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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 18 everyone's impressions

Episode 18
"When the Sakura Blooms"

That was an angry Hiro monologuing at the end and I want to see him tear Ape apart with his bare now Dino hands.

Is it time to ROW ROW ?

Fight the POWAH



Damn, I really want Hachi to reveal himself as a dark horse that intervenes with Nana and somehow helps these kids towards whatever destiny they're in store for.
'Just sit there and watch like always' feels like solid motivation for that...

I mean what 9alpha said definitely made him realize he couldn't just sit on his ass and watch anymore. I hope he becomes a bro, gets his empathy (and feelings in general) back and helps both Nana and Squad 13.
Just imagine how hype it'd be if they both joined the kids in their rebellion.

OP ends with Hiro, alone, hugging himself, then fading away to swirly crap.
I'ma go with "probably not".

What a great series finale! Everyone lived happily ever after. Weird that this last episode only lasted 14 minutes..

Papa has invited you to lake Laogai.

Hiro suggested Mitsuru and Kokoro get married to get the deathflags off him and 02. The absolute madman.

Hiro is genre aware. He knows he has to do rebellion now.
Wise to make others test how far APE would tolerate intimacy.

All the other parasites are just pawns in his scheme.

Obviously, this is just another part of Hiro's 200 IQ plans. Now that they're in the Bird's Nest thingy, they can get more parasites to rebel.

But he said sorry, so it is OK

Now more than ever I truly believe that the Dr. FranXX / Scientist guy with the "eyepatch / thing covering his eye" started out the series (in the earliest flashbacks that is) as a scientist tool of APE who was purely interested in the science and none of the underlying seriousness / meaning / humanity of the subjects he was testing.
I think once he realized what actually was taking place between 02 and Hiro he sort of switched gears into thinking he could secretly work towards another goal while maintaining the status quo with the job APE expects him to do.
That secret work? Repopulating humanity the traditional way by realizing Hiro and 02's bond could be the "Adam and Eve" pair that humanity, in it's current state, needs to "reboot" and revitalize itself naturally.
Any takers on this theory? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has drawn this conclusion as I've seen plenty of others speculating on the Dr. FranXX / Scientist's true goals and stance on things. That said I think that this episode, without showing the Dr. FranXX / Scientist at all, managed to push me over the summit of uncertainty towards his allegiance / alliance / true goals.

He was incharge of the memory wipe before (with Zero Two and Hiro). So I'm thinking he probably made sure Mitsuru and Kokoro got to keep the rings too or removed them then gave it back to them. So there's a chance they remember and restart their relationship. Because there's no way 9-Alpha and/or the other soldiers and scientists would let them keep that ring on their fingers, it's physical proof.
Definately looks like there's gonna be potential for them remembering because of Kokoro seeing that Sakura tree.

≫He was incharge of the memory wipe before (with Zero Two and Hiro). So I'm thinking he probably made sure Mitsuru and Kokoro got to keep the rings too or removed them then gave it back to them. So there's a chance they remember and restart their relationship.
HELL YES, exactly! That's a definite mark on the side of agreeing with my stance on the Dr. FranXX / Scientists' goals. He can't go against APE and do whatever he wants or go against their orders but he can casually / secretly omit parts of his work which will allow his plan to come to fruition in the future?
That sounds about right, especially since there are plenty of times where we see the Dr. FranXX / Scientist being the one who has to actually perform / do the things that make us think he's on evil's side when in reality he's just keeping up appearances for APE to see while secretly working on his project to reboot humanity the natural way.
≫there's no was 9-Alpha and/or the other soldiers and scientists would let them keep that ring on their fingers, it's physical proof.
Absolutely. I figured the soldiers guarding them when they brought them out to see the rest of Squad 13 would have taken away the rings once they realized they never got taken off but either they don't care or they are outside of the loop in terms of what significant those rights might hold in terms of acting like the catalyst / kick starter for Mitsuru and Kokoro to start remembering what was erased / scrambled / disconnected memory wise in their brains.
≫Definately looks like there's gonna be potential for them remembering because of Kokoro seeing that Sakura tree.
Absolutely. Kokoro was obsessed with tress and plants and their meanings. In the same way Hiro was giving out names to his peers based on their number because that interested him, Kokoro seemed to associate flowers with people and things and once Mitsuru came around to open up to Kokoro and they eventually started getting closer everything about their interactions took place in the greenhouse garden area, something that I'm sure won't be lost on Mitsuru if the memory winds up coming back to him some way.

