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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"The Castrop Rebellion"

Pretty ballsy of Oberstein to just walk up to Reinhard and basically tell him that "I hate the current Empire but I'm weak to do something about it so I want in to whatever plans you have". That was pretty much a gamble right? Like he had no concrete proof of what Reinhard is trying to do.

Also I love how Friedrich IV was like "Well if someone's going to usurp me better be someone that's better than me".

I think it was a gamble. He basically had nothing to lose really, he was up against the absolute certainty of a firing squad and so he had to take the big risk and just go for it with Reinhard.

Only partially a gamble. Other than the fact he has no good alternatives, Oberstein has good reason to go all in.

Oberstein set his eyes on Reinhard for a long time. Remember when he was first introduced in ep 3, he was already probing Kircheis by mentioning his birth defects and spoke ill of Rudolf, for which Kircheis remained tight liped, so he commented Reinhard has very good subordinates. Rising from a lowly noble family and promoting officers from commoner background, Reinhard was often looked down upon by other nobles, but he has very good reputation among young officers looking for career advancement. Oberstein must had researched him, and being perceptive as he was, must had realized Reinhard's origin, unorthodox talent recuritment and frictions with other nobles are good indicatiors that he could be harbouring a good amount of ambition.

In fact, Reinhard being ambitious is no longer that much of a state secret among the high nobles since he has risen to the 4th fleet admiral of the imperial navy and controls half the fleet. Their resentment and jealousy are only being kept under the lid of the Kaiser's favortism.

It clearly does show that Freidrich has no real ambition and wants for the dynasty. If anything else he would be happier as a normal man tending to his rose gardens I felt.

You really don't get the whole regal feeling from him

Yeah, in the novel it's mentioned at the start of the chapter that Kaiser Frederich isn't interested in affairs of state. It was unusual for him to demand an explanation of what had happened to Iserlohn, basically it looks like Lichtenlade is the one running the show. Unlike Rudolf, Frederich isn't actually malevolent, just ineffective and symbolic of a worn out and dying dynasty.

I don't envy the first-timers trying to keep up with the dozens of new named characters introduced this episode.

Meh, I learned that the only ones I need to remember are ones with interesting character designs and if their names get repeatedly spoken.

That still means like 3 new characters that I probably need to remember were introduced in this episode alone so it is still not an easy task.

A few more than 3 - all of Reinhard's new admiral buddies will become more important as the story goes on.

With Friedrich's talk about how "just as no man is immortal, no country is infallible," it really makes you think about our current political environment. How long can our current environment of "peace" last and what would cause its failure?

Kind of happy we're going back to the Alliance next episode, it's rather expected given how they are written but I enjoy Yang and his chemistry with the other Alliance guys more than what the Empire has offered so far.

That said, damn Kircheis you scary. Dude managed to defeat an army of 10,000 with 5,000 without sinking a single enemy ship. Absolute insanity right there. Considering he's been Reinhard's adviser/equal, makes you wonder how far Kircheis could go if he had the ambition of Reinhard (although his character would most definitely not be the same but it's fun to think about).

Kircheis doesn't get the same love in regards to his military genius that Reinhard, Yang, Mittermeyer, and Reuenthal get, but he's up there with all of them. I'd only put him a bit below Reinhard and Yang and above Mittermeyer and Reuenthal.

That hair twirl at the end could never compare to this.

The way that Kircheis reacts tells you that Reinhard does it a lot. 'Oh he's playing with my hair again..'

Huh, in the remake they aren't staring lovingly into each other's eyes...

We get to see the Barbarossa and it's absolutely stunning in this remake! Though I'm surprised he had it for the Castrop Rebellion since IIRC, he didn't receive it until the Battle of Amristar in the OVA series.

And we finally got to see Bittenfeld! He's one of the few that still looks very similar to his OVA look. Mecklinger received a pretty significant change. Was pretty shocked when I saw him. Wahlen was a bit different, but not nearly as much as Mecklinger.

Mecklinger is very different but as soon as I saw him I knew it was him

Man is the very image of the french artist stereotype lol

In his OVA design Kaiser Friedrich looks just an aged man who gets disillusioned on his life coming from his age, and it felt very strange to hold Annerose for his mistress as he looks already losing his interest on lady in general.

But in this new design he's younger and no longer looks awkward to have Annerose with him. Also it makes his disillusioned speech more mysterious because he still seems to be able to enjoy his life. I love it.

I really like game of thrones space skin limited edition anniversary.

Reinhardt stroking/adjusting Kircheis' hair, in other shows would have made me think there was sexual tension, but in LoGH it felt extremely platonic and natural, IDK why.

