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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5

I love the comedy in this show: Retar checking on the horse meat that was on Sugimoto’s face and Asirpa eating miso was great. Oh, Shiraishi showing up all oiled up and with a few body parta dislocated was pretty entertaining too.

And at the same time we have badass action scenes, Sugimoto is fucking hardcore and Hijikata is fucking badass. I mean he’s wielding a sword and a firearm at the same time AND he is voiced by Jouji Nakata

Asirpa hitting Sugimoto when they just got reunited is funny too.

she did say she's going to make full use of the sutu

I actually lost it when retar was staring at the horse meat while aspira and sugimoto were having a serious discussion

They cut the cute horsie panel out tho ):

Poor horse. Well, at least it was made into a delicious dish.

This was just FREAKING AWESOME. I am so thrilled to see competent antagonist, bad guys / villains of a show that actually feels like they know what they are doing and got some great skills to show off.

When we see Tsurumi, not only quickly finds out the gut plan, but when his horse get shoot down and he just does a barrel roll and keep running, so freaking badass!!! Followed by that he is actually wearing the tattoos to keep them safe, finally some respectable antagonist.

Than we see Hijikata, old kenshin does not fall for some cheap lies, he knows their hiding spots etc.
Hunter guy who only has 1 bullet as else you take life for granted.
The anime is really setting up some really cool bad guys!
And hinna hinna asiripa chan finally eat some miso.

Mob Character : Hey, who the hell said you could come in here
Ushiyama: Oh what a cute little boy , here, Upsy Daisy


takai takai

Don't forget he threw a woman at somebody last time. He's really breaking through the roof with this one though.

Bear count: 6

Can Hijikata be more badass? I love every moment he appears in. So, many good things in this episode. The main trio is complete with the incorporation of Shiraishi, Asirpa's faces were done pretty well, we see a little bit of Best Boys Tsukishima and Tanigaki and it introduces Nihei the bear hunter, another badass character.

Next episode where are getting lots of boners

Hijikata is awesome, but it's strange that we still haven't seen him eating mayo.

I knew Sugimoto was fighting the Youhei twins and it still caught me off guard at the start. Pull those damn dango skewers out, will you?

I'm not sure if I like poop king or scat king better. I like the alliteration of scat with Shiriashi, but poop is goofier. Either way, it's fun seeing him look like he crawled out of someone's poop.

These are the facial expressions I came for. Osoma hinna hinna.

Poor deer, I hope Tetsuzou finishes it off or somebody. Can't remember from manga if someone puts it down or not. Anyway, for a reckless killer, it's a shame that Sugimoto can't be as good a shot as the other guys in this show.

Oh, the wonderful hunter appears. I mean, besides the ones already given to us.

Sugimoto's much more of a melee fighter than a shooter. He earned that name by charging in fortified bunkers like a madman and somehow staying alive.

I appreciate that Sugimoto isn't perfect in everything. I love that he seems pretty much unbeatable, fierce and deadly as hell in hand to hand but struggles with precise shooting. I wonder how good he is in terms of kenjutsu. Maybe we'll find out if he goes up against Hijikata anytime in the future. I doubt he has any chance in that category against that old badass though.

Tsurumi's a crazy dude. Sewing the tattooed skin into a vest is something only a madman would come up with.

Nah, a human skin vest it's pretty tame for Golden Kamuy.

Toshi pose manga ver for comparison

The way he used that rifle though, fucking hell. Spun it around his finger and used it like a sawed-off. Can't fuck with that.

It's honestly astonishing how gruesome and violent the show/manga can get, yet it seamlessly throws in hilarious comedic moments like the escape king just slithering into Suguimoto's cell and Retar eyeing the horse meat during Sugimoto and Asirpa's conversation. It doesn't feel as jarring as it ought to be.

On a side note, this show is full of badass people. Feels like every major character has some level of superhuman-ability or insanity. Makes it quite fun to watch.

Every single soldier, no matter how quickly they get killed off or whatever, feels like a competent and scary rival. Honestly GK is just damn great.

Golden Kamuy is a cooking anime.

But seriously though, the amount of cooking scenes this season has reached critical mass. Even ignoring Food Wars S3; Cardcaptor, Hinamatsuri, and Golden Kamuy are all composed of like 50% cooking scenes and even DarliFra just had an entire cooking episode. Its the goddamn food channel up in here

I swear this show is a cooking anime in disguies. I feel like every episode there's atleast one strange new dish.
More Asripa faces! The reaction faces in this show are all too good!

Hijikata is of course a badass.

That Nihei guy is a badass too! How many more bosses are we going to get in this show? And so far it looks like we now have 4 groups of people.

Phew, another great episode of Golden Kamuy! It's been on fire in the last few episodes And this one ain't no slouch either. Every character is a badass In their own way, and that is so cool to watch!! Hijitaka is just peak badassness, and Shiraishi looks like a good addition to the squad. Let's see where nihei's arc will lead to and how good of an antagonist he will be

Aw, no Good evening ?
Translators dropped the ball here. I like the manga translation more.

Man Hijikata and Shinpachi sure have changed

Age does crazy things. Looks like they got rid of the Amanto though at least.

This episode had me in stitches. Escape King sliding in, Asirpa getting emotional and looking like she's about to hug Sugimoto but then beats the shit out of him instead, the drinking scene, the dinner scene and all those priceless reaction faces fucking killed me.

And at the same time, it's also incredibly graphic with severed heads, guts and lots of blood. Sure, CGI Bear is still there but I'm starting to really dig Shokugeki no Kamuy.

I really, really love the OP and ED songs.

The OP is so damn hype. It's got such an adventurous feel that is absolutely perfect for the anime.

The Asirpa eating scene was gold.
Hina, hinaaaaaa

Man Hijikata took out those bandits like they were nothing. Also that scene where Ushiyama throws the other guy into the ceiling was great. Asirpa had some great face during the dinner scene.

Really enjoying this show so far. They are doing a great job of mixing in the comedy in between the action without making it feel forced.

This was really great. I actually enjoy how resourceful Sugimoto is and how he's able to think quickly on his feet. What a good escape strategy.

We also saw a good amount of development on Hijikata's side of things, and the creation of a new Shinsengumi sounds pretty terrifying.

Asirpa finally tried miso, and she's happy! All it took was Escape King to prepare them a meal. I like that he's going to join the group, his antics provide some great comedy while at the same time he's a great survivalist. Actually I think it's rather unique that all 3 characters have methods for surviving in harsh and brutal situations.

I actually think it's also impressive how the story can be unforgiving and bloody at times yet the comedy doesn't feel out of place, rather it's more like a reflection of how absurd each character can be.


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