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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou"

Ah, Yang's two greatest trademarks... alcohol and casually sitting on things that aren't designed to be sat upon.

Was quite surprised to see him sitting on the dashboard thingy. Funny, but unexpected. Did he do anything like that in the novels/ova? (Aside from the Julian cleaning scene at home where he banished his guardian onto the top of the table cos he is so useless lol)

He was certainly doing similar things in the OVA.

Alcohol is incredibly important to the overall narrative of Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

yes, in fact i don't think this version quite conveys properly how much of an alcoholic yang really is

Probably because alcoholism is viewed much more negatively now than when LotG came out. The new version will likely downplay it a bit.

That Thor's Hammer animation is magnificent. You can actually feel all of it's magnitude.

"If you ask me to do it again, I can't."
Aww... he's too modest.

Not modest. Just sick of it all I think. Disgusted by war.

And also, no one's going to fall for the same old Wounded Gazelle trick again.

Yang just caused a giant ripple through the Empire's ranks. Everyone in the Empire is going to be suspect of a ship that is asking for assistance.

There's a short after credits scene!
Now my work is done, I can finally request to retire.
LOL. I haven't seen the original but even I know that a huge fucking lie. Yang just showed the entire Alliance how valuable he is in the field. There's no way they'll simply let a strategic genius like him retire easily.

Also poor Oberstein. He did all he can to warn his superior about the obvious traps but was ignored all the way through. Well at least he was smart enough to escape. There's no shame in living another day to fight.

≫Also poor Oberstein. He did all he can to warn his superior about the obvious traps but was ignored all the way through. Well at least he was smart enough to escape. There's no shame in living another day to fight.

He's also a contrast to Lapp. Both had negligent superiors who were going to get them killed. One stayed loyal and died. Another fled and lived.

In OVA-version Oberstein was actually sent away from the bridge, admiral just didn't say how far.

The admiral in the OVA told Oberstein to get out of his face. Oberstein take that as a formal dismissal from his post as the strategic advisor and leaves the flag ship.

Nobody will let a valauble asset like Yang leave. Dude's too talented in the military to enjoy a peaceful life.

Also yeah Oberstein, dude is pragmatic as fuck. He won't die for a pointless cause

Oberstein is a bit overly pragmatic.

That's putting it lightly too


Seriously though, the dude took a fortress with half a fleet and zero losses on the 7th attempt (think of the millions who died in just those battles alone). Let him have his tea with brandy without the tea!

Yang wants to get drunk and Julian is like no dad

Uh what do you do with half a million prisoners of war?

We'll get the answer to that, probably around the time the movies air.

Iserlohn Fortress, the indomitable behemoth that for 30 years sealed shut the Iserlohn Corridor. Yang Wen-Li captured it without losing even a single man.

Can we also appreciate the lenghts Yang went to to spare as many Imperial lives as possible? The first two shots of the Thor Hammer were intentionally missed to deter further attacks, and when that failed he still tried to minimize casualties. After having pulled off a miraculous feat, he was only annoyed about the Imperial commander spilling unnecessary blood. This guy is simply too good.

Even with the 3 shots that he did his best to spare lives, every shot still took out a few hundred ships at least, which translates to tens of thousands of lives. We all know it was a necessary evil to completely destroy the imperial morale, in order to save more lives, yet it doesn't make him feel any less disgusted nontheless.

I say leave this guy's brandy alone for now, he earned it.

I liked this take on what was one of my favorite episodes of the original OVA. Admittedly, I still liked the OVA's version more, mainly because the acting the boys had to pull off was a lot more dramatic and comical in tone, and it had me grinning the entire time, not to mention it took some actual battling inside the fortress to pull it off in the original, which made for a really exciting and tense episode. But this version definitely portrayed a more realistic infiltration, and even though I knew the outcome, there was still a lot of tension. I also thought the detail with Schenkopf's pen and the flashbacks to his childhood were a nice touch.

Yang is the fucking man. What a great protagonist - he's half the reason I'm loving this reboot so much. He's too good at this to get what he truly wants and retire however, so I think eventually, he may be forced to go against his principles

≫What a great protagonist
are you sure he is the protagonist?

Coprotagonist is a valid concept. The OP is titled "Binary Star" after all.

Yeah... The plan for an infiltration really didn't age well, huh?
You'd think that the control room itself would be monitored by security staff via cameras and stuff and the soldiers outside would be immediately alerted if shit goes down in the most important room in the entire fortress.
But it was suspenseful. Okay.

A lot of stuff hasn't aged well, you'll grow used to it eventually.

Oh, don't get me wrong. It's not something that's impeding my enjoyment, and clearly the guys at Production I.G have put in real effort to modernize the pacing and story-telling priorities.
But it's unfortunate that there really is no feasible way for them to run certain plotlines (even including some from the pass few episodes) without feeling like a pre-cellphone era story, despite the futuristic backdrop.

So good to see Yang sitting like he usually does on the Helm

If the Alliance listened to Yang Wen-Li the war should be over now. Negotiate a peace treaty from a position of power. The Free Planets Alliance will undoubtedly fuck this up though

Ah yes, I was waiting for this episode all week.

Yang's plan coming to fruition as Schenkopp tricks the officers in the fortress and ends up capturing the commander. Seeckt is also an idiot for trying to charge into a suicide battle just because he feels like it's his duty to not disgrace the Kaiser- Oberstein isn't having any of that.

The art of the inside of Iserlohn was beautiful, it was a nice way to layer out the fortress. The animation of Thor's Hammer activating was some sakuga and visual effects porn. It gave such a destructive feel to it that I just could feel Yang's anger at having to fire it multiple times to convince the enemy to flee.

Also that ending, Fezzan is finally in the picture and Rubinsky makes his appearance. Hyped for another episode next week.

I love this show a lot, but it feels like most conflicts end up with an MC on one side, and someone who falls for every trap imaginable on the other.

Yang and Reinhard helping each other weed out incompetence and fast-track each other's career at this point :P

Probably a stupid question but how did Yang managed to get into the fortress? Isn’t he in his flagship? So why isn’t there any enemy ships between him and the fortress?

The entire garrisoned fleet launched last episode, trying to find the "spy ship" under duress and engage enemy fleet. Yang's fleet stayed hidden until Schekopp and Rosen Ritters secured the commander and the control room, filled the fortress ventilation system with sleeping gas and opened the entry gate.

I'm curious, was the OVA this Yang-centric? Feels like we've had maybe 2 and a half episodes about Reinhard and Kircheis, and they were who I was expecting to be the main characters. Not that I'm complaining or anything, Yang's a badass and fun to watch.

The Castrop Rebellion brings us back to Reinhard and Kircheis. It was actually episode 5 in the OVA series, but they seemed to have pushed it back to episode 8 in DNT in order to introduce Yang and show his capture of Iserlohn all in sequence compared to the OVA series where the order to capture Iserlohn was given in episode 3, but didn't actually take place until episodes 6 and 7.

I love this show. Should i watch the original OVAs? I heard this is only going to be 12 episodes

12 episodes + 3 movies confirmed.
The OVA series is great.


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