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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"Grim Reaper"

The stark contrast in tone between Sugimoto and Asirpa messing around with the kids, and the story about Retar and how Asirpa stopped smiling hit me right in the heart.
Yikes, stabbed him through the mouth...he'll be fine...HE'S IMMORTAL SUGIMOTO!
THEY'RE DOING THE EXPRESSIONS RIGHT. Thank god. That one Asirpa face was better than I could've ever hoped for.
The voice actors continue to be the highlight of this adaptation. The interrogation scene with Tsurumi was on point, just the right amount of tension, and that's definitely thanks to the VAs and the soundtrack.
Tsurumi's expressions were also on point. Dude looks menacing as fuck in the anime.
when you forgot to hide your "punishment rod" and the children found it so it become the punishment rod instead
brings sutu
bend over. take your punishment
is it just me, or was this episode a perfect blend of ultraviolence and ultracomedy?
That part of the reason why Golden Kamuy is so great. It has excellent character interactions and effortlessly blend comedy, action, drama and education together.
It’s Gintama without the troll
And from what I've seen without the parody. Gintama gets a little bit too parody heavy for my tastes at times tbh. I feel like Golden Kamuy handles that much better.
No otter head. Am sad.
i haven't read the manga, but from this panel i like the art style of the manga characters more than the anime
I do too. Usually I prefer anime over manga because if done well the visuals and sound really bring manga involving fighting to a new level but something about the comedic art and timing of Golden Kamuy just can't really be done in anime. It's like how the Junji Ito anime just couldn't do the ultra detailed horror illustrations right but with comedy.
One of the things I really like about this series is that Asirpa isn't dead weight like most other child deutagonists. She's badass and can fend for herself. Not to mention she's the one with all the survial tips and hunting experience to keep them fed and alive and she's the one rescuing Sugimoto.
This smile needs to be protected.
This one though needs to be a comment face! Asripa's reaction to that sock was hilarious XD
Anyway I really find Tsurumi unsettling. He's a total psychopath. I am legit scared what he'll do once he finds out that an Ainu girl like Asripa is helping out Sugimoto. I feel like that's partly the reason why Sugimoto upped and left. He didn't want her people to get involved in this.
Tsurumi is a crazy motherfucker. He's a ton of fun to watch and utterly unpredictable. All the main characters in this are great.
Tsurumi is absolutely incredible, he's the Joker of this story and is constantly stealing every scene he's in.
Yep this is the Golden Kamuy we know and love. The pacing is excellent and aside from a few minor details everything has been adapted so far, even the SoL kotan parts. The characters are exactly how I imagined they would be. Tsurumi is a creepy bastard and Sugita portrays Kouhei and Youhei very well. Definitely on an upward trend since episode 1.
I wouldn't say Sugimoto's backstory is minor detail but they probably will adapt it later so nevermind.
I love how accustomed Sugimoto has gotten to the Ainu, he fits in so well (even if he can't make scary noises). Hinna is part of his regular vocabulary now. It was so sad when he left after hearing Asirpa's story and her grandma's plea :(
Shoutout to Tsurumi's VA for the fantastic delivery, the chomping noise after the line about chewing the candle gave me chills. So many badass scenes this episode, I'm really hyped to see what's next.
The animation isn't the best, the art can be kind of mediocre at times, and the cg... well, best to just leave that be, but the story is so good, and both the writers and seiyuu have brought it to life so well that I just can't help but love this anime.
I really hope it gets a second season so that more people can experience how crazy good the manga is and how utterly amazing the ever growing cast is.
Sugimoto and Asirpa play off each other so well.
I love watching them together.
If anything it's at least proof that you can still enjoy an anime with mediocre art&animation as long as the story, VAs and directing is good.
Last weeks episode had really good animation. It must be outsourced every other episode or something. Kokuko which was Geno Studio's series last season had hit and miss episodes too.
"I am your Soul Reaper. I can blow out the candle of your life at any time".
Best quote of the episode.
It's a little cliché, innit?
There is a rakugo story about shinigami (soul reaper) and candles showing people's life expectancy, so I think it's a common theme in japanese stories.
That was a great episode, Sugimoto is so hilarious and badass at the same time. Asirpa is really growing on me as well, must protect.
Gotta love that spin skills.
kimochi warui.
I love how this is equal parts food-SoL, comedy, and action-adventure. consistently fun every week.
Holy shit. Now that was an fantastic episode. This is getting me excited.
The first part was heartwarming, funny and sad. The latter part was crazy!
These episodes are making the weekly waits unbearable. The action segments are executed so well. Tsurumi... what a guy. Straight up skewered Sugimoto, who didn't even react. Already looking forward to next Monday.
Man the conversation between Sugimoto and Tsurumi was rather good I especially like how Sugimoto voice change when he had that stick through his mouth. That face Asirpa had when she was talking to Shiraishi was really funny.


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