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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 5 everone's impressions

Episode 5
"Holy Land of Perisia"

On this episode of Gundam Build Divers! Instant Best Girl arrives by Jeep, GBN turns Persia into some kind of exhibition nation, some scam artists kidnap Best girl, Patrick Colasour trains with the Trouble clan, and finally. Shahryar's Seravee Scheherazade Stylistically Sports Superb Strength and Style.
Hmm this was a good episode. It didn't do much bad but it didn't do much good either. I like Shahryar so far cuz he seems like a good hearted fellow and his Seravee is the fucking best. This episode felt more filler than the other episodes because of all the small irrelevant stuff. I'm all for world building and all too.
It seems Best girl Ayame is a spy who will inevitably join the squad along with next episodes Nerd. I really hope we see the Galbaldy Rebake then.
≫Shahryar's Seravee Scheherazade Stylistically Sports Superb Strength and Style.
Also, alliteration.
So, outta curiosity I googled the names and I got these:
  • Scheherazade: the Persian Queen from One Thousand and One Nights
  • Shahryar: the King who Scheherazade gets married to...
Is this Shahryar just as married to his Gunpla? Because that puts the whole “LOVE” thing in a new context...
I mean, he is using a 00 suit...
Ninja girl's skirt not flying up, damn you unreliable anime physics.
At this point these kids should know that they keep lucking into prolific Divers, like the Champ. Shahry a cool character, and his Seravee + Ptolemaois is hella stacked
Also loving Ayame so far
These beams are powered by LOVE

The weekly Patrick sighting quota is filled, in an unexpected way.
The T H I C C Seravee is love. May just get one when it comes out to build. Only thing missing from the Seravee are Bear ears - its basically the Care Bear Stare attack, is it not? Maybe that's why Shahryar builds Petit Guys. Hmmm.
Wait if petitguy exist, does it mean that other gbf gunpla exist too?
Also besto ninja were great
I would assume that this world is either in the future of GBF or an alternate world in which GBF is simply another Gundam show.
 Best Ninja Girl is here
Shahryar and his talk about love sounds alot like magee ...... and his large petitguy collection makes me think magee/shahryar is definately nanami.
I get why a lot of people aren't digging this series compared to the others but I'm personally a big fan. I'm glad there's a strong representation of 00 and G gundams because they can create the most hype fights imo.

I was a bit worried about the video game world at the beginning but after we learned that build quality still mattered I cared a lot less about it, although there are some inconsistencies in it's development.

Character wise I'm a fan of all of the main 4 both individually and with their interactions with each other. The mystery of Sarah had me from episode 1 tbh. Really looking forward to how they all develop.
Despite this season feeling slower then the last two I still tune in with a big stupid grin on my face each week.
Also next week is bringing us the IBO mech!
This series is so underrated on reddit, imo this is one of the better gundam build series. I wasn't expecting Ptolemaios 1 on 1 against MS. People who watched previous season should give this a chance.
So far it's been the worst of the three. Try, for all its problems, got me hooked from the beginning. I've been sorta passively watching this show waiting for it to pick up, and it's been pretty mediocre.
Jeez Riku, someone teaches you one lesson and you're ready to lecture everyone else? You're not in college yet.

Also props to all the players for being suspicious of the fake Shahryar just because of the avatar he chose. Making it a little too obvious who the untrusty guys are, Sunrise. Also kudos to putting a Gunpla exhibit in a place with a lot of sand that you're not supposed to use Gunpla in. Did they actually just sit in the back of Ninjagirl's car for 1.5 hours just to get to the damn town?

Other than that it was an okay episode. The builder side of the equation is a bit harder to make exciting in animation. Seems like they're sticking with the 1 character/episode introductions, slowly building them up for the second half. I wouldn't trust a guy who build that many petitgguys though, either he's obsessed or unemployed. The Seravee was also kind of meh. Docking with the Ptolemaios is cool and all, but it just becomes a more bulkier block with rainbow lasers.

Also a minor detail, but it seems like GN fields in GBN block physical matter as well? It probably depends on quality, but we might not see the difference between energy weapons and physical ones come into play like it did in the 00 S1 finale.
≫Jeez Riku, someone teaches you one lesson and you're ready to lecture everyone else? You're not in college yet.

Yeah, but he’s critiquing a build of a Gunpla, so that makes this art critique, which everyone should honestly be open to.
I got a “the Emperor’s got no clothes on” feeling from that exchange, and the battle later just served to confirm it.
looks like Ayame's my best girl for this series


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