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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 4 everone's impressions

Episode 4
"On My Own "

I have been waiting for this episode for 10 years and they did an awesome job animating it. So so so damn happy right now, damn I am too old for this.

I second this. The moment I noticed there would be no opening I knew great non-stopping things were coming.

Didn't even realize there was no OP/ED until the end.

I am so glad to see things so well structured this episode.
One of the best anime of this season.

This scene really got me

Yeah, I love how they used the dramatic reveal in this scene. It's not flashy over-the-top; it's rather subtle, but in execution still making sure that this is the point of no return.

Also the episode ending with a close shot of him stepping outside of the school, which was less subtle, but still quite impactful.

Hits even harder when you remember how Ono D was in Fumoffu. Seeing him all serious like this made it get to me so much worse.

It's a real shame how he's treated especially after things that happened in Khanka. But that scene was great nevertheless.

Not sure about the manga, but this guy had never shown any interest in Kyouko Tokiwa. I liked the scene, but it would have better if there was a reason why he got violent and not someone else.

Just rewatched the first 3 seasons and these 4 episodes, and I'm excited to see where this story goes.

≫but this guy had never shown any interest in Kyouko Tokiwa

Most of the ship tease between the 2 happens in the short stories which weren't translated. The only part of that that went into the anime is near the end of the last episode of Fumoffu.

I mean, they were at least friends. It's not like you need a deeply personal reason to hate a guy who brought war to your doorstep.

For a good 15 seconds I had no idea what was going on with Ms. Kagurazaka. Caught me completely by surprise.

I thought it was Mao at first, but then again I forget Wraith hides in the shadows. Badass scene though nevertheless.

holy shit the CG animation was fucking ON POINT; mad mad mad props to xebec and shame on me for doubting them

this was easily the best episode of this season so far. i'm still getting chills all over ma body....and dat last scene with sousuke bowing. da feeels ;_;

I loved that deep bow. It's amazing how different this season is from the rest of them.

I always hate CG in anime. Can't stand it. It looks out of place and ruins animation, which is why I'm watching cartoons.

I fucking love it in this show.

It's so well done, the movements are fluid and perfect, and the combat is just a step above everything else. I wonder if they used mocap? the fight scenes in this episode were especially amazing.

My heart hurts. Also, after watching a bunch of hxh Namikawa Daisuke's voice is starting to agitate me smh.

Everything from Belial appearing to Sousuke's face right here (and his terrified whimper) was just awful... well done, but ouch.

At least Tessa loves us.

≫At least Tessa loves us.
best girl loves everyone

We all knew this was gonna be a heartbreaker, but when even AL had a feeling, it hurt even more.
You're discharged AL. Best mech ai-bou!

I don't really have much in the way of discussion to contribute, but I really want to say, this show makes me feel like a kid again. Even during the dark moments, I'm so happy to be here, 13 years later watching this. I still can't wrap my head around it.

I didn't want to point this out before the scene was over, but in the LN, instead of Kaname cooperating with Sousuke, she tells him that it's impossible to rescue everyone at school without surrendering, while part of Sousuke agrees that sacrificing Kaname for all of the students and faculty would be the wise decision, he can't bring himself to give her up and tases Kaname with a stun gun, leaving her at the rooftop while he tries to disable the bombs at the school. Al tries to argue against it saying that it's impossible to fight Amalgam and disable all bombs, but Sousuke insists that he'll make it possible.

During the evacuation of the school, Hayashimizu-senpai never mentioned Sagara by name too. He simply said that there was a poison gas leak, and that yes, it was that guy's fault. The Arbalest also sustains much more damage while it's jamming the bomb's signal and some of it's limbs were about to give in. Also, after Wraith takes Kyouko to her van, we see that Wraith had taken in Kaname from the rooftop where Sousuke had left her.

There's also a scene excluded from the anime where Mao escapes through the forest without ammo and with a sprained knee while the forest burns until she hallucinates a white tiger that guides her back towards the base. This is later revealed to be Shiro, Sousuke's pet which he couldn't keep in his flat in the second volume of Side Arms, the side story series centered around Mithril, that was released a few months after volume 8(the one that the next arc will adapt). The volume in which Shiro appears is the only side story volume that was translated still available. There, i have extra details even for the LN readers.

During the TDD's escape, the Behemot is hit in the hip by the ship which weighs more than 4 times as much. I assume they changed the scale because it looked cooler that way.

