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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7

Shiriashi is pretty fucked, he is being chased by fucking Terminator. R.I.P. Escape King.

Love the episode as always, we get to know Tsurumi's motivation to get the gold and a good conclusion for Nihei.

FYI, they have cut a short SOL chapter that came before the Ushiyama scene but it will be cover in a future OVA with another pretty important arc. Here's more information about it.

Another curiosity is that Tsurumi's gestures while giving the speech where a parody of one of Hitler's speeches

Also, I can't forget about my boy Tanigaki. Get well soon Papa Bear.

This anime is like Yuru Camp + The Revenant, and wrapped in a lesson about culture and cuisine.

Also I liked this opening from the beginning, but I really didn't think it would be one I would poorly attempt to sing along with every week.

When Retar's wife came out I popped off a little too hard and almost fell out of my seat! Same when Ushiyama took down that horse, that man is an absolute beast. But somehow I still feel like he isn't the most dangerous man in Hijikata's group by a long shot.

≫Also I liked this opening from the beginning, but I really didn't think it would be one I would poorly attempt to sing along with every week.

And the ED is even better. It kinda gives me goosebumps.

Especially when they transition from a cliffhanger to the ED, it absolutely is a thrilling way to end a episode like that.

Watching Retar's mate jump on him was hype as heck, but I'm gonna miss not hearing Nihei's rants about women and his obsession with boners

≫Same when Ushiyama took down that horse, that man is an absolute beast.

At this bit in the manga there was a text box about Ushiyama's training regiment, and how he developed the power of leg sweeps by repeatedly kicking a 60kg bag of rice every day. It's one of a myriad of little details that really make the manga shine.

Actualy, now that I'm looking over the chapter there's a whole bunch of details about his judo prowess. I hope the studio find a way to squeeze into the anime because it really does add a lot of flavour.

Dude ain't called Ushiyama the Undefeated for no reason

He's not called Ushiyama the Undefeated for nothing.

Hmmm, if the Undefeated and the Immortal get into a fight, who has the bigger advantage?

Undefeated. Immortal just means he survives the fight but the Undefeated would probably win the fight.

Asirpa sure loves Osoma

Oh shit Retar has a wife! That was such a cool moment. I also really liked seeing Retar’s family. Such a nice scene

Asirpa is a right little tsundere when it comes to miso.

Shiraishi being the Escape King is really benefiting them.

Retar's wife saving him was fantastic. I was hoping Nihei would be around for a bit longer, since he added a lot of intensity to the show.

Asirpa find out about Retar's family was surprising and emotional.

Again, Asirpa's reaction was top-class.

The action and comedy were great, as usual. This may be my favourite episode, so far. I'm looking forward to next week's episode, to see how the seventh division act.

In awe of the size of that Ushiyama, the absolute unit

Literally has cow/bull in his name.

Also yama=mountain.

I swear, cool ''villains'' keep popping out of nowhere every episode, what a bull that guy is lol

Felt bad for the hunter but he died doing what he loved.

A reminder his nickname is Ushiyama the Undefeated. Pretty much every character with a badass nickname in this series earned it.

RIP Japanese Captain Ahab. He was obsessive to the very end.

I bet the big dude is gonna charge right through those bullets next episode!

Those faces! really great!

I have a question, what is up with the square thing under that big guys forhead?

I believe it’s a metal plate, like a Naruto forehead protector, but under your skin.

As usual, Asirpa's face when something involves food is God-tier hilarious.

Damn it the cliffhanger. Waiting a whole week for the next episode is going to be tough....

I don't think I have ever winced more watching an anime than I have with this one. Some of these scenes are just brutal.

As a manga reader, I was already desensitized by the time this aired. However, I could now feel it more since I see them in action. Still, the manga feels more brutal.

The anime is actually censoring a lot from the manga.

Man was I surprised when Retrar wife came in to save her husband. Really though he was the last of his kind. How strong is Ushiyama it looks like nothing can stop this guy.

He's probably physically the strongest character introduced by far. Dude's basically a juggernaut. He's not called Undefeated for nothing.

So happy for Retar. I guess he's still the last Ezo wolf, but his mate hitched a ride on a ship or something?

Now this was some fucking smart thinking

Honestly, this was my favorite episode of the show so far.

The animation was on point this episode, not much off model. Nice to see the leader of the 7th Division get some more grey morality rather than just being a psycho.

But seriously, WHY THE FUCK DID CRUNCHYROLL MAKE THE THUMBNAIL RETAR AND HIS WIFE?!? Way to spoil the biggest twist of the episode before it even starts.

This was a pretty good episode. The resolution to the fight from last week, with Sugimoto and Shiraishi tricking the hunter after he captured them for a second, and then Retar vs the hunter. Retar actually has a family now and the hunter feels content meeting his end.

The wounded solider that was with the hunter gets poisoned and treated back at the Ainu camp, where we learn more about Lt. Tsurumi's backstory and motivations for finding the gold. Meanwhile, Hijikata's group starts to move in Hokkaido and we have Shiraishi running into Ushiyama at a brothel while trying to get info.

What a hilarious chase scene since Ushiyama is like a tank, and the ending with soldiers from the 7th division about to fire on Ushiyama- things are going to be bloody next episode I presume. Can't wait for the confrontation between the groups to start.

That was a great episode. Shiraishi is hilarious.


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