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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Past and Future"

I've seen a lot of people who doesn't like this show...

Am I the only one to like it ? Sure, it as flows, but, I don't now, I'm having a good time each ep.

On an other note, so Build Fighters is in the same universe ? I sure want to see some characters from the first serie making a comeback, even if it's just fan-serv.

Generally, its geared towards kids really. That's why the hate is there.
Otherwise, i love it as is.

It's not really that. The super-finishing moves are a turn off to people, as well as taking what happens in the game seriously. If that was me GBN I'd be lol'ing at some of those deaths. It's not SAO.

Its probably something from its G Gundam roots. Let them have their fun.

to be honest, i'm still on the fence with the series, yet i still continue watching.

the pace is not that upbeat as the original GBF yet for some reason i can accept it better than GBFT. maybe it's my inner hunch telling me 'this is gonna be gud later, so stay put'.

≫On an other note, so Build Fighters is in the same universe ?

this episode confirms it's not. the duel machine is different from the ones in gbf/gbft. not to mention there's not a single sighting of the infamous GBF HUD/plavsky effect when the machine activates.

It makes me feel happy once a week. I'll take it.

It's basicly what I expected GBF to be...which isn't that good a thing, since I expected a fairly generic kids shows with Gundams. I'm not disliking it yet, but I'm definitly enjoying it nowhere near as much as I did GBF.

On this episode of Gundam Build Divers!

The trio stalk and harass "Reverb's-Stand-User" Naname.
  1. OG Gunpla Battle exists!
  2. Reverb's-Stand-User actually had friends!
  3. Patrick Colasour appears yet again seemibgly chatting up a new chick(Possibly his beloved Colonel?).
Idk about you guys but I did enjoy this character introduction ep. It for some reason felt real. Reverb's-Stand-User and friends formed a close bond with one another and looked like they had a ton of fun (judging from the replay) and I can see how he felt betrayed when all of them just stopped playing with one another just because some new Gunpla tech appeared and stole the show. Reverb's-Stand-User must've thought they shared a friendship that would last so I can see why he fell into depression kinda.

Also I just noticed Gundam Base Tokyo lady's full name is Nanami Nanase. Jeeez

I like the new character more than the annoying MC LoL

Three kids you don't know start harassing you irl to get you to join their MMO guild. Of course that means you'll eventually agree.

Koichi is a bit of a wet noodle, his whole character being based on refusing to move on to a newer game is just not that strong. I get that he loves Gunpla, but it's not even like he actually quit. If Gunpla is as big in this universe as it's implied he should be able to do really well just building them, regardless of joining GBN.

As it stands the group around Riku keeps growing with apparently-famous people, all of whom care because...his group is talented? Sort of? GBF introduced the characters that were going to matter in a bit less of an awkward manner, and by developing the protagonists. So far Riku and friends themselves remain very baseline characters. I even forgot the name of his friend.

Next episode we get Rommel though, so maybe that will be fun.

I played extensively mmo’s for a few years.. its not about the game, its the people. Investing time into players who inevitably move on/quit kinda makes you lose intrest in joining a group.

The MMO comparison was easy for me to make here. I think that's why this episode hit home for me the way it did. I think a lot of people have gone through something like this to some degree. Being so invested in something and wanting to keep doing it while others have decided to move on due to lack of interest, life, or simply they weren't as attached or invested as you were and you thought they were.

Then there is the depression part that is touched upon and that's really crappy for anyone to have to deal with. I'm actually surprised the show even tried to address this. What played out here does indeed happen to people.

Yeah, but that's why you ought to move as a group. And in this case GBN was clearly the successor to an older game, only makes sense to switch. Nothing lasts forever, and after a few years people just get everything out of a game that they want.

That's the problem, though. It wasn't all at once. One guy sees GBN and hops onto the new thing, finds a new group online, but the other guys stick with the old system out of an old-timer preference for IRL battles. Then some other guy quits the physical game and switches. Then another one. And then another. Then another. Until...
"Tsukasa, you'll stick with me, right?"
"Yeah, sure."
"Just kidding imma go be a GBN villain now"
At this point, everyone's scattered across so many different forces in GBN that the old gang's basically gone.

It depends on how its done.

When Everquest 2 came out no one wanted to switch as nothing really transferred over. A large chunk of the players just quit entirely, mainly the long time veterans.

No one really thought WoW would last as long as it did, and no3 its the largest MMO. We had tons of MMO come out since WoW's release calling themselves "WoW Killers" yet WoW just keeps bring people back.

It’s not much that he quit Gunpla Battle so much as his peers quit him, so I can understand his hangups. Less a “I HATE YOU I’VE ALWAYS HATED YOU” and more a “It’s Complicated” relationship status.

(Sorta like my present relationship with the Pokemon anime, but I’ll be digressing)

You do bring up a weird point about Riku being a magnet for famous people, but then again Sei from the original GBF became friends with an American teen prodigy, the Italian Champion and a regional top builder so it’s not like this is the first time this has happened.

Honestly, I’m reserving the hype for next week’s battle. I expect some good sakuga.

・that GPD actually got my hopes up for a while; i thought it's the same system as GBF's but yeah, this practically confirms that GBD belongs in a different alt. universe than GBF.

・i guess we can safely assume that tsukasa's MS in the OP will be a customized red frame.

・lots of new units reveal next week; momokapool, the ninja SD, and ultimate disappointmentgalbaldy rebake.

・if the theory of magee=nanase is true, she did one hell of a good acting job there.

Alt Universe where they dont get plavsky hacks.
Instead we just get regular hacks.
O yeah, i'm prepared for Zeromaru.

i'm getting the zeromaru kit later as sub-unit for my asra ninja :v

Koichi's reluctance to admit that he truly loved Gunpla resonates a lot. Especially as you grow up it can be hard to admit to hobbys/interests, but I'm glad that he has a chance to get back into it!

That was a nice episode. I liked how in different scenes Koichi and Riku and gang were learning about each other, and it was sweet that the kids wanted to fix Koichi's old Gunpla. He seems like a nice addition to the team
Don't think I missed you, Patrick

Tbh, this the best directed episode so far. It also has one of the missing stuff since Try: a building focused episode.

I thought they couldn't make their force because of Sarah.
It appears she really is treated like an ordinary player.

I wonder if any of the guys form the GBF series would make a cameo, or even a name drop.
I mean, Patrick has showed up in every episode so far. xD

I wanted to know the home version for GBN. As the system at the store seemed large and really expensive.


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