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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"Force Battle"

Did Magee get butt implants? LMAO
It feels like he's wearing nothing at all!
extra thicc.
well, more like SOLID.
the highlight of GBN!
Rommel is both classy and kawaii.
Man they are not hiding their resentment over the suit licensing from IBO. Not just the looks, but the scissors too.
Overall not a bad episode. The battle started out fine, and using the covering fire to distort their numbers was nice. But letting it all end in 1v1s was a bit of a letdown, they didn't need to each get a kill to be useful. I hope it won't be a sign for the ways future force battles will go, because the whole appeal of a team battle is that you have different suits with different roles.
Rommel was great though. Didn't lift a finger and he's the best character in the show. He brought chair and refreshments just because why the fuck not. I'm also convinced he only plays as a ...weasel (right?) because he knows girls are into cute animals.
Not a huge fan of having an SD mixed into the team battles. Just a personal preference, but it seems silly. If you want to go for weird stuff the Momokapool is a lot more interesting than just a smaller suit that can't really move it's limbs individually, because that just means it has to win in more limited ways.
The GM III beam master and the 00 Diver Ace are a tad boring. One just has a larger gun, and the other a speedboosting backpack. Kind of standard fare so far, definitely compared to the not-Gusion and the Momokapool.
Didn't spot the immortal one this episode, and I'm slightly ashamed to admit it.
" their resentment over the suit licensing from IBO."
Can you humor me ? I can't seem to understand what you're saying by that.
We don't know for sure, because Bandai/Sunrise don't generally talk about these things.
What we do know is that there's apparently a rule that they make with the TV broadcasting, that they won't show suits (I imagine characters too) from one show, in another show for 5 years. This means that Gundam Build Fighters couldn't feature suits from Gundam AGE for example, which aired two years prior. It's suspected to be the reason GBF didn't have any suits from 00 S2, which just fell within that 5-year range.
In the same vein, Gundam IBO is a relatively new series, and as such it's possible Sunrise is forbidden to use any actual suits from the show. This could be the reason they made the galbaldu Rebake. However, a suit from 2014's g-reco did appear in the prologue. Maybe a different broadcaster or contract, or maybe they chose not to use IBO suits intentionally.
There's no way to be sure, other than to keep watching what shows up, and maybe get lucky with insider information. But it does seem like IBO suits are off-limits so far.
Unless its super gimmicky like the winning gundam, I really didn't think anyone using a SD gundam (other than to establish ayame character as a badass girl who likes cute things)
Well the 00 diver were his first custom gunpla so I didn't expect him to go full custom like the kamiki burning although I hope he got the gbf-esque clear part makeover later on
≫I'm also convinced he only plays as a ...weasel (right?) because he knows girls are into cute animals.
Rommel is secretly played by the pervy ferret Kamo from Negima series! No, jk.
That printing machine is able to translate 2d drawings into 3d parts? Now that's high-tech.
Also I kind of see why Riku ended up with speed-boosting backpack: since he placed restriction of not using Trans-AM, which is the special ability of 00-series based gunpla. Maybe when he got a new gunpla the restriction would be lifted, but until then we'll at least be entertained by this sword-freak gunpla.
I suspect there is a CAD station somewhere nearby, and 2D->3D conversion may be super simple then.
Can we call this 7-Arms-Lite?
7-arms, budget model.
CAD is a plausible explanation, but to create 3d models from 2d drawings you will need to include stuff like proper dimensions, bearing and how the connection points are located to maximize strength while keeping standard thickness. Since there are none of that on riku's drawings, probably the machine has algorithm installed to find the perfect spot to make connection points.

Also, creating a 3d model would not be that simple, because different parts needs different injection molds; the plastic pellet feeding machine is characteristic of injection molding machine, but in the screen it clearly shows that they're 3d printing the parts; which from real-life point of view clearly won't stand for the smooth finished product: 3d print main flaw is that the finished product needs to be sanded down, because the surface will be rough from the printing process in which thin strands of material are piled down continually.
Yuuki mentioned parts data, so I don't think they are turning the 2d drawings into 3d models. Rather, their game accounts have the data for the 3d models and he was just sketching out some planes. Koichi even said, "SEED-series backpack;" then on the screen of the machine they used, it has the words Prize and Mission Accomplished Prize. It even had the parts number: SEED - GSD - 4569-089.
Remember during the first episode, someone was trying to sell them parts? You can likely get gunpla parts data for playing and completing missions and then redeem them with a specialized 3D printer to print them out in real life so you can build them and put them on your Gunpla.
Riku's sketches were probably him just planning things out. There was also a customization step on the screen, most likely to customize the parts so it would be compatible with your chosen gunpla.
Nice to see the top 3 teams revealed, pretty excited to see Shahry's Force. Loved KO-1's strategy this round, each member had their moment to shine. Momoka and Yukki's combo was nicely done
Good episode overall, but I'm kind of disappointed by the lack of good animation, the fight was really static and lacked good moves and epic duel for me.
Well, that was a NPC ennemy force, so I'm sure we'll have some epic fights when the time come.
Absolutely loved this episode. The Rebake was absolutely badass. The Kapool was awesome! Loved the detachable Haro head. Nice to see there wasn't any faffing around with trying to get Ayame into the group, she just joined and that's that out the way.
  • Mmmmmm Magee's ass.
  • I too enjoy a good Froce Match.

  • This was super cute and I really like her mecha design.

  • Rommel is the best and apparently an alcoholic.

  • Overall a pretty fun episode though the fights do definitely seem lacking compared to the previous two series. My only hope is that they are holding back for the bigger fights later on in the series.
    I wonder how many Force Points their Force gained by winning a Force Battle against the second highest ranked Force.
    I don't think they actually fought against "7th Panzer Division". They most likely have a separate force for training new recruits so their losses wouldn't actually impact the main team. The battle start screen did say it was "7th Military Academy". Watch me be proven wrong next episode.
    Man Rommel's expressions are hilarious. From the petting to the grenade cocktail lol.

    The fight was okay. I didn't really like how the enemy suits didn't do much except fire their guns. Though dem scissors <3<3<3<3<3

    Also I imagine this is Ayame in the preview. Likes cute things, but definitely won't admit to it.


    Man, watching this series makes me miss my old days back then on SD gundam online. I had so much fun with my friends using our favourite gundam.
    Poor Rommel looks like he might be hitting the bottle after this.

    To be honest i thought our heroes were going to lose the moment i saw him so i was surprised they won so easily even if it was just Rommels new recruits
    They had two veterans on the team.

    The ninja girl is implied to be way better than her rank, and the other guy is a veteran from the old battle system.

    It's the flaw of having a ranking system. If people don't play competitively, it doesn't display their actual ability


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