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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8

Of course the cheater likes Seed Destiny

Man seed is garbage.

Hey man, I respect you. It takes balls to be so blatantly wrong in public.

Hey man I understand if you like one of the worst Gundam series in the franchise. It's cool man I have guilty pleasure anime too.

Where do you think you're going?

Well, that was the obligatory Beargguy episode. Could have been a lot worse, but they do keep bringing these out way too often. We get it they're cute. That being said, an event based around them is a pretty good idea. Better than the Battlogue episode at least.

There were also a couple of nice references, like the Apsalus coaster and the white base castle (Is that a white castle?) and the fact that Cucuruz Doan's Island is incorporated into the event is pretty funny. Poor Tomino just can't get rid of it.

But on the other hand the part with Ayame annoyed me. Of course every female player secretly loves the Beargguys, because they're cute and they have to. There's also finally a hint to her past but it doesn't really go anywhere quite yet. Out of all the people in Riku's force she feels the most forced in anyway.

Now the last third of the episode was actually just bad imo, for several reasons. We're supposed to care about the girl using the break decal, but we get basically no time or explanation to do so. Besides that she's going all-out during a pointless event, rather than an actual ranked battle, which is a pretty stupid time to start cheating. Speaking of which, how exactly does anyone get away with it? Break decals are super obvious, and we've seen that all the fights get recorded at pretty much every time. This is simple banhammer stuff for any GBN admin. Not to mention that it's glitching the game out, which will just draw more attention.

The other reason I have a problem with it is Riku's explanation. Now to be clear, most clans in games are casual and easygoing, even if you suck nobody will do more than joke about it. But if your clan actually cares about the force ranking, of course you have to perform well. Is Riku actually going to aim for a high spot or for casual play? Because if it's the former I really wonder if any of the people currently om his team will turn out to be somewhat lacking in talent or skill. Probably not, because that would defeat his message here. But it's not like he hand-picked this team, he just got some friends/acquaintances together. I'm sure this won't even come up again and they all turn out to be capable if doing their part.

Overall not bad but kind of a waste of an episode. At least we got the obligatory Beargguys out of the way.

Next episode: fat oni has learned nothing from watching cheaters get rekt, starts cheating himself.

That last third was actually pretty cringey imo for all those reasons loool

・The smug is way too stronk in that pre-intro scene.

・Beargguy head, gao, gao~

・Patrick Colasaur wearing a Beargguy head riding a teacup ride is good civilization.

・Pronoucing the "ny" of "Gundam SEED Destiny" the same way as FREAKIN "NICO NICO NII" ON THE OTHER HAND

・Ah, Archangels? All-Girl Force? Seems legit, except for the lack of CE cosplay.

・Mushaguy? Ehhhhhhh. I prefer my bears with eyebrows.


Now, see, I'm not feeling it this episode.

I'm not sure if it's because of the Beargguy being overexposed or because the Break Decal opponent this episode was a lot less impressive than the previous two. It's hard to root for the protags to beat her when their opponent is a young girl whose crying you can hear over the in-game intercom.

And the foreshadowing for Ayame's role and association with that shady cloaked guy from previous episodes might be laying it on a bit thick.

Maybe next episode will be a return to form?

I just came here to laugh at the comments. Episode was kinda meh, but it made me chuckle. Needs more development from Ripple.EXE, I mean Ayame.

Patrick got slapped by Kati, you can see her outside of the teacup game. It's the race to win her heart all over again.

Stea's motivations were really weak, but I'll be damned if I didn't laugh when Riku did his power of friendship speech with that huge Bearguy head!

First Alec and now Ayame can't hide their secret affinity for cute things.

Beargguys aside, I didn't particularly like the opponent this episode. I guess she's there to show that even a normal player can succumb to using a Break Decal? Her motivation sort of reminded me of people paying for boosting on League so they can impress their friends, so it's not all that bad, but the fight itself was very... unassuming.


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