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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Eyes of a Murderer"

As Ushiyama chases Shiraishi, they encounter Lt. Tsurumi and the 7th Division which results in a street battle. However it is only a distraction so that Hijikata can raid the bank, leaving with loot and the katana Izuminokami Kanesada. Meanwhile Shiraishi uses Ryuu and some of Ushiyama's clothing to track down Ushiyama, but is caught instead and is pressured into working with Sugimoto and Hijikata. Meanwhile there are rumors of a tattooed prisoner who is also a psychopathic killer, Henmi Kazuo. Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa go on a whale hunt with a group of fishermen and unknowingly rescue Henmi Kazuo after he falls into the water. Henmi manages to keep his tattoo concealed from Sugimoto, but later he decides that he must kill Sugimoto or die in the attempt. 

I wish my boner would glow.

I wish mine would produce a sparkling sound effect.

I wish mine would produce a sparkling sound effect.

Imagine getting a boner from imagining about your own death. This show just keeps on giving non-standard villains.

That's one of best things about Golden Kamuy. All the villains are crazy as fuck but especially Tsurumi and the convicts. They're all so delightfully weird and sometimes you end up rooting for them. Nihei for example is a remorseless hunter who's also a pretty good bro to Tanagaki and had the weird obsession with boners. Henmi seemed like a generic mass killer until you actually see him and turns out he's got this weird ass fetish that also turns him into a love struck japanese school girl in front of Sugimoto. It's hilarious but also gives depth to the characters and makes them way more interesting.

when I was a kid, i saw pig eating my brother in the forest....

the first time I saw him, with flesh in his mouth....

how do I say this....

I had a boner....

This show should be called Sugimoto's bizarre adventure.

Speaking about that...

This is perfect

Hahahahaha, showing excitement with a glowing boner is something new to me. This guy is really creepy, but he could make a good action scene trying to kill Sugimoto.

Also, gotta love Asirpa saying out loud she is going to take a shit while everyone is eating.

Asirpa's great. She's a child protagonist that actually pulls her weight and is really good comic relief.

She’s easily one of the best, badass, and funny female protagonists I’ve ever seen.

"I'm off to osoma."
It's the little details about this show I love the most.

I now want to see a showdown between Hijikata and Tsurumi. They're both intense, menacing guys who show no fear; it would be great to see.

Shiraishi getting his head bitten does not get old. It's even better when he gets called "useless" shortly after.

Despite Henmi killing a load of people, I felt slightly bad for him, as well as disturbed by him, at the end.

I love how Henmi has this "generic" mass serial killer introduction when we hear him from Shirashi but then turns into this weird motherfucker when we actually see him. The dude was fawning over Sugimoto like a lovestruck Japanese school girl. He's almost a Yandere except his fetish is actually getting killed by his love interest.

This right here is my favorite thing about Golden Kamuy. Pretty much all the characters I've gone through in the manga is either downright likeable or at the very least not an outright "hatesink". I'm so glad to find a series that doesn't need to make me hate someone to generate conflict.

Even Tsurumi's likeable. He's an absolute psychopath but has a well deserved grievance over his mistreatment and a noble reason for wanting the gold. Plus he's an absolute badass and has the charisma and will to really make you invested in him.

Just noticed that the character Ushyiama Tatsuma has cauliflower ears. He seems to be an expert in Judo, and cauliflower ears are fairly common in grapplers, like Judoka, wrestlers, BJJ guys etc.

Nice interesting little detail, it shows the attention to detail these guys put in.

Any reason for that? Do they commonly get grabbed by the ears or something?

Lots of blunt trauma to the ear causes large pockets of blood to form. When those heal, the ear shrivels up and folds in on itself as well as turning pale, making it look like a cauliflower.

I fucking lost it when that thirsty-ass dude got a glowing boner.
Kamuy pulling the weirdest shit certainly makes for an uhm, interesting way to start the week.

It's about the journey not the destination. Hell I stopped giving a shit about who gets the gold long ago. Every group aiming for the gold is badass in their own right and the weird shit they keeping getting themselves into is far more entertaining then the hunt for the gold.

maybe the real gold was the convict skins we collected along the way..

the fact that they didn't excitedly shout "UMI DA" in unison greatly disappoints me

They didn't need to say it as I'm sure majority of the viewers said it themselves.

We have an exhibitionist over here

Wow was the new target weird

tsurumi: he steals my horse i steal his hat

Golden Kamuy has some of the weirdest and most delightful group of lunatics in all of Anime and Manga. Makes the show really unpredictable since you have absolutely no idea what the hell some of them are going to do. Very often they'll make a initial impression that's wildly different from their actual personality, like Henmi did before and after we actually met him.

This is just the start. The manga has some crazy fucking shenanigans.

I'm japanese. Can I ask you guys here a question? What do you think about some depictions of whale hunting?

I know there are some criticism about japanese whale and dolphin hunting.

sorry for my poor English.

Most objections to whale hunting stem from concerns about whales as endangered species. Historically, hunting could not endanger them due to smaller populations and less advanced technology. As such, very few people look negatively upon whale hunting during earlier times.

Furthermore, even today it is broadly recognized that indigenous peoples such as the Ainu have the right to continue hunting species that others are barred from, as long as it is in small enough numbers that it does not destroy the species, and they use the animals themselves instead of selling them to outsiders.

(also most people don't think about this much, so they only have vague secondhand opinions about the whole thing)

Honestly if they weren't endangered I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as anything caught was eaten / used and hunted and killed in a humane and respectful manner.

The hunting of the past is completely different than what happens now a days. Back then it was acceptable because you had to do it to survive. But I don't think there's any excuse for it in modern days especially as it's often done so cruelly and without any regard to wiping out species. Seriously what group of people needs to kill these animals to survive in the modern world? I don't care if it's tradition. If they can go to a damn convenience store and buy their food they shouldn't be killing whales and dolphins or any other kind of animal whose species needs to be replenished.

Hijikata stealing Katsura's moves with the hand grenades lol

Grandpa Toshi must be the coolest character of the whole series, I'm glad we get to see him almost every week!

I love the "flavor of the week" characters and how they interact with all of our main cast. I'm really looking forward to reading the manga after this season. Shame it's only one cour, it's my guilty pleasure this season.

Read it from the start. There's a ton of stuff and interesting factoids the anime didn't get to cover because it rushed through all the big events. Also get ready for one of the wildest treasure hunts you've ever seen in your life.

12 episodes are not enough, second season soon please...


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