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Favourite Non-Action Moments of Animation?

As the title says, what are your favourite moments of quality animation which aren't action scenes?

Honestly, the moment that keeps coming to my mind Tsukishima from S3 of Haikyuu. The character just seemed so real to me in this moment.

The zooming to chitanda's eyes in Hyouka ep 1.

such a perfect representation of her personality with the sparkles and flowers everywhere

3-Gatsu no Lion is full of some of the best moments depicting emotions and thoughts; as someone who lives with anxiety and depression, it's really something special to watch.
I find it oddly reassuring to have feelings depicted visually, and it also has plenty of warm scenes with beautiful animation to balance the darker scenes.
Edit: Rei Example
Rei & Hina Example
Akari & Cat Example
Momo vs Cat Example
Rei Wave Example

Hibike Euphonium Season 2 Episode 5. Crescent Moon Dance.

Each hand and finger movement animated to perfection. KyoAni perfection.

I feel almost like cheating bringing KyoAni into this but goddamn Euphoniums just so fucking good. I can't really express how much I didn't care about band or music concerts before this or how much I do care about them now just because of how wonderful of a job KyoAni did on this show.

Ep 2 of Sora yori the chase scene and all of Hibike! Blows me away.

I think it being a chase scene makes it action? But if not, this was so good, just so much wonder in that scene, it just screams youthful energy.

Well recently, that lake scene in Violet Evergarden.

Yeah that scene was beautiful probably one of my favorites

The expansion of the pre-battle conversation in the final episode. I loved seeing those detailed animations of her expressions during that emotional conversation.
"I don't know."

Everything in Nichijou

You trying to say Nichijou isn't an action anime?

I mean, when you say it now, it may kinda be. But it's more iconic scenes don't seem that actionish to me.

This. Every. Single. Time.

Every frame is like a goddamn work of art, and this scene is the reason I love Aqua so much.

It's more of the fact that Sora Amamiya's ability to really reflect Aqua's movements with her ridiculous understanding and portrayal of Aqua that makes that scene outstanding with all the off-model animation. Her increasing tone of desperateness as Aqua begins to move crazier and crazier is just amazing!

Basic cartooning 101.

Squash and stretch. Exaggerated movements add to the comedy of a scene, like slapstick but instead of being hit they're contorting their bodies into impossible shapes.

Just look at Ren and Stimpy, or hell, ANY Looney Tunes cartoon. I'd even say any cartoon in general. It's all over the place.

It's just so rare to see it used in Anime. I mean, sure they'll make their characters move weird (like in Kill La Kill), but that's not the same thing as this.

Probably the not-so-infamous chocolate coronet conversation in Lucky Star (the first anime I ever watched besides Pokemon), mostly for nostalgic reasons. It was the scene that really opened the medium of anime wide open for me and let me know that what I was watching was different from the Western cartoons I was accustomed to.

Ah yes, welcome to anime: the realm of boring conversations.

I don't get it. Is there something to like about that scene? Because, for as much as I like Lucky Star, that was the scene that made me think, "Wow, no wonder they fired the director".

I like that scene both because I love learning weird little things about characters like that, but mostly because I've been in that exact conversation multiple times and it reminds me of my own close friend group. It was entertaining in a "damn, this is what we looked like when talking about this, I can't believe we spent so much time having a heated debate about this" kind of way. It brings me back to when my friends argued about the correct sequence to ordering food at the drive-thru, and the time we argued about how to eat an Oreo (because obviously you have to rip it in half, then take the top off of one of the two halves. That way, you can lick the cream, eat a normal cookie, and eat the cream with the cookie, all from the same Oreo. I can't believe they didn't get that).

Miyako calling Yuno "Yunocchi" for the first time

Shiki eating ice cream, in the first Kara no Kyoukai movie.

I think it's also quite an ingenious piece of subtle social commentary that highlights how much of our world is built solely around the perspective of the fully able-bodied person.

Too many to list, so I'll just link a couple of my favorites from Hyouka, since it was the first to pop into my head.
One and two

The kuchikamizake dream sequence in Your Name.

My Hero Academia,when All Might said to Midoriya ,”You can be a hero definitely. “

The entirety of kimi no nawa.
Also, that one scene where asuna gives kirito a sandwich.

I'd say everytime miyuki makes a good hit when batting in diamond no ace it's dope everytime

The scene filled with tension in Shippuden episode 82 where Shikamaru is playing shogi with his father and then starts crying due to the emotional stress for losing you know who. Quality animation.

Yuki facing the camera at the end of Gakkou Gurashi Episode 1.

the baseball episode of dragon ball super


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