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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19

“Don’t worry, we only wiped the memories of 2 of the squad 13 members”
These fuckers really don’t know how much fire they are playing with

Dr. Franxx was also on the nose with mentioning that that Ape's actions will cause the children to become disobedient.

So Zero Two is Frank's "daughter" of sorts, right?

Dr. Franks literally genetically engineered the baby of him and his loli waifu (but it's cool cuz she's super oldTM ), the absolute MADMAN

Well, technically he did not lewd her. So good for him?

I think he went beyond lewding:
> gets his finger licked by loli
> loli eats my arm off
> don't give a fuck. Loli licked me. Gonna make baby.

Watch it be revealed that Hiro is the clone of Frank, so Zero Two and Hiro would be almost brother and sister.

Unless, that is, Zero Two is a clone of the Klaxx princess and Karina combined. In which case, the two of them boning might result in that child Karina always wanted.

Thing is, pilots need to be able to reproduce. So that should mean that 02 was lied to when she was told she can't produce children.

It's still possible that she has full reproductive capacity, but somehow cannot produce viable children with humans due to her genetic profile.

That's true, but it would still be a lie. Any moment where there is a potentially viable option and someone chooses to say there are no viable options is a moment where that someone is lying.

The rest of them were lied to, too. It's just that Zero Two is the only one who has been given direct confirmation that hers is a case that is out of the ordinary. The rest of the squad aren't even sure if they can produce children or not. They just assume they can.

Well Kokoro and Mitsuru got their memories erased but what if she got pregnant before the brain wash and APE didn't find out about it. After all it had been decades since the last pregnancy happened, I don't think they have many obstetricians around at this point. They may be close to find out for sure if they can reproduce or not, the hard way.

Why is it always Australia that gets the short end of the stick? Gundam, Pacific Rim, and now FRANXX.

probably because it's easier to explain why it would take a bit of time for allies to arrive and help defend a country like Australia. no offense to the RAAF/ADF!

Plus you can never know if there was a major disaster, or just the emu enacting their revenge.

Frank is the type of guy to always tell you he's an atheist even though it isn't relevant to the conversation

Well, he was an atheist until he got his arm bitten off by a demon loli and discovered divine ecstasy.

Well, lady Doc sure died for nothing!

She was so cool too

This face was perfect

Her reaction was so cute! She was like
"Seriously? You want me to spell it out for you?"

Let this be a lesson for ladies: if you think you're being too obvious, you're not being obvious-enough.

Of course Zero-Two was a experiment of the Professor.

Who apparently is a massive pervert who gets off on suffering life-threatening injuries.

Also, him being effectively her (abusive) father would explain why the Professor lets her do whatever she feels like now. It wasn't made clear though, is 02 just a clone of the Klax princess or a human-klax hybrid?

Probably a mix of Klax-hime and the Doc's considering the words he uttered

Another huge information dump episode

For a while there i thought Karin milsa was the old lady that Zorome met in the city(i guess thats still not impossible).

Zero Two's mother is the Klaxosaurs Queen, or maybe she is just a clone of her?

this show doesn't take place as far into the future as i expected, assuming Dr.franxx never took the immortality injection

If humanity starts digging for magma in the next 10 years i'm gonna be worried.

≫this show doesn't take place as far into the future as i expected, assuming Dr.franxx never took the immortality injection
They showed the first Klaxsaur attack in 2037 and have said previously that they've been fighting the Klaxsaurs for 100 years. So, it's after 2137 right now.

Dr.franxx did say he would rather replace his body with mechanical parts. So maybe he eventually did get round to it

I was surprised at how dark the creation of the Franxx were.

Normally his wife dying would be the point where they shift to new methods, but no, she just ended up being the first of hundreds to die that way.

And you know the mission is going to be something they can't or won't fulfill. Which will lead us to the final APE showdown.

At least, in any other anime I would be certain of that, but this if DitF and it doesn't stick to the rules.

≫And you know the mission is going to be something they can't or won't fulfill. Which will lead us to the final APE showdown.
"Your final mission? Just stand there and die."

I'm ready for a protocol 32 to be called in and then Mitsuru and Kokoro actually go through with it.


Good job futoshi for not taking advantage of kokoro

Futoshi renamed to Fubroshi.
Gobro and Fubroshi, the bro squad.

Fubroshi and Gobro best Bros

Wait no, if there is a special episode next week how will I watch episode 20! Twitter

Another special next week.


Bad news: Need to wait longer than usual for next episode, 5 episodes left

Good news: Literally everything about the episode, the one with the sharper fangs wins!

That's what Darling in the Franxx Bites is!

Dr Franxx likes cute demon girls and smiles when getting his arm ripped off by an alien loli with tentacles.

In other words ONE OF US!!!

So Zero Two is a clone of the princess, do you think she has some human DNA?

She probably has Dr. Werner's own DNA. She's his daughter pretty much.

What if it's Klaxohime's and Karina's, and then Hiro is some type of modified clone of himself.. up the compatibility even further, and Karina REALLY wanted a child

Could be that 02 is Werner and Klaxohime and Hiro is Werner and Karina.

That would mean 02 and Hiro are half-siblings. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Little Nana and Hachi were cute. I hope they can have their moment to shine in the final episodes.

I still can't get over how good the new OP looks.

This was a really good and informative episode, it's made the world much more interesting and I look forward to other people's perspective on the world.

The rebellion is coming closer and I'm looking forward to it, I just hope no main characters die.

I think we can all always be glad for the excellent camerawork that goes into this series.

Karina x Frank is an unexpectedly cute ship. She did not deserve to die like that. Come on, DarliFra, stop breaking my heart like that.

The whole rise of APE feels incredibly authentic and terrifying. Kudos to the writers and production team for their hard work.

So Zero Two is 001's daughter after all, in a manner of speaking. Frank, you sly guy.

young Nana and Hachi are super cute

Futoshi you beautiful madman.

Gave up his own happiness by saying he didn't want to be partners anymore!
Karina was such a lovely lady, I didn't expect her death to be so...quick.

Dr. Frank bringing the Neutral Character to new levels. I love the fact that we got clear answers for once. THIS SHOW IS AMAZING


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