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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 17 everyone's impressions

Episode 17

I knew sexuality was a cornerstone of this series, but I must admit, I'm a bit surprised they actually went there with Mitsuru and Kokoro.

less about the sex, more about the union and fertility. After all, they didn't show the act of sex itself, they showed Kokoro and Mitsuru embracing in the aftermath.

The Mitsuru-Kokoro dynamic is really interesting. He doesn't act like he's particularly "attracted" to her (she is the one drawn to him). But we've seen several times that he cares for her well-being and acts to protect her when she needs it.

Yea I thought Kokoro might have sex with him eventually but I wasn't expecting it this episode after he'd kinda pushed him away earlier. But everything that occurred this episode (the talk with Hiro, the argument with the Nines about Iota, talk about kids) combined with him wanting to protect her kinda accelerated things.

I think he does like her but he's just emotionally distant and didn't really know what to do with his feelings, let alone what was going on with sex. His remarks before she came onto him in the garden definitely show some level of attraction

It's not really sexuality as it is fertility which sexuality is a part of. Kokoro & Mitsuru embody the human principle of fertility and an act of intimacy lost to this Civilization

It fits the continuity of the show though.

Out of the fixed couples (as in, those who didn't get together for convenience and with actual feelings involved on either side) right now we have Hiro-02, Goro-Ichigo, Zoro-Miku and those two.

Hiro-02 weren't gonna be the first ones because they're the center of the story and if they do it, it's gonna be a big climax (literally) to their story. Also because 02 isn't full human so her being able to conceive, if it happens, will be a twist.

Goro-Ichigo won't happen because Goro's feelings aren't reciprocated and looking at the ED Ichigo seems destined for a lesbian relationship, and Goro keeps getting pummeled by death signs.

Zoro-Miku won't happen first because they're the most childish out of the couples.

Meanwhile Kokoro is the one who got the procreation book in the first place, both are pretty mature (for kids I mean) and their couple has been moving forward fast recently. It makes sense IMO.

Blue Oni theory Turned out to be True
Kokoro had Sex with Mitsuru
Nana having PTSD Flashbacks
Ikuno using her lesbian rage to slap Alpha
Code 001 is voiced by Rie Kugimiya

What a weird Saturday.

Don't forget "Damn human wannabes" aka Klaxosaurs are in humanities corner cause A.P.E sure as hell ain't.

I think both sides see themselves as the "true" humans. APE cast aside parts of evolutionary humanity that they felt were not truly human. They're human minus. The Klaxx princess seems like animal "plus," she's different from other klax. Is it because she is descended from humans, or a changed human? Regardless, she's more than just emotion and stimulus/response.

I still think the show is about blending opposites: blue/red boy/girl hard/soft rational/emotional human/klax. (edit: forgot the big one: spirit/body. APE seems to reject even the body, appearing by hologram and even their forms are metal shells. They hide their forms almost completely whereas oni princess does almost nothing to hide her body.)

Humanity doesn't come from rejecting parts of yourself, but accepting even the difficult parts.

The Klax princess didn't seem to have breasts or genitals. I think she might be the 'perfect' type of human 9-alpha was referring to, where sexual organs are redundant reproduction is unnecessary.

And 02 said she can't have children.

I wonder though: could you interpret that to mean human children?
I know she literally says she can’t have kids, but does that mean it’s because she is sterile, or is it just she rejects her Klax side and chases humanity with such devotion that she rejects the very idea of making a Klax child or a part Klax child?

I can imagine it going that way.

We still have to explain where she came from, herself. Do Klax just split like cells? Is she tank grown? Or did she actually have parents somehow?

So, Nana was a parasite too.

≫Code 001 is voiced by Rie Kugimiya
This makes me happy.

001 is tsundere confirmed?

She's so Tsundere she decided to wage war against humanity but actually loves them.

voiced by the queen of tsundere Kugimiya Rie herself. Checks out.

10/10 episode for having SO MUCH World and Character development outside of Zero Two. Love it.

One of Mitsuru or Kokoro is totes gonna die. Money on Mitsuru because Kokoro is preggers and baby killing will trigger some people. But if they go on the Kokoro road.....then 10/10 on their part for ruthlessness.


Also wow, Mitsuru and Kokoro really did it. Kokoro got Mitsuru's 'horn'.

And here we thought A-1 and Trigger were just gonna tease us based on the PV, but they really did fuck. Don't underestimate what a book can do to a person's mind and curiosity.

≫Don't underestimate what a book can do to a person's mind and curiosity.

So all I need to do is start handing out baby books and girls will want me? Well now I know what my weekend plans are.

Step 1: end the world Step 2: give out books about children to women Step 3: fuck Step 4: fuck, you have children

That horn bump was adorable.

That entire scene just made my soul feel at peace.

She looked so sad when she said she'd changed his destiny and I was like "All right Hiro, be a good partner and turn that frown upside down" and my boi NAILED it. The horn to horn bump followed by saying how happy he was was the perfect reaction. This is just so refreshing to see in a show about teenage love.

Hiro got horns.
Kokoro got horny.
Today was a great day.

pretty accurate summary tbh

If Nana's regressing to puberty, does that mean she's now available to join the relationship games? Better grab her while you can, Ikuno.

Hold up, GoBro might still have a chance here

Nana is the most attractive woman in the show IMO. If anyone “deserves” her it is the ultimate bro.

This episode summarized.

[spoilers] darling in the franxx 17 summarized

Abstinence never works the way you want it to.

I mean what do they expect, locking 5 girls and boys up in a villa in the woods, with no option to kill time...

Well they still have the franxx.
Its gonna be tough for Misturu and Kokoro to get into the franxx with those lewd positions.

Either their piloting really improved, or its gonna be really really awkward

My heart, my soul. 02 in the flower crown is just precios

First : Fuck 9'α. Probably the worst dick in the world. I cannot wait for him to die already.
Second : Kokoro is thirsty as hell and Mitsuru made her fall asleep Gently.
Third : We just had confirmation that 02 cannot have a baby. So goodbye my cute little purple horned child.

Slapping the shit out of him was very satisfying.
The whistle was perfect, because I nearly did the same.

That whistle had me dying, had to pause the episode for a moment to recover before continuing. Nice job Ikuno.

Ikuno not taking any shit from Alpha was so satisfying. I really hope we finally get that episode focused on her.

We will, and it will be soon. That's the entire reason why they had her give information through her dialogue that creates more questions (that the fanbase has already answered). Just like how it was clear that we'd have a Kokoro focused episode when she started being more obsessed with the whole baby making thing.

Daaang, Mitsuru's really riding the character development thing with Kokoro.

literally developing a new carácter

Ikuno now is the best girl, you heard here first.
She did what the world was expecting without hesitating: Slap that 9a punchable face.

Y’all can keep your best girls. I just wanna protect Zorome.

Zorome x Miku is the most wholesome thing in my life right now.

wonder if Kokoro is going to tell the other girls how you "do it". Miko and Zorome being tsundere in bed is a must see situation.

02 knows about sex for quite a bit of time, but it was never hinted that she tried anything more lewd with Hiro than a kiss, or maybe she has a grudge against for being a reproductive act, while she's probably sterile. I guess that sad face from Hiro in the end hints that he's going to do something about it

I have no idea where this series is going.
Also, that was a great episode.

326(mitsuru)+556(kokoro)=882(ハハに 母に means becoming mother)And it's Mothers' Day today...


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