Oberstein and the Kaiser himself are super intrigueing, cannot wait for next episode.

Oh and I really like that they kinda humanized the Kaiser with his hobby and his statements about Reinhardt, even though hes set up to be the ultimate villain. He does not seem like a cruel arbitrary Emperor rn and he's actually shown to be an intelligent person.

I asked about their in-universe FTL tech before, but I didn't really get a clear answer what principle is it based on? Kircheis's flag ship looks like it accelerated, but then it just stopped directly in front of the Castrop flagship? So was it a jump or was it an acceleration? Do they have like a space anchor or something like that to decelerate and or lock their ships in-place while in space? If they don't have space anchors, shouldn't they be firing off equal or even stronger counter thrust in opposite direction to decelerate?

Oh wow the Emperor is surprisingly chill, "at least we had a good run" attitude is admirable for stereotypical emperor type character. Bravo on subverting the trope. He doesn't have any spoiled bratty crown prince / princess heir who will cause any unnecessary drama right?

It was red ship so it is three times faster than normal ships.

There are good reasons why the Kaiser is so resigned from governance and indulge himself with gardening and Annerose.

Suffice to say at this stage he is looking for a way out and trying to find a knife. When he accidentally discovered this majestic knife named Reinhard von Musel, he was intrigued, and started doing whatever he can to hone and safeguard it for a good timing.

Heirs? We will get to that...

Castrop punching people left and right fucking killed me, holy shit. What a crazy motherfucker and I'm glad they dealt with him and prevented countless needless deaths.

Bit of a shame there won't be a new episode next week but a special is better than nothing I guess.

I bet it felt real good for the common soldiers to shoot the noble like that with good justification. They were so ready to shoot the fucker too.

You know as much as a lot of the nobles of the empire are idiots, some of them have a strong mustache game going on. Muckenberger has fantastic facial hair

Overall smart political maneuvering by Reinhard. He puts some of the more important empire in debt and gains a shady but smart follower in return.

Also shoutout to Mecklinger who just feels like Mecklinger despite looking nothing like his self in the OVA. His design just oozes of the artist he is

Oberstein did nothing wrong. I feel like Reuental's VA doesnt suit him. The original VA, Wakamoto, has a unique voice.

Hard to compete with Wakamoto, really. Wish he'd reprised his role for this, but we can't have everything.

Yeah Wakatamoto's performance as Reuental is incredibly hard to top.

It's more muted than you would expected of him but when he goes on an angry diatribe and rants its fucking amazing

The introduction of so many great characters, the Imperial Admirals are such intriguing people, strong personas, way of thoughts, just remembering them give me goosebumps. Imperials are the best!

Imperials for life! I like Yang/FPA, but the Imperial side just has so many of my favorite characters in LoGH. Reinhard, Kircheis, Bittenfeld, Mittermeyer, Reuenthal, Lutz, etc.

This episode was a lot better than I expected, given that I remember disliking the Castrop Rebellion in the OVA. The art team continues to excel, and this show is an easy contender for best CG/art of the year imho. The space battle looked amazing, and I loved Kircheis’ tactics. So great episode all around.

Ah, what a good episode. Seeing all those familiar faces that I've grown accustomed to in the OVA, I especially like Mecklinger's design- it suits him well I think. Still trying to see how Reuental's design feels when he gets more focus.

It was interesting to see how the Kastropp rebellion differed here from the OVA. I actually think the fleet battle probably fit better here since we have such gorgeous effects occuring during the fight. Yet I somewhat preferred how much the OVA alluded to Caesar for this part in comparison.

But the main draw of the episode is when Oberstein comes to plead with Reinhard to lead and dispose of the Goldenbaum dynasty. He reveals his weakness to Reinhard as a way to get him to understand his ambitions and even offers criticism of how Kircheis is too kind or Reinhard places too much trust and responsibility on Kircheis.

When the 3 chiefs decide to resign to take responsibility for Iserlohn, Reinhard gives up a chance of gaining the position of one of the 3 in order to trade Oberstein to be under his command with immunity from his charges of desertion at Iserlohn. And we get a look at how Freidrich is aware of Reinhard's ambitions and yet is carefree and more willing to go out with a bang if the time arises- he's not some unaware fool as usually portrayed of royalty.

Lastly, the hair-stroking is perfect and I'm glad that they kept it intact. This adaptation would be lesser without these moments.

Glad that they went over the Kastrop rebellion quickly, it wasn't my favourite part in the old OVA. Also, I like that they got rid od the whole Roman Empire thingy as well, that was a bit corny tbh.

Great episode as usual.


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