Fuck you APE.

Also Nana in a pistil suit.

Poor Nana, she looked so broken.

Holy shit she didn't deserve to get whatever kind of treatment she's having after seeing her partner (whom she seems to have feelings for) die.
Seeing her like that in that room just SCREAMS for someone with a heart to give her a hug.

That might be what breaks Hachi and brings back HIS emotions.

If that happens I hope it also brings back his glorious hair

( ͡° ͜V ͡°) → /( ͡° ͜V ͡°)\

Hopefully the rebellion starts in next episode.

It better, we only have a few episodes left.

Nahh let that be Season 2. This anime is (hopefully) too popular for there not to be a Season 2.
Let that stuff happen in full 25 episode glory, not some rushed 3-5 episode thing.

So the stoic soldier boy Hachi is going to step up right? Seems like he is the good guy.

Probably. He at least understands that his lack of empathy is detrimental to the squad.

I bet him stepping up will be crucial for the incoming rebellion, or even be the reason that sets it going full speed!


Mitsuru putting the ring on Kokoro was how they spent their night.

Yep, and that phrasing was 100% on purpose.

Seriously "Ouch, but keep going" had me laughing. Just driving it home Trigger.
Just like Mitsuru did, hey-o!

I can't believe the Nines spoiled the royal wedding.

Ahhh fuck. I can't believe you've done this.

Erased their memory.
Let them keep the rings.


The real question is, what happened with their baby...

That is obviously gonna be the way they find out about their lost memories.

Also the group photo they took before the wedding.

oh man, I can already smell the rebellion

I've been waiting for some kind of rebellion against Papa for like ten episodes now. They better get to it soon!

Jesus, that's hard to look at.

RIP Futoshi's heart.


Welcome to Darling in the Citruxx!

That Ikuno confession was surprisingly moving. Good stuff.
(BTW, these "strawberry" jokes have gone right over my head the last few weeks... help explain?)

Ichigo means strawberry.

Hiro's narration at the end is so good. You can tell he's fed up with all the bullshit APE is doing to them. IM READY FOR HIM TO LEAD THE REBELLION YES.

Yes, but the opening suggest it won't end well at least for Zero Two Q_Q

Wow, Futoshi decided to be the priest by himself. The man finally gets some development and tries to move on.

Although I still think he was developed the least and it's too late for developing his character further (because this will probably be the final episode before everything goes to shit) and he will stay as the fat guy who's the butt of the jokes.

Zorome enters the fray!

Why do I feel like that is foreshadowing an epic arrival and sacrifice for Zorome now.

I just want him and Miku to make it. Keep the pure couple pure Trigger/A-1.

Goddamit, I knew everything was going too well and everyone was too happy so something bad would happen but it still hurts to see the kids like that.

The scene between Ikuno and Ichigo was great, and Hiro and Zero Two spinning under the cherry blossoms was beautiful.

That vision that Zero Two had was disturbing, the stamens that she consumed trying to grab onto her and that big ass hand trying to squat her too.

Also, we have confirmation that Hachi and Nana were parasites too and that at least Nana also showed emotions and faced the consequences of that. Hopefully Hachi starts to act out of his own will too and help the kids.

To be honest I thought that we weren't going to see Kokoro and Mitsuru again. Between their character development and the whole "together until death" had me thinking that, but fortunately they're still alive although with their memories wiped out.


That fistfight Zero Two had with the assholes was brutal. This is the same Zero Two that beat the shit out of the people she is now defending. And it was instinctual, not some calculating move by Zero Two. Good for Zero Two, she really does care about them now.

But damn, eight of them vs Zero Two and they barely broke a sweat. And it just ended swiftly with that one blow that looked like it really hurt. Really brought the sense of overwhelming force and hopelessness for Squad 13.

Man, Ichigo has developed a lot in the last 4 episodes. She went from trying to keep Hiro all to herself to comforting those who fell the same as she did back then. Definitely one of my favorites.

Hiro's last sentence makes the episode, can't wait for the final arc!


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