was the same VA.

Oh my God, my sides are in orbit. There was so much comedy gold in this episode from start to finish, from Hina's cluelessness to Hitomi and her classmates' antics in the second half. Absolutely amazing.


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