And here's the author's afterword. Sadly, this is the last one i have since this was the last one to be translated. But stay with us in the next volume's adaptation, Burning One Man Force. I'll give you fan service next time, too!

You sir, are a god. Looking forward to your reddit contributions on episode 5, as always.

There's a very important part that was also left out in this scene - just to be exact, the description of what Sousoke does in the novel after the battle. He gets holed up in his safe house, patches himself up, and stays there for three days with his mind stuck on the screams of Kyoko ('I don't want to die without knowing anything!"). It's the ultimate downer seeing him "licking his wounds" after a battle. I find it moving, and actually quite a huge thing for him that he decides to go back to the school and give an explanation. The old Sousoke wouldn't have done that, because the old Sousoke treated other human beings as complete aliens. The fact that he actually gives a shit about explaining himself is a major character development point.

FMP Sigma does a great job of following the light novel pretty much to a T with this scene, and it's incredibly tense. Especially the way Chidori gets all cold and calculating for a little bit. It's definitely more cynical than I think after a decade of waiting Gatoh wanted to keep since it seems just a bit out of place for this part of the series. As you mentioned in your other comments, there would definitely be changes he would want to make. But I feel like that will keep the series fresh for all those who have already finished it years ago. Love seeing these comparisons, keep up the good work!

Part of me wonders, with that particular ending, the way Sousuke's eyes are hidden, if we seeing the first steps on the road to him once again becoming that 'Killer Sain't Gauron spoke about.

His old life is in tatters. Any hope of being normal, gone. He either expects or believes most of the key people in his life are probably dead - and Leonard stole Kaname.

I expect the upcoming roaring rampage of revenge to make the ending in The Second Raid look like a light appetizer.

  • Kaname stops just short of grabbing Sousuke's hand, maybe because doing this would mean acknowledging he might not come back.

  • Jesus fuck, I blame this accident on AS designers giving zero thought to transportation

  • I'm going to need a crowbar to unclench my fist right now, Kaname is not to be treated like a trophy

  • Kicking Cute Captain? That's a death sentence

  • This show once again reminds me how much I love every single character. Sousuke's rampage was great, though I wish he'd done more damage to Leonard.

    I'd been waiting for this episode a long time and I didn't leave disappointed. I think the mecha-fight animation was very well done, with Belial being the threat I remembered.

    Now this episode was a great way to make way to the arc that got me to think that not only nostalgia would make me believe Full metal panic was one of the best stories of the genre.

    Oh my goodness, I am so unbelievably happy with how they reintroduced Season 3! I watched FMP from the very first time it came out and followed it all the way through and with this new season kicking off, I'm stoked! Although did anyone find this one real dark?
    But the scene of Chidori separating from Sagara got me right in the feels....

    Given how much shit went down and how clouded Sousuke's judgement as become as a "Professional Soldier" and see him become more affectionate towards Chidori it was really difficult to watch her give herself up in front of Sousuke like that.

    This scene struck me more than the other scenes in this episode just purely because we all knew at some point they were probably going to be separated but doing it like this just makes me feel so hard for Sousuke.

    The fact that Chidori went as far as to say "I'll love you and only you if let Sousuke live" hits me even harder.

    Definitely want to see how Sousuke over comes this. This show is making The Second Raid look like fucking kind-garden.

    Goddamn I love this series.

    I liked the little details in this episode: Chidori and Sousuke's body language, the sound of Sousuke biting his lip (the fact that he doesn't or cannot cry after Chidori surrenders), the deep bow in the last scene (with the hiccup or intake of air in reaction to Onodera's harsh words), etc. All were superbly executed. This is my favorite episode by far.

    Also, I was quite astounded with some of the murder (even though there's been tons of it lol). Sousuke stabbing the one man in the neck and shooting the men, with Wraith, on the roof just struck me as quite the departure from the other series (though TSR has its own gruesome scenes).

    Every week this series has me so emotional over it. It's got me remembering the good old days of watching mecha series and I'm loving it.

    I've been excited for this episode, the day he reveals himself to his classmates, the promise to bring Chidori back, and his goodbye to the high school life. It's painful, oh so painful.

    This week hit me especially hard, but at least I have some Fate Cooking to watch after this to pick me up.

    That was amazing, really like the fast pace this is going at considering the episode constraint. But i'll be kinda disappointing if we don't get the history of Mithril flashback.

    All of the scenes with Chidori and Sousuke have been on point this season! And as a manga/LN reader, this episode was everything I’d hoped it would be - a perfect combination of tension and heartbreak. There are no words to describe how much I am loving this new season.


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