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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Rotten Repose "

What's Sosuke's goal in trying to compete in Amalgam's blood sport? They know him and they know he isn't just some merc that's willing to work for them. The minute he shows up they should just shoot him.

The proliferation of ASes around the world is an interesting plot point. I don't know what Amalgam's trying to do with it, but I hope their goal is to make them common enough for schools to use them to bake giant pizzas.

In response to your first point I think what he is trying to do is just see what members of Amalgam he can get to crawl out of the woodwork. That is likely why he was using his real name in the first place, he wants someone to show up so he can drag some answers out of them.

As for the proliferation of ASes I'm not sure there is any big grand scheme behind it, it could very well just be Amalgam likes profiting off of wars. They are sponsored by at least one sovereign state so it could simply be just world powers fighting it out, in various proxy countries, over various economic interests.

The second part does have a lot of significance, keep it mind going forward in the series. Hopefully we’ll see it animated.

≫What's Sosuke's goal in trying to compete in Amalgam's blood sport?

Amalgam is aware he's trying to find them, so why are they ok with letting him live? Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for Sosuke, but if I was an evil organization and I knew a survivor from the group we just annihilated was looking for us, I'd order his death before he got everything he needed for his revenge.

I have no idea why but this just made laugh my ass off. This had better mean we get a Nendoroid version of Crossbow.

Funny story, Good Smile Company is actually releasing a 1/60 version of Crossbow sometime soon as part of their MODEROID line.

I have a minor immersion issue with the sponsoring on this episode...

The story of FMP is supposed to take place in 1998 for story reasons. I'm not sure that Good Smile actually existed back then. :/

I always thought it was early 2000s? Maybe the first series just threw me off.

No, the story begins in 1996 and ends in 1998.

This is actually important for the story later on, which is why it's a bit weird we got to see a kinda modern cellphone in the Kyouko abduction scene (compared to Kaname's "old" mobile in TSR).

I guess they can "stretch" it as far as 2004 for the end of the story without changing too much of it, but not later than that, else it wouldn't make sense for the soviet union still existing in the FMP universo.

Does anyone know why they switched the theme songs to English after last episode? seems like a weird choice since they were a lot better in Japanese

Probably because they're now outside of Japan. I don't know what Namsac's official language is, but English seems to at least be the lingua franca of the area.

Apart from the Japanese sponsors like Alter and GSC, most of the lettering on the ASes seem to be written in Thai. Nobody seems to have trouble talking to each other though so it's probably a Black Lagoon situation where everyone knows English but it's not the only language spoken there.

I don't know guys, I'm just so excited by this new season that I can't even start thinking bad things about it.

Smug Sousuke in the interrogation room was so cheesy and a table flip from his usual mood, he was so comfortable in it I was basically laughing from joy, the guy is such a mess I love it.

It's rendered so well in anime I just want to go and watch it all again as soon as the season's over.

Man these episodes feel so short I want more haha, Also I'm missing best girl Chidori it doesn't feel the same without her.

As much I think Chidori is a cool character. I actually enjoy the show without her. I honestly watch the show for Souske and his antics and not for female love interests.

"Next Bout. Category: Melee Weapons. CROSSBOW!" I just found this funny.

I've been wondering this since the beginning of the last episode, glad it was explained now.

Insightfulness, sarcasm - who was this guy who pretended to be Sousuke in front of the police chief.

Sosuke really needs the money for some reason and I'm not entirely sure why. Either that, or he know someway of getting to his main objective by going to the Amalgam's death matches.

This arc feels so weird. Having a whole new cast and just the battle arena thing was so out of the blue. It is definitely interesting, but I do hope we get some answers that take us back to the main plot line soon enough.

I also hope Nami doesn't get killed or abducted. She's nice enough that I hope the show just lets her be.

She’s definitely going to get at least abducted, Sousuke saving ingenue girls is this series’ bread and butter.

≫Sosuke really needs the money for some reason and I'm not entirely sure why

That's contradicting things he said in ep5: that money for hotel and 3 meals a day are enough.

At the same time he's going to the death matches which gives more money. He actually contradicts himself until he gives further reasoning.

That's only his rationale to the chief (otherwise he'd be really suspicious) and to Nami to try to get her to go along with it. In reality, he doesn't care - he's trying to get to Amalgam.

Did everyone enjoy that smooth jazz in the beginning of the ep.? Lol When Sousuke held up those paint cans, I thought it was the happiest I've ever seen him! 😆 The interrogation scene was sort of chilling, in a way. Not used to seeing Sousuke act that way.

I'm guessing Sousuke needs the money to buy parts to repair Al?

Also dat Bamco/Good Smile Co. Sponsorship >.<

Might need a Whispered for that.

Music has thankfully been more on point in these past couple episodes, but this episode the character animation was pretty iffy at times. The mechs still look fine, so I'd say they've got their priorities right. Let's just hope they can maintain decent quality through the rest of the season.

Of course, I'll still watch it, even if the quality does take a nosedive. I enjoyed Kemono Friends despite its animation, so I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy FMP.

Hmmm when are we going to find out Kaname's situation? I want to know if she's alright. Is Leonard treating her well as promised? Is she back to being a test subject? And what about Tessa and the survivors aboard the TDD? I like Nami, but I don't want Sousuke to fall for her.

So I'm glad to know what's actually going on. It felt weird and out of place how, after that heartfelt scene about promising to go get Chidori back, he just goes to Southeast Asia and becomes a bot fighting hobo. But knowing there's real bloodsport, controlled by Amalgam, it all comes together. I wonder if this is where he gets the new AS we see in the opening.

So much mech actioning! It feels like I haven't seen a decent mecha show lately until FMP4. I like the montage at the beginning. A good mech has got have a good repair crew. Reminds me a bit of Patlabor, where you always see the mechanics scurrying around.

Also laughed at the Bandai Namco mech getting destroyed in the arena.

Damn this episode felt so short! Of course the happy fun times with AS Battles would never last especially now that Sousuke has finally revealed what he was after all along. That explains why he didn't even bother to try and hide his real name. He really wanted to find Amalgam or for Amalgam to find him.

Not really that comfortable with Sousuke dragging civies into this though. I really hope he has something more planned and it's not just "go after Amalgam through their own bloodsports".

Also can I just say that I love the AS fixing montage and the AS battle montage with the smooth jazz at the first half of the show?It was so good! I love that they were even collecting sponsors like GSC and that other AS had Bandai Namco written all over them!


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