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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5

So, hello, Benny from Black Lagoon, how's it hanging?

I am so hoping Revy makes a cameo

I feel like Sousuke and Revy would hit it off. The first time they meet she’d probably insult him and he’d nonchalantly deflect her and she’d get all pissed off in typical Revy fashion, but that would all melt away the second she saw him handle a gun. They’d make good combat buddies.

Oh! So that's why I kept thinking about Black Lagoon during this episode... man, I really forgot almost everything about it...

To the people saying this feels like it’s out of left field, think of it this way: these are based on books. If it had worked out, I almost think last episode would have ended a season, in TV terms. Then we’d start a new season with Sousuke on the run and having given up the status quo. The first half of this episode was the beginning of one of the novels, and part of the fun was meeting new characters and going “why are we here? Where is Sousuke?” and then he blows in like some mysterious wandering samurai. But as an episode 5 of a 1 cour show, I can see why you might feel the way you do.

I think it makes more sense that there was a recap episode last week then, to kinda make it feel like a new arc. I personally don't have an issue with it. Obviously this will tie in with the main storyline.

Funnily, as an anime-only watcher I feel like all of this was evident just from watching the episode. We were introduced to these characters with this pacing to relate the passing of time to the viewer, because there wasn't enough time to actually relate the passing of time to the viewer. After the sting of episode 4's climax, they needed to slow down the pace to let the meaning of those events resonate with the audience.

I think Full Metal Panic's newest season is delivering beyond all expectations. I thought that after so many years it would be awful, but no, every episode is intense, every event is meaningful, every setback almost physically hurts. It's such good TV.

Damn dude. Sohsky Seagull went 0-100 real fast this episode with the knife. Im interested to see the higher tier matches, what mechs are fighting and who the sponsors are. My guess is that he will eventually have to fight Leonard’s ironman robots.

Yeah, losing Kaname made him harden up quite a bit. Sosuke was never the guy to pointlessly mess around... but this was scary even for him.

agree, however, I believe he was always hard but softened when he met Kaname, and now he's going back to the basic of being a killer, which the knife scene illustrates because afterward he questions whether or not he should have killed him.

Sohsky Seagull for the win! And Lemon resembles Kurz if he had chosen to be studious instead.

Honestly up until he didn't go ham on the guys in the Alley I thought he was Kurz! Figured the crew of the de Danaan had picked a port or a city to try and lay low in.

I knew he wasn't Kurz when he didn't hit on Nami lol

Have we seen Rick in previous seasons? Haven't watched them in years.

Nah, first time he's appeared.
He hasn't been with Mithril for years.

Man doesn't even have a last name. You don't go around asking for "Rick", how many Ricks could there already be in that town.

Tbf, he specifically went looking for him among the AS pilots. That, and being an American in SEA should help narrow the results down.

It was featured in the OP but this AS tournament thing came somewhat out of the left field. I wonder why Sousuke is in that town.

English version of the OP as ED? Nice!

He already said why he was there; he was looking for Rick and a new AS to pilot after losing his Arbalest and his connections to Mithril.

English version of the OP as ED? Nice!

right? they let her re-sing the entire opening in English, that's so cool! Even if the Japanese version stays the more energetic sounding one of them.

Also great to hear some actual english instead of the usual "engurishu" of anime openings.

Well that was interesting... I mean the AS tournament was featured in the OP but I didn't expect that this is how that ties in to the story.

So I guess the Danaan along with its crew managed to escape Amalgam then? They can't just not show us what happened to them! I do hope we get a confirmation that the rest of the surviving crew is safe on the next episode though. And is Sousuke somewhere in Southeast Asia? Or at least I think they're in SEA judging by the names.
As for the episode though? That was pretty fun! Nice to see Sousuke showing cocky assholes how it's done just like the old times. So is he out recruiting former soldiers? And what is he looking for exactly? Also why are you giving out your actual name and not using an alias!?

Nami is pretty cute and fun too! And from the looks of it another girl that will probably fall in love with Sousuke. As for Lemon I was actually surprised! I thought that was Weber working undercover until he started speaking.

The reason he gave out his actual name was because he is in Namsac, a city in the FMP-equivalent of afghanistan. Nobody knows him by this name in this country, because back when he was a guerilla, his name wasn't Sosuke Sagara.

In a way, his actual name is as much of an alias as a name he would make up on the fly.

≫Namsac, a city in the FMP-equivalent of afghanistan.

Namsak is in South East Asia, in a border in either Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia.

I don't want to spoil you on this story arc, so I'll just answer your questions like this: It's not really a tournament arc... The tournament is just a plot device. Also, don't get too optimistic about the tone of this arc either...

Everything went too well this episode... it's gonna go to shit isn't it lol.

And that's what makes this series great. Its not the cliche happy go lucky shit.

Series definitely took a completely different direction than what I expected.

is the "I can't eat another bite" while sleeptalking cliche a running joke by the writers in the manga? i thought it was curious that Sousuke says the same thing Tessa says at the beginning of episode 9 of Fumoffu.

It's a more general trope that shows up in a lot of anime/manga.

The best 2 arcs are now live. Love it or hate it this is how it will be until the very end. ;P

I thought this was some flashback at first, how did Sohsky end up that city? If it was covered in the recap episode I'll go back and watch it I guess.
Interesting to see how Sohsky didn't go for the kill on Dao, I agree with him it would have been the better choice but I guess he is having an inner conflict after all that happened lately

So this was one of my least favorite arcs in the books, but I’m actually really liking it in anime form. It’s definitely a shift in tone from the previous arc, but it just felt... fun. I liked watching Lemon and Nami interact with eachother, I liked the shift in the setting, I liked watching Sousuke kick ass in the old-school robot... to me it was a solid episode all-around. It didn’t feel like 20 minutes at all.
Anyweasel, this season continues to impress me. I feel like all the changes from the source material have only made the story better, and the directing is pretty darn solid. I was happy enough to even get a fourth season; I’m extra happy that this season is legitimately good.

So glad they used the OP instead of the ED at the end. The OP is way more hype _^

Agreed. Plus the OP is all about Sousuke and the ED is all about Chidori, and this is definitely a Sousuke-driven episode. It makes sense to end it with him.

Sure was an unexpected change of pace, but know what? I'm absolutely loving it. The new characters and setting feel really fresh and I think after the despair of the past 4 episodes, it's exactly what we needed.

My favorite arc in the entire novel series <3 I completely love Nami as a character, cannot wait for this to be animated.

Finally, a laid back episode.
The series started in full throttle from the get-go, and we never had time to unwind

This was so much fun :D The way he waltz in and steals the show, what he says of Rick and how he closes the talk about him in the bar after the match, and his sleepy talk haha.

I love this serie :') So glad we got a new season.


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