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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 5 everone's impressions [Legend of the Galactic Heroes]

Episode 5
"Birth of the 13th Fleet "


Oh man... that sprinkler. One bit of slapstick in a serious anime can be surprisingly hilarious.

That was a ... sprinkler? Looked more like a water hose to me.

In the original anime they are a part of an emergency antifire system iirc. I think that it also contacts the firefighters automatically.

I liked this episode. The moment where Yang got blasted by the sprinklers as a way of telegraphing the later half of the episode was a nice touch. I knew that's what they were going for as soon as I saw it. Julian was perfect, and every scene was pretty much handled perfectly. The only thing I'd say the OVA did better was showing Iserlohn fortress and explaining why it's impregnable before revealing that Yang was going to have to capture it. That made the reveal that much more shocking and dramatic, whereas here, it's just some random fortress that we don't know the significance of.

I think there will be an introduction to Iserlohn from the Imperial side next episode, but I would have liked if that were somehow spliced into this episode. I don't know how they'd have squeezed it in, though. Almost every scene was pretty essential. Maybe cut the vehicle chase and combine the attack at Yang's with Jessica's somehow, I don't know. On the whole I don't think it's that big of a deal, as people will find out next episode why Iserlohn is such a big deal, but that's just a singular moment that the OVA pulls off better.

The thing I’m upset about is that Yang isn’t boozing at all in this series. I liked how in the OVA it felt like he had a drinking problem to an extent.

The part about Iserlohn bothered me a bit. At this point in the OVA it was already known knowledge what strategic significance Iserlohn fortress holds. Here it's just as you said: A "random fortress".

An assassination attempt and almost home invasion? Yang's already made a lot of enemies. I like that even though he's smart he still has his principles. Yeah he could've just stood and clap like the others but doing that betrays what he truly feels about that BS speech.

Now he's given command of half a fleet to take over an Imperial fortress? Yeah they're definitely not expecting him to go back from that mission.

≫almost home invasion

They threw a frag grenade through the window. I think that's beyond the average home invasion. Weird that they were so scared of the water hose given how they were armed.

In the OVA it was more like a fire hydrant that also triggered alarm to police / fire department, so the cops showed up quickly afterward. This is actually a relatively affluent neighborhood, mainly reserved for mid to senior military officers and family, so police showing up so late is already implying political involvement of cover up, but it makes sense for the thugs not to linger too long.

The police did eventually show up in the novel, but instead of pursuing those thugs, they actually commented on how patriotic this group is, for which Yang was more pissed off.

Congrats on not making the battle of Astarte a total defeat so as a reward, here's half a fleet and go take a huge-ass fortress

So if Yang succeeds, Truniht gets to claim the credit. If Yang loses, Truniht gets to see a detractor lose his fame. You gotta admit, that's pretty smart political maneuvering right there even if it's underhanded.

I liked the way we had Yang experience the wack sprinkler system as a foreshadowing of how Yang was gonna defend his home but gee wiz in what world would you need a water cannon as your sprinkler system?

≫gee wiz in what world would you need a water cannon as your sprinkler system?

I believe it was a fire hose in the original OVA. And activating it also served the double purpose of calling the fire department, which is the main reason the PKC ran away. I don't mind the change here though, because it's kind of funny, and Yang seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't set up his sprinklers properly.

although it makes the pkc look like total retards here, when in the old ova, they are a really scary group that beats up everyone anti-propaganda.

yeah the old ones where actually fearsome while this ones where literally clowns.
throws grenade through window
hey, hey, answer me. Hey, u dead? Hey!
gets wet
oh no, my makeup!

Yang Wen-li is the most likeable anime character I have ever seen and DNT does his personality justice.

Yang is great across centuries and adaptations, whether it be the 20th or the 21st century, whether it be the original OVA or Die Neue These. God bless Yang.

"In every time, in every place, the deeds of Yang remain the same."

God Yang is such a great character. Always loved him in the OVA and the remake is just reinforcing that fact. Love his cynical and lazy comments about the broken nature of the Alliance.

I love the moment when Trunicht was talking about freedom and how thats one thing the Alliance had worth protecting Yang was being critisized by someone else for not standing up. Ironic and symbolic all in one.

Lot of real life comparison to make too. For the American audiences I guess you could compare it how classrooms enforced standing for the flag and more recently the outcry over the kneeling of Colin Kaepernick.

A lot of people were wondering why Yang was called a hero just for evacuating El Facil last ep, well there's your answer. The episode even explained in case it would be missed.

The moment where Jessica interrupts to shit on Trunicht is as satisfying as ever. Fuck Trunicht seriously, that bastard.

But yeah, this episode did a good job of illustrating the problems the Alliance has along with its politics. The whole rhetoric about freedom, dissing pacifists and abundant use of nationalist talk is not something new and pretty much a historical thing. It's one the reasons the old logh OVA series is still so relevant today, and with it the remake.

I guess hypocrites do not know their own hypocrisy. Really disgusting how words like defend our freedom is being thrown out while that freedom is being withheld from their own people. And what makes them different from the Empire, really this is how the Empire started in the first place. More depressing and disgusting is that this is exactly how our politicians act in real life.

And wow so they already reached the point where state-sponsored paramilitary (?) forces are being utilized to suppress those against the state huh. Seems like only a few steps away from becoming another totalitarian state. So much for being free. I really hope nothing happened to Jessica. If those thugs could assault a hero like Yang, what more a nameless citizen like her.

This episode reaffirms Yang as the coolest, most likable character in this series. It seems like each episode only serves to make him cooler haha. I really love him.

Can't wait for the Rosen Ritter

Agreed! Where's that gif of Schenkopp with the rocket launcher when you need it?

Did someone say rocket launcher?

I should have expected that the FPA/Free Republic of United Space to feature hyper-patriotism. The social pressure to blindly follow your nation is something unsettling in real life and it was nice to see that the FPA has a dark underside. Hopefully, we'll get an episode that tries to balance out the Empire because I heard that neither side is fully good/evil.

But man, Yang keeps on being great in every episode.

Imagine the United States if World War II ended up being a 150 year stalemate. It's not a condition where democracy can thrive.

So this was a good episode. I lost it when yang just got blasted by a sprinkler out of nowhere, and liked that they turned it into a plot point. Jessica’s speech was great, and Trunicht was as much of an a-hole as I expected. Next episode is gonna introduce the Rosen Ritter. I hope we also see some of the unique flagships like Triglav and especially Hyperion next episode. I think we already saw Triglav in the OP and it looks great, so I’m excited for more. Just the ship design fan in me.

I’m gonna need somebody to replace the national anthem clip but with the USSR national anthem instead.
Also Iserlohn Fortress looks amazing. I enjoy much more futuristic this adaptation looks so far.

I needed this episode after having watched episode 82 of the OVA yesterday. I love how Julian told Yang to sit on the table and he did like a good little boy.

Really good stuff. Always appreciate it when fiction doesn't make Doves just look like cowards.

Honestly I like Yang as a character because he isn't really a pacifist in the sense that violence can never be tolerated he knows the FPA has to resist the Empire to preserve their freedoms. Still he hates war and the waste of human life that is caused by many poor officers and the stupidity of the conflict in general. War will exist and sometimes you have to fight but you shouldn't go saber rattling and without realizing the costs nor should it be celebrated. He just hopes the FPA can win to a point where a peace treaty can be signed to bring them momentarily peace.

One of the better dove characters I have seen though in fiction. Yang definitely is one of my favorite anime characters of all time.

I'm loving every episode of this remake. Its fun to see a new take and new visuals on the series. I recently watched the OVA and I think the characters have been captured really well DNT too, especially DNT Cazernu who is even better than the OVA imo, his design and personality are a lot more distinctive than OVA Cazernu.


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