Wednesday, May 16, 2018

[Golden Kamuy] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Hunter's Soul"

・That dude's obsession with boners

・Asirpa's reaction when Sugimoto talked about his death

・The censored wolf shit

This fucking show lmao

This episode was a huge death flag for Sugimoto. Good thing he's immortal.

Sugimoto is the huge death flag for anyone who comes after him.

It's censored everytime it shows up in the manga too lol

They really do a great job of mixing in the comedy with the action without making it feel forced or out of placed. Absolute gem of a show.

Nihei is very intimidating, not a guy to mess with. He also has a strange obsession with boners and it amuses me.
Asirpa not wanting Sugimoto to die was great. As usual, another fantastic facial expression from her.
The beginning of Sugimoto and Nihei's fight was intense, I love it. I'm seriously looking forward to next week's episode.

Finally, they addresed Sugimoto's PTSD! They took out some flashbacks that could've been in earlier episodes that characterized Sugimoto as a man who's not the same as he used to be. I really hope we get to see them adapted as they will be roots in Sugimoto's future frustrations.

I’ve always appreciated how the imagery of the deer, terrified and running for its life, was used to represent Sugimoto during the war.

That shot of him with deer eyes? Absolutely amazing.

"Chitatap's so good!" Asirpa, 2018.
This show has some god-tier food eating scenes.

I love the interactions between the trio so much

It really is great*, I hardly care about the gold anymore I just wanna keep seeing them hang out

What's up Asirpa?

Did someone say Asirpa?

was that just another boner joke?

Weird CGI bears aside, I think they're doing a great job adapting this show. Every character has had exactly the right voice-actor so far and they've done a great job of expressing all the different aspects of the series.

I like how Sugimoto sympathized with the deer and put himself in its shoes.

Seeing a human with deer eyes was freaky though. I liked the scene, it stuck with me more than manga version for once, but that face was creepy as hell to see.

This anime is really underrated tbh, I wish more people watched it.

I just came to this thread to ask if this anime is worth starting. Hard to tell by the plot summary on MAL if it'd be good. I do like how the art style looks.

Does it have the same sense of adventure/world-building as Samurai Champloo?

It's more region-building than world-building. The whole story seems to take place in Hokkaido, but there's a lot of detail about the place, the Ainu culture, surviving in the forests/mountains, etc.

World-building doesn't literally mean the story has to involve the whole world dude, lol

This episode wasn't that much plot heavy but I really like that they are taking some time to develop the characters and the relationships.

And some serious cliffhanger. cant wait for the next one.

holy shit the cliffhangers in this show are unbearable, but ill forgive them because they give me goosebumps. the intensity of that last grim scene was too fucking good.

damn, this show is fucking great.

I'm loving these intense cliffhangers coupled together with the start of the ED. Also, Nihei's VA is great.

This group brings so much joy to my Mondays.

Damn that is some fantastic art

i really hope for more seasons, this show is so fucking good


This arc is probably the most focused on hunting in all GK. Nihei was intimidating as fuck and I love his fixation with boners. My boy Tanigaki was cool as always and the drunk scene was fantastic. No complaints with the episode.

Next week: Sugimoto vs Nihei. BONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!

MY BONER IS READY! Another fantastic episode of Golden Kamuy! Sugimoto's cheesy catchphrase is really growing on me, it's so cool when he says that! And more meme faces from the memelady Asirpa-san! Nihei was such a cool villain who's a little fixated with boners, but to each his own, I guess....and that cliffhanger!! Uhh, have to wait for one whole week to find out what happens!! But yea, another great episode, here's to more greatness down the weeks!

That was surprising to see Sugimoto have a bit of ptsd in regards to the deer reflecting his desire to live in the face of death.

Also Nihei is pretty crazy, and that fight at the end is looking to be intense next episode.

The show also continues to show its weird side between the sake party and censoring wolf shit which Nihei proceeds to burn. Not quite sure how silly it will keep getting, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

I love how this show mixes just the right amount of comedy/action, and how it can so suddenly switch between them sooo nicely.

The transition to the ending was just perfect. I'm loving this show a lot, it reminds me of the Yakuza games which I love.

Boners intensify!

Very good episode with the multiple viewpoints on the hunt. Though I hope it doesn't end with a battle to death between the wolf and the hot water bottle.

Also the drinking scene was hilarious, so many comedy faces.

That fight at the end was so hype I can't wait for next week